Prof. Konsam Ibo Singh Interacts with the students of Political Science Department

15 Sept:  Prof. Konsam Ibo Singh, from the Department of Political Science, Manipur University, visited the college today and interacted with the students of the department of Political Science.

In his speech he developed the concepts and presented in an attractive way, how students of political science are prepared to live together in harmony. Through a narrative, he showed how we use words from a variety of culture and language groups. He presented the political history of the world as it emerged and showed how different cultures merge together.

Interacting with the students he cleared their doubts and shared about the present scenario of Manipur. He was very appreciative of the present government that has brought greater harmony in the state.

Mr. Tingmai Wangsu, the Leader of the Political Science Department welcomed Prof. Ibo and  Ms. Preity Soreng, Department Vice Leader presented him with a gamocha.