Jakub Honek, Salesian Czeck Volunteer addresses the students

Aug 10: Mr. Jakub Honek, A volunteer from Czech Republic interacted with the college students today. He has spent 11 months in Golaghat and is soon set to go to his own home country. We thanked him for his selfless service to the children of the Jivan Jyoti School and to the Don Bosco Golaghat.

We asked him to share some good things about his country and he showed a video summarising the various attractions and products of the country. He also shared the actual living situations and the social and economic aspects of the Czeck Republic.

He encouraged the students to study English as it brings about development. He also spoke Hindi with the students and encouraged them to learn languages. He said he disliked English when he was in school but now he is very happy that he learnt English.