My dear friends, whom do you live with 24×7? Probs Dr.

Sept 7:  Dr. Jerry Thomas, Director, Bosco Institute addressed the college students during the college Assembly.

“If you ask college students what they plan to do after their studies, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear many of them saying, “we’ll see.” This is ‘we’ll see’ syndrome continues till God knows when, clearly indicating a lack of clarity in what they want to be and a lack of direction towards what they want to do.

While we were doing the life skills training with some of the students here yesterday, one of the feedbacks we got was, “all of us want good jobs, but few of us know what we are good at”.

Once while attending the Bihu festival in one of the villages near Golaghat, I met a rather old man, who asked me what the eighth wonder of the world was. When I could not answer, he said, man has progressed a lot – he knows a lot of things – he even knows how to go to the moon and return. But the wonder is, he does not know himself. And that is very strange.

My dear friends, whom do you live with 24×7? With yourself! And yet how much do you know this person that you are?” .… more