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24 career training participants spend time in market scan

22 Feb 2019: The career training Participants were divided into 4 groups based on their career options and were send to the city and the market to interact with the people to get practical inputs on how they could nurture their career options.

Ganggaw Gansa, Nowang Wangsa, Vincent Bhengra, Neha Soreng, Lirdona Engtipi and Chusai Wangsa option for careers based on civil service had interview with Shri Shymal Kr. Gogoi, ADC, Golaghat. In their interaction with the ADC, they learned about the challenges and how to prepare themselves for the various competitive examinations.

Albinus Induwar, Cornel Baghwar, Abhinash Topno, Christopher Lakra, Albin Kerketta, Amrit Surin and Mathias Kunkal, opting for Business Entreprenuers, vistied Tata Motors and Hundai at Rangajan and interacted with the Managers and the staff, and were enlightened on how to embark on a business career.

Rebecca Surin, Basil Xess, Roselima Dhanwar, Sunami Osga and Bangsa Thokdam opting to be professors in academic line, visited the commerce college, Golaghat and interacted with the college professors. In their interaction with the professors, they came to know the need only only to qualify the academic requirements, but also constantly update themselves to provide a challenging learning environment to the students.

Joy Prakash Hereh, Suman Ekka, Joakim Lakra, Boniface Barla and Marianus Samaria opting to be Social Workers, visited the Parivartan NGO, located at Rangajan and interacted with its Director, Mr. Leander Toppo. In their interactions they learnt the need to work out everything systematically and become relevant for the people by acquiring the necessary skills and qualifications.

All returned with great joy and happiness and a sense of success as they could interact and related with qualified people in the profession they aspire to be. All felt that this was a great learning first hand experience for them. Career Trainer, Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi trained them for the Market scan.

Parivartan NGO helps college to rid of plastics on World Environment day

5 June:  Leander Toppo, Director of Parivartan NGO initiated plastic clean-up drives in and around Don Bosco College today.  Along with the staff and students of the Departments of Commerce, Political Science and Sociology, collected all the plastic waste from the campus and hostel areas, so that this can be safely disposed. At the function on the world environment day, he addressed the staff and students and encouraged them to protect the environment by making it pollution free. He also gaveto the college, saplings were planted and grasses were plucked in the campus and plants were fenced with bamboo. Parivartan NGO distributed Paper bags to college canteen as an alternative to plastic bags and to ‘beat plastic pollution’ from the world.

The vice-principal Fr. Bimal Lakra, teachers and volunteers from Parivartan NGO were present during the programme. The students and The National Cadet Corps (NCC) actively participated on the World Environment Day programme organized by Don Bosco College, Golaghat. After this all had light refreshments.


Dr. Suvangshu Dutta of DR College presides over the World Environment Day celebrations

5 June:  The Staff and students of Don Bosco College, Golaghat celebrated the World Environment Day today under the Banner, “Beat Plastic Pollution – Begin Anew – Create a Legacy, with Dr. Suvangshu Dutta, Asst. Prof., Department of Chemistry, D.R. College as the Chief Guest for the Function.. The Principal of Don Bosco College Dr. Jose Palely, welcomed the guests, staff and students introducing the importance of the day. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB, Department of Education, led the gathering in prayer and invited all to ‘Begin Snew – Create a Legacy’ by making the environment safe and pollution free.  Dr. Suvangshu Dutta, made a PowerPoint presentation on Environment, its use, challenges and measures to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, urging everyone, governments, industry, NGO’s, communities, students and individuals to come together and explore sustainable alternatives and urgently reduce the production and excessive use of single-use plastic polluting our oceans, damaging marine life and threatening human health.

After this, the students of the department English and Education along with the staff, cleared the grass that had grown wild and ensured protection for the saplings that were planted in the previous World environment Day. In spite of the scorching heat, the students did a tremendous job to contribute their mite towards leaving a legacy of healthy environment for all.

Special Awareness Program on Health and Hygiene held at adopted village

24 Nov:  Special awareness program on health and hygiene was held. The Director of Parivartan NGO, Mr. Leander Toppo was the resource person. Collective hand washing was done in four places in the adopted colony. The volunteers demonstrated how to do the hand washing and then the villagers were trained on proper hand washing. One of the senior woman of the colony who took active part in the program was also felicitated by the volunteers.

Demonstration on first aid at the adopted village held

24 Nov : The NSS volunteers with the help of the NGO Parivartan, demonstrated how to give first aid to the victim of minor accidents. It was a great opportunity for the villagers to see how they could of help to those are in need.