“You have the power to be your very best”, says Sr. Motchapackiam, CSJB Provincial

16 Sept: Sr. Motchapakiam, the CSJB Provincial and Sr. Arputha Mary, CSJB Provincial Economer were given traditional welcome to the college. Dr. Jose Palely welcomed the dignitaries and thanked them for the wonderful collaboration and the great contribution they are making in the educational sector in favour of youth in the North East.

In her message, Sr. Motchapakiam to work hard and strive after excellence in spite of the environment. She drew the example of Lotus that lives in murky waters but its flower remain uncontaminated by the water. She invited the students to keep always in mind while taking part in all activities to always aim to give your very best without comparing with others.  Tell yourself, ‘I have the power to be my best. Unless I give up, nobody can take away from me. I have the power within me.

She thanked the salesian community for the wonderful support the sisters experience here in the college and the immense good being done for the benefit of youth