Staff Selection Interview held for Department of Political Science

28 Nov : Staff Selection Interview for the Department of Political Science today.

There were 5 candidates for the interview. The Subject Experts, Dr. Tarun Gogoi Assoc. Prof & HOD and Ms. Ruma Hazarika Assoc Professor, Department of Political Science, DR College along with Fr. Mathew C Paul, GB Member and Dr. Jose Palely, Principal took the interview.

After the verification of the documents, each candidate were asked to conduct a demo class and face the interview.

What can I do to clean my City? NCC Cadets reflect together with Col SK Mishra

The NCC cadets of Don Bosco College, Golaghat, belonging to the 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC girls and 12 Assam (I) Coy participated in the Program titled “What Can I do to clean my City”. The Chief Guest of the Function was Col SK Mishra of 74 Assam (I) Coy NCC Girls. The program was organized by ANO Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College.

The program began at 11.00 am with Col SK Mishra as the Chief Guest of the program. After the welcome address and felicitation of the Chief Guest by Fr. Principal, Cadet Damanti Mech invited the student speakers to deliver their speeches. Over 10 cadets spoke about the various aspects of cleaning the city and the need to keep oneself clean.

Cadet Priti Lugun  invited the NCC cadets to create awareness among the people about the efforts made by the Government and society to promote cleanliness. Cadet Surjit Kujur said that when we find garbage, we should be the first one to initiate proper disposal of the garbage. They appreciated the efforts made by the Government of India to ensure we maintain a high level of hygiene in all realms of life.

In his message Col S K Mishra of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy spoke about the 4 dimensions of cleanliness: Cleanliness within oneself, at Society Level, at Society and Government Level and at Government level.  With examples drawn from personal experience, the Chief Guest exhorted the cadets to imbibe the spirit of Cleanliness and make a difference in Society.

With his strong, encouraging