‘The toilet in every part of the world is exactly the same’ says Fr. George Menamparampil

Aug 31:  Fr. George Menamparampil SDB from Don Bosco World Head quarters visited the college and interacted with the students. He started his speech saying ‘The Toilet in every part of the world is exactly the same”.  As a group we are exactly the same. There may be individual differences.  We may be in the corner of India but we are in the centre of the world. The human being sitting here is exactly the same human being sitting in Papua New Guinea or in USA. We have no right to look down on anybody or do we need to bow down our head in front of any one. I have visited 42 countries. The toilet in every country is exactly the same.  You have no excuse. If you do badly in your life, in your studies, you have no excuse. What a fellow does in USA, you can also do it.