Fr. Jonas Kerketta Addresses the Assembly on True Freedom and takes the New India Pledge

Aug 9: Fr. Jonas Kerketta of Media Department, Dimapur addressed the students today as they were beginning the preparation for the celebration of the Independence day. On the occasion he spoke about Freedom.

He felt that India needs to be truly free, to be truly developed and have a great depth of self respect.  India must develop in such a way that it commands respect all over the world. India is very much respected much today all over the world thanks to the numerous sojourns of our dear Prime Minister.

India needs to be a developed country. It has not developed as expected, especially in job creation for youth, solutions for the debt ridden farmers and the like.

India is free from political subjugation of the foreign groups. But we have internal snares and subjugations. Many of the Indians are not free – Economically many are poor , Educationally many are illiterate and we suffer from the vigilantism movements. A small rumour is enough to create a mob and people gets killed  This is a sad story.

We need to become enlightened groups so that we are not only free externally but also internally.  For this the best prayer is that of the Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Where the mind is without fear”.  I encourage you to read and reflect on this.

At the conclusion of his motivational speech, he led the New India Pledge and all the management, staff and students took the oath..