Safai Abhiyan at Golaghat

24 March: Parivartan along with Don Bosco Collage, Golaghat led the Safai Abhiyan at Golaghat with brooms, spades and knifes. At the outset the participants of Safai Abhiyan gathered at the Sacred Heart School and were given motivational talks to take part actively in the Safai Abhiyan and promote cleanliness in the country. Mr Leander Toppo, the Director of Parivartan explained the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and exhorted all to put in a voluntary service of 100 hours a year. Fr. Dilip Bara, the chief guest invited the students to keep their homes, neighbourhood, the public places and the institution neat and clean.

Over 150 students, staff of the college and the local people joined for the program. It was very heart warming to see the students along with the Principal and staff and the public jointly cleaning the main road from the Railway Gate No 3 to the Halmirah Bridge along the Dhodar Ali – Halmira road. Mr. Pangkhang Pansa, one of the students, commented quoting the lesson learnt in the class: “I must work like a master and not a slave” and motivated everyone to work in the same manner.