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Prof. Thomas Menamparampil SDB DD to grace the National Seminar Inaugural Session as Chief Guest

Feb 16:  Prof. Thomas Menamparampil SDB DD has graciously consented to be the Chief Guest for the National Seminar on “Conflict in South Asia: its Consequences and Implications”, to be held on 16-17 March 2018. Archbishop Menamparampil is renowned for his peace initiatives, thought provoking writings and pastoral approach.

From 1986 to 1992 Prof. Menamparampil was the chairman of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences office of Evangelization. During this time, he worked primarily on deepening the relationship with different Asian cultures through evangelism and organizing a meeting between the representatives of the Church and representatives of the Communist governments. Menamparampil was later Special Secretary for the Asian Synod (1998), the author of over 180 articles on various subjects such as evangelism, culture, ministry, education, religious life and prayer.

In 2006, he was elected Chair of the Regional Bishops’ Conference of Northeast India. In 2008, he was elected Chair of the CBCI commission for Education and Culture. Menamparampil acted as mediator in the conflict between the various ethnic groups in the Union State of Assam and coordinates the “Joint Ecumenical Peace Team”, which is committed to dialogue in Northeast India and has been proven an effective organisation at resolving local conflicts.

Prof. Manamparampil was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. His nomination recognized his continued commitment to have peace, reconciliation and stability in Northeast India, an area full of territorial and ethnic conflicts.

Fr. Jonas Kerketta Addresses the Assembly on True Freedom and takes the New India Pledge

Aug 9: Fr. Jonas Kerketta of Media Department, Dimapur addressed the students today as they were beginning the preparation for the celebration of the Independence day. On the occasion he spoke about Freedom.

He felt that India needs to be truly free, to be truly developed and have a great depth of self respect.  India must develop in such a way that it commands respect all over the world. India is very much respected much today all over the world thanks to the numerous sojourns of our dear Prime Minister.

India needs to be a developed country. It has not developed as expected, especially in job creation for youth, solutions for the debt ridden farmers and the like.

India is free from political subjugation of the foreign groups. But we have internal snares and subjugations. Many of the Indians are not free – Economically many are poor , Educationally many are illiterate and we suffer from the vigilantism movements. A small rumour is enough to create a mob and people gets killed  This is a sad story.

We need to become enlightened groups so that we are not only free externally but also internally.  For this the best prayer is that of the Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Where the mind is without fear”.  I encourage you to read and reflect on this.

At the conclusion of his motivational speech, he led the New India Pledge and all the management, staff and students took the oath..

Wanted Asst. Professors

Don Bosco College, Golaghat, Assam invites applications for the following subject Specialisations:

Sociology with specialisation in Social Psychology,

Political Science with specialisation in International Relations,

History with specialisation in Ancient or Medieval History,

Commerce with specialisation in Human Resource Management,

Education with specialisaiton in Psychology

English with Specialisation in Linguistics

Economics and Statistics

Eligibility : 55% (50% for SC/ST) in Master’s Degree

Preference: NET /SLET/M.Phil/Ph.D/NCC/NSS

Last Date: 25 April 2017

Apply with supporting documents to: Don Bosco College, Dhodar Ali, Ward No. 2, Golaghat-785621, Assam.

Contact No. 9508989780/9401178978

Email: dbcgolaghat@gmail.com;  www.dbcgolaghat.com

Fr. Joseph Thettayil and Fr. KC Vincent visit the college

25 March : Fr. Joseph Thettayil, Rector and Principal of Don Bosco Hr. Sec School Wokha and Fr. Vincent Kunnathettu, Principal of Don Bosco Hr. Secondary School visited the college and interacted with the students.

Fr. Joseph presided over the morning worship and said that the growth of the college in spite of the pioneering difficulties is an inspiration of determination and hard work.

While interacting with the students, Fr. Vincent invited the students to identify what one wants, look for it seriously and then you will get it.  As pioneers, the experience you gather is an envious one because of the family spirit that you enjoy in the campus.

