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National Seminar – Dr. Pius V Thomas, Dr. George Thadathil and Dr. Tarun Gogi chair three parallel technical session

16 March: Soon after the inaugural programme, the participants went to the technical session 1: The First technical session was divided into 2 parallel session. Dr. Pius V Thomas and Dr. Tarun Gogoi jointly chaired  1a and 1c technical session and Dr. George Thadathil chaired the Technical Session 1b. Each paper presenter was given 7 minutes to present the paper and the participants were given 3 minutes to clarify doubts about the paper. At the end of the paper presentations, a general discussion was held and the chair persons gave their concluding remarks on each of the paper as per availability of time.

The rapporteurs for the first Technical session were : Mr. Mukul Sarmah & Mr. Micheal Xaxa from department of Economics and Mr. Stephen Baite and Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami. The First technical session began at 11.30 am and ended at 1.15 pm. This was followed by meal for all.

Prof. Thomas Menamparampil graces the National Seminar on Conflict in South Asia: Its Consequences and Implications as Chief Guest

16 Mar:  The National Seminar on “Conflict in South Asia: Its Consequences and Implications” jointly hosted by the department of Political Science and Sociology from Don Bosco College Golaghat and Salesian College Sonada began as per schedule.

Registration and breakfast for the seminar began at 8.30 am and NCC cadres of the college ushered in the dignitaries at 9.30 am. Dr. Jose Palely, Principal welcomed the dignitaries and all present. Dr. Konsam Jenny, Coordinator of the seminar delivered the words of introduction and invited Dr. Pius V Thomas, Dept of Philosophy, Assam University, Silchar to deliver the key note address. He spoke on “Conflicting Communities to Conversing Cosmo-polities: Counterfactual Ideals against Conflicts” and invited the participants to talk seriously about peace and real conflict resolution where the strangest of the strangers are welcomed.

Prof. Thomas Menamparampil SDB DD, the Chief Guest of the seminar, spoke on a need to build up a “Thought Bank” that will lead to Dialogue and a sense of Co-Belonging – Working for peace. He emphasised the need to promote inter culture communication in which one is able to understand the other and come together through culture translators. It is also important he said to gather people together around great values and high ideals. He invited every community to contribute from its own resources “as we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny”.

The guests of honor, Dr. Putul Saikia, Principal Debraj Roy College, Golaghat and Fr. Nebu Mathew Palackal gave great insights in conflict resolution and wished the seminar all its success.

Rev Fr. Nestor Guria, President of the function, spoke on the need to understand the conflict situation and intervene meaningfully by focusing on peace and peace education.

Asst. Prof Aparna Borchetia and Asst.Prof Lily Toppo from the Department of Sociology compared the inaugural session


Hostellers focus on flower gardens in view of the forth coming National Seminar

8 March : The hostel students were busy with beautification of the campus to welcome the research scholars and academicians who will come for the national seminar. It was very encouraging to see the young people working hard at free times to contribute their share for the beautification of the campus.

Dr. Leela Das of DR College interacts with staff and students from the Department of Education.

10 March:  Dr. Leela Das, HOD, Department of Education, D.R. College, Golaghat interacted with the staff and students from the department of Education today. It was to clear the concepts and doubts of the students and help them to prepare for the forth coming End Semester Examination. She clarified all their doubts and instilled into them confidence. She also helped them to think and become familiar with the key words and terms that the students of education should use.

All the students and staff were happy with the interactive session.

“Make use of time and opportunity fully”, says Dr. Tomy Palely, Director, Jirsong Asong, of Diphu Diocese

10 March:  Fr. (Dr.) Tomy Palely, Director, Jirsong Asong, the Development wing of the Diocese of Diphu visited the college and interacted with the staff and students.  He encouraged the students to make of of all the opportunities and time to develop and become successful persons in life.

Dr. Tomy just returned from Rome after successful completion of his Doctorate in Dogmatic Theology. He also holds licentiate in Scripture and Sacred Liturgy. He is also the Director of Diphuy Diocesan Board of Education.

Dr. Sunita Ekka and Ms. Preety Priyadarshinee, Staff Reporter Sentinel inaugurate the Education Dept Wall Calendar

8 March:  Dr. Sunita Ekka, Senior Health and medical Officer, KK Civil Hospital Golaghat and Ms. Preety Priyadarshinee, Staff Reporter Sentinel inaugurate the Education Dept Wall Calendar today at about 3.00 pm. The Education department preapred a wonderful wall calendar in honour of women titled ” Women Empowermnet”. Various articles, captions and messages mark the wall calendar. We congratulate all the staff and students of the Department of Education.


