Don Bosco College begins Inter departmental Volley Ball tournament

The Inter Departmental Volley Ball tournament began today at 2.15 pm. The students took for their team one of the freedom fighters for their inspiration. In the first match, Kanak Lata team of Sociology Dept defeated the the Bhagat Singh team of Commerce Department 2 -0. On Friday  the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel team of Political Science will meet the Kushal Konwar team of English Department.

Inter dpeartmental Volley Ball Tournament to commence today

Aug 17: Inter departmental Volley Ball tournament begins today. The college has made adjustments in the time table to allocate 30 minutes from the class hours for the games. The best players will be selected and further trained to participate at the Inter college volleyball competition. Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics, is coordinating the program.


71st Independence Day observed at DBC Golaghat

Aug 15:  Don Bosco College, Golaghat today celebrated the 71st Indiependence day  with due solemnity.  All the staff and students arrived at the campus at 7.00 am.  The programme started at 7.15 am with the patriotic song ‘Sare Jahan Se’ by the members of NSS. The chief guest of the event was  Fr. Mathew C Paul, M.Arch, SDB. The Chief Guest hoisted the Indian tri-colour and the national Anthem was sung by all. In his message, the Chief Guest called everyone to live the values, the Tri-colour embodies. He cited the example of a class III student who through his commitment to honesty, motivated others to be honest and corruption free. This was followed by the March Past by the NCC candidates.


George Shilshi Lamkhang, NSS Volunteer and department of Sociology, gave a stirring speech in which he honored the freedom fighters for their sacrifice and invited all to be vigilant to safe guard the hard earned freedom. The culture club sung ‘Manuhe Manuhor Babe’. It was wonderful to see Mr. Micheal Xaxa and Mr. Probin Hazarika with the students arranging the logistics and all the staff got involved in getting everything ready. The hostellers made use of their free time to clean the surroundings and decorate the venue. Students from different communities, tribes and language groups, joined together decorating the venue in celebration of Independence Day. A true spirit of patriotism, harmony and brotherhood reigned in the campus, as the tri-colour fluttered the whole day.

Students participate in various club activities

Aug 12: The students met together in various clubs and had interactive sessions according to the clubs. The college has provided opportunity to develop the various talents of the students through Club activities. The college has offered opportunity for  a student to join any one of the following clubs : Career, Culture, Environment, Entrepreneur, Gender, Literary, Sports and Yoga club. These club activities along with National Service Scheme, National Cadet Corps, Jesus Youth Movement provide a wide range of activities and community oriented programmes that help the students to move towards service to humanity and self-fulfilment.

Yoga Club inaugurated

Aug 12:  Yoga club at the college was inaugurated today. A Yoga Trainer from the Patiala group will provide training in Yoga on every saturday afternoon for the members of the Yoga Club.  As of now, 30 students have opted for membership in the Yoga club. The college provides 1 hour on saturday towards club activities.

Departments organise various activities during the department hours

Aug 11: The various departments of the college organised department activities today from 1.05 pm – 2.45 pm. Every Friday two lecture hours are set aside for the departmental activities. These provide time for the students to present various subject related activities and internalise learning.

Augustine Ngatuba, Program Cordinator, Quest Alliance interacts with the students and Career Club

Aug 11: Shri Augustine Ngatuba, Program Coordinator, Quest Alliance visited the college today and interacted with the students of the college. He gave a short introduction regarding Quest alliance to all the staff and students. After that he met course wise the staff and students. In the afternoon, he interacted with the Career Program students and the Career club members.

It was a great time of knowledge sharing for the students. The college is partnering with the Quest alliance to provide various life copping skills and career oriented training.  Four staff of the College, Dr. Ruth Nengneilhing of Department of Sociology, Mr. Harmeet Singh of Commerce Department, Ms. Sushmita Rongpipi of History Depaprtment and Sr. Reena P. George of English Department are the trainers in the college for career program and mentor the students in Career.


Jakub Honek, Salesian Czeck Volunteer addresses the students

Aug 10: Mr. Jakub Honek, A volunteer from Czech Republic interacted with the college students today. He has spent 11 months in Golaghat and is soon set to go to his own home country. We thanked him for his selfless service to the children of the Jivan Jyoti School and to the Don Bosco Golaghat.

We asked him to share some good things about his country and he showed a video summarising the various attractions and products of the country. He also shared the actual living situations and the social and economic aspects of the Czeck Republic.

He encouraged the students to study English as it brings about development. He also spoke Hindi with the students and encouraged them to learn languages. He said he disliked English when he was in school but now he is very happy that he learnt English.


Fr. Jonas Kerketta Addresses the Assembly on True Freedom and takes the New India Pledge

Aug 9: Fr. Jonas Kerketta of Media Department, Dimapur addressed the students today as they were beginning the preparation for the celebration of the Independence day. On the occasion he spoke about Freedom.

He felt that India needs to be truly free, to be truly developed and have a great depth of self respect.  India must develop in such a way that it commands respect all over the world. India is very much respected much today all over the world thanks to the numerous sojourns of our dear Prime Minister.

India needs to be a developed country. It has not developed as expected, especially in job creation for youth, solutions for the debt ridden farmers and the like.

India is free from political subjugation of the foreign groups. But we have internal snares and subjugations. Many of the Indians are not free – Economically many are poor , Educationally many are illiterate and we suffer from the vigilantism movements. A small rumour is enough to create a mob and people gets killed  This is a sad story.

We need to become enlightened groups so that we are not only free externally but also internally.  For this the best prayer is that of the Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Where the mind is without fear”.  I encourage you to read and reflect on this.

At the conclusion of his motivational speech, he led the New India Pledge and all the management, staff and students took the oath..

3rd College Freshers day observed – Jyoti – a Sadri Film acted by the students released.


Aug 8:  Don Bosco College Golaghat kept the freshers’ day today with cultural programs, in which each department presented the new comers to the institute. Dr. Joseph Aind, Bishop of Dibrugarh was also present for the function. During the Programme, a short Film titled ‘JYOTI’ was released and screened for the benefit of the students. The film was produced by Fr. Jonas Kerketta SDB, Director of Media Department, Dimapur. Don Bosco College students were the actors. Film focused on the need to promote education in the rural areas to promote development. The film also focuses on the role of the educated youth in eradicating illiteracy among the rural masses. Many of the students were emotionally moved while watching the film.

The College also observed the birthday of the Principal, Dr. Jose Palely and the Golden Jubilee of the Profession of Most Rev Joseph Aind, SDB DD, Bishop of Dibrugarh