Fr. Joseph asked the students to weave a big shawl of customs and traditions as pioneering students and staff and exploit the facilities to develop your potentialities, he said. He recalled the words of St. Paul to the Philippians : “I can do all things in him who strengthens me” (4:13)

Prospectus for 2017 released

23 March : The college prospectus for 2017 was released by Fr. Dilip Bara, Rector, Don Bosco Golaghat. Thanks to the pain staking efforts of Rev Fr. Bimal Lakra, the Vice Principal and PRO, the college has been able to make the prospectus available. The same will also be made available on line soon. Copies of the prospectus were given to all the staff and the course and department leaders and vice leaders.


Prof Ibo Singh of Manipur University interacts with the students

20 March : Prof Ibo Singh, Department of Political Science, Manipur university visited the college and interacted with the students. He visited the various facilities of the campus and was happy to see the great progress. He invited the students to make every good use of the facilities provided in the class. He was impressed by the use of technology by the students in presenting the news and reports.

He was the guide of Fr. Jose Palely, the Principal of the college.

Mark Pegu is the Topper for Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz

Golaghat – 25 March: The Grand finale of Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz was held at Don Bosco College. Through a written exam, out of 120 participants, 16 students were shortlisted on 25 February 2017. The quiz was based on the departmental wall magazines published by the students, with a view to promote reading and grasping abilities among the students, creating a thirst for intellectual pursuit.

The Quiz was organised in memory of late Mr. Gyan Prakash Panna who retired as Asst. Manager, Air India, New Delhi, in 2006. He died on 22 October 2016, due to heart attack. His wife Carmela Panna, retired Section officer, Ministry of Railways, along with her daughter, Dr. Daisy Panna and three grand children were present for the grand finale of the quiz. They gave awards and certification for the participants and winners. Besides giving a meal for all the staff and students, the quiz topper was awarded three months tuition fee, the second two months and the third, one month tuition fee respectively.

The winner of the Mr. Panna memorial Quiz was Mark Pegu, department of Commerce, while the second was taken by Indira Garatti, department of English and the third went to Marina Lakra, department of Sociology. Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO of the college, and Brother of Madam Carmela, was the Grand Quiz Master.

St. Joseph’s feast celebrated at Borgaon

20 March: The feast of St. Joseph was celebrated at Borgaon as it was the feast of the village church. Fr. Jose Palely presided over the Holy Mass. This was followed by a cultural programme and community meal.

The people welcomed all the dignitaries amidst great rejoicing. The presence of dignitaries like Fr. Vijay Toppo, the Chancellor of Dibrugarh Diocese, Fr. Dilip Bara, Fr. Albert Tirkey, Fr. Robin, Fr. Jose Palely, Sr. Ciciliyamma CSJB, Sr. Anna  and the local church leaders and catechists was also a great cause for rejoicing.

Safai Abhiyan at Golaghat

24 March: Parivartan along with Don Bosco Collage, Golaghat led the Safai Abhiyan at Golaghat with brooms, spades and knifes. At the outset the participants of Safai Abhiyan gathered at the Sacred Heart School and were given motivational talks to take part actively in the Safai Abhiyan and promote cleanliness in the country. Mr Leander Toppo, the Director of Parivartan explained the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and exhorted all to put in a voluntary service of 100 hours a year. Fr. Dilip Bara, the chief guest invited the students to keep their homes, neighbourhood, the public places and the institution neat and clean.

Over 150 students, staff of the college and the local people joined for the program. It was very heart warming to see the students along with the Principal and staff and the public jointly cleaning the main road from the Railway Gate No 3 to the Halmirah Bridge along the Dhodar Ali – Halmira road. Mr. Pangkhang Pansa, one of the students, commented quoting the lesson learnt in the class: “I must work like a master and not a slave” and motivated everyone to work in the same manner.

Career Groups undergoing training – My Quest My Career

17 march: The various career groups undergo regular training during the college hours. On completion of 25 hours of training, the successful candidates will be selected to form the career club of the College Campus. The training is offered under the patronage of Quest Alliance