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“If a woman wants to achieve something, she must go for it and never let anyone make you feel that you do not have it in you” says Olivia Saikia of Bank of India

8 March 19: All the departments of the college along with Fusco Don Bosco College celebrated international women’s day in collaboration with the Gender Club of the college. Ankita Tirkey and Rebecca Surin anchored the program.  Sr. Ciciliyamma, Superior, Providence Niwas, Ms. Olivia Saikia, Bank Officer, Bank of India, Golaghat and Ms. Manjuri Saikia, Principal, Marshneil Academy graced the function as Honoured Guests.

Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul initiated the gathering with a short prayer session. Ms. Alankrita Borthakur and Ms. Jayshree Rajbonshi, mentors of the Gender club welcomed the honoured guests and every one present.

Klaretso Engtipi and team of Education Department presented through group activity the real situation of women in family and society and how to empower women to be trend setters. Sanjit Kumar and team from the commerce department through a corporate drama, showed how the Dual face of feminism is at play in work places and gave a clarion call to end pseudo feminism.

Abhilash Toppo and team of Sociology Department through a musical drama presented the various stages of life of a women from childhood to old age and invited all to respect and empower and respect women in family and society.

Ms Olivia Saikia in her message to the staff and students invited all to consider women as equal and if trained, is capable of doing any task entrusted to her. If a woman wants to achieve something, she must go for it and never ever let anyone make you feel that you do not have it in you. She also appreciated the wonderful and creative items that were performed by the students.

Preity Soreng, Elwin Terrang and team from the department of political science enlighted the audience by creating awareness of the role of women in Rural Development and  the various provisions and schemes of the government.

Ms. Manjuri  Saikia, Principal of the Marshneil Academy while appreciating all the performances of the students, said “As women we have the inherent quality of tolerance and patience. And if we use this in the right way, we can walk with equal pace with man. A man is incomplete without woman and woman is incomplete without man. And we have to keep the balance.

Marzita Saikia of Gender club and Mohon Teron sang “Meri Ma” in honour of all mothers. Anjali Steephan and team of English Department through a powerful musical drama, conveyed to the women not to be silent anymore but assert themselves. In her speech, Sr. Ciciliyamma K.M. CSJB, showed how women need to assert themselves and play a very proactive role in family, society and at work places.

The Fusco Girls presented a drama highlighting the recent hooch tragedy in Golaghat and showed how women have become more organised in fighting the menace of drinks and drugs in family and society. Fr. Jose Palely, Principal, thanked all the honoured guests, Fr. Bimal Lakra, vice Principal, staff and students for taking great effort in presenting a well coordinated, themed and well prepared program highlighting the role of women in society. He invited everyone to carry this same spirit and give them equal opportunity and respect. With the singing of the national anthem, the program came to a close at 3.20 pm.

Shri Neeraj Verma awards successful students of “My Vision – Corruption Free India” Contest

16 Nov:  Shri Neeraj Verma, Manager of the Bank of India Golaghat Branch, awarded the successful candidates of “My Vision – Corruption Free India” Contest held on 1 November 2017. Over 100 students participated in the Essay Competition.

We put on record the warm relationship the Bank of India fosters with Don Bosco College. The students consider Bank of India as their own bank and have opened accounts in the bank.

My Vision – Corruption Free India Essay Competition held

1 November : The Bank of India, Golaghat Branch organised an Essay competition on “My Vision – Corruption Free India. The presence of the Branch Manager, Shri Niraj Kumar Verma along with Ms. Olivia Saikia, Officer, Samiran Borah, Head Cashier and Pankaj Saini CTO made a significant impact on the college students who participated in the program. The principal welcomed the Manager and the team.

The Principal, Dr. Jose Palely made a short presentation on the topic to create awareness among the students. This was followed by the essay comptetion. At the end of the program refreshment was served.

After the essays are corrected, awards will be given to the winners.


Shri Pobitra Doley, Manager of BOI Golaghat visits the college

Dec 10:  Shri Pobitra Doley, the Manger of Bank of India, Golaghat visited the college along with his friend, Mr. Bastav Pegu and spend time in interacting with the management.

He visited the various facilities and helped in opening bank accounts for the construction labourers. The workers were very happy to see the bank manager coming personally to help them open accounts in the bank.

He also told us that he will take up the issue of CSR intervention in the college to the higher authorities so that BOI becomes very popular among the staff  and students. At present the college has facilitated in opening SB accounts of the students and staff in BOI.