Video conference held on ‘Geo-Phyiscial characteristics & Demographic Structures of India’

Feb 7 : Dr. M. Saleem Mir, Asst. Professor, Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University, took two lecture hours of class using the video conferencing facility at the college.

Being the very first video conference related to academics, the staff and students from all the departments came to participate in the first lecture hour from 11.40 – 12.20 pm. The second lecture hour from 12.50-1.40 pm was exclusively for the Second Semester students of  Sociology Department.

The students found the lecture very insightful and helped them broaden their understanding of the topic.  They are eager to have more such interactive sessions in the coming days. Many students were able to ask doubts to Dr. Saleem and were very happy with his response.

Dr. Saleem was very impressed by the facility at the college and praised the college for introducing video conferencing facility in the college. The Video Conferencing was arranged by Dr. Ruth Nengneilhing, Asst. Professor, Department of Sociology.