Women dignitaries honoured at Don Bosco College on International Women’s day.

March 8:  Don Bosco College celebrated International Women’s day by honouring women from different walks of life. Dr. Sunita Ekka, Senior Health & Medical Officer, Ms. Kukila Gogoi ACS, Election Officer Golaghat, Sr. Mary Sebastian, Principal Sacred Heart School, Ms. Preety Priyadarshinee, Staff Reporter, Sentinel and Sr. Ciciliyamma Superior and Administrator Don Bosco College, Golaghat were honoured along with the Women staff of the college.

The students through the theatrical performances, poems, songs, speeches and dances highlighted the role of women in society and how they should be empowered and protected. They highlighted  the various social evils and showed the way forward to ensure respect and honour for women. The students displayed their creativity, originality and spirit of enterprise.

The guests were impressed by the creativity and originality of the students and were very appreciative of all the items. Ms. Preety spoke about self-competence and invited all to stand against societal stereotypes. Ms. Kukila Gogoi spoke about women who opt to do things differently instead of doing different things.

Sr. Ciciliyamma, citing her own example, said how one should not wait for opportunities but seize and claim opportunities. Sr. Mary Sebastian reminded the audience that the injustice done to women is actual injustice done to members of our own family.  Dr. Sunita Ekka, inaugurated the wall magazine of the Education Department titled “Empowerment of Women” and invited all girls and boys to become aware that there can be no humanity that has not experienced the nurturing of woman and we should love and ensure the safety and security of women.

We congratulate the staff and students of Gender Club who took lead role to honour the women. We also appreciate the hard work by Asst. Prof. Priyanka Baruah and Asst. Prof. Alankrita Borthakur and the leaders of Gender club for preparing a wonderful program. We appreciate the management of the Fusco Girls Hostel and the hostellers for their collaboration to make the day a grand success.

DBHEI Dimapur Commission met at Don Bosco College, Kohima

11 Feb:  The  Don Bosco Higher Education Commision of Dimapur province met at Don Bosco College Kohima to discuss and plan about the Higher Educational program and activities in the province. Five members were present for the meeting.

At the very outset, Fr. Jose George was felicitated in the name of the commission by Fr. Suresh Innocent at the successful completion of the Ph.D. Among other things, the commission discussed about the various innovative programs in the colleges. It was also decided to share some of the selected news posts of each college website with all the member college websites so that we come to know about the good happenings in our colleges.

Fr. Jerry Thomas of Bosco Institute spoke about the Survey on Youth Aspiration. This is an online survey and he passed on the link to every member present so that the youth can take part in this survey. He also spoke about the “Starting Enterprise Acceleration Program” to promote entrepreneurship.

After this Fr. Jose Palely spoke about the National Seminar scheduled to be held on 16-17 March 2018 at Golaghat and asked each of the principals to collaborate with this seminar. All agreed to support the seminar and make it a success. Fr. Jose George also spoke about the forth coming seminar to be organised by the commerce department of Don Bosco College Itanagar sometime in June.

Fr. Policarp Xalxo shared about the new developments at Salesian College, Dimapur. It has been decided to start the 2 year philosophy course for the brothers as required by the congregation.

Fr Joy Pallikunnel visited the college and interacts with the hostel students

26 Feb : Fr. Joy Pallikunnel of Majuli, Dibrugarh Diocese, visited the college in the evening of 26 Febraury and interacted with the hostel students. He was very happy to meet them and interacted with them. He encouraged them to visit Majuli Island and spend some time there. As he had worked in many centres of the diocese and was also the Vicar General and Procurator at various times, he could easily connect himself with the hostellers and from the places they come from.


Ines Schafer visits Don Bosco College, Golaghat to plan infrastructural development


24 Feb: Ms. Ines Schafer along with Fr. Nebu Mathew, the Provincial Economer of Dimapur province visited the college on Saturday, to discuss about the infrastructural requirements and possible collaboration at Don Bosco College. A feasibility study was taken up among other things to make the campus a green campus through Organic Waste Management Program and Solar Lighting, besides the construction of a Boys’ Hostel for the college.