CSJB sisters visit Lazu area along with Fr. Jose Palely and Fr. T D George

Dec 17: Fr. TD George, Director, Don Bosco Youth Centre Khonsa took Fr. Jose Palely and CSJB sisters to Lazu area to interact with people of the area and to visit the homes of the students. Nyamjun Moinyak, BA 1st year student, accompanied us.

We visited the Nonglo village of Wangkhop Mophuk and Jenwang Rumchu and interacted with the people. On the way back we visited Ponkong, the home village of Yumrin Nockpa. Since it was dark, we were not able to visit his home as it was located very high on the hill. Yumrin came down to meet us midway.

We also visited Sanliam, the home village of Nyamjun Moinyak and interacted with her mother. We returned to Don Bosco Kheti, late in the evening tired but very happy to have met our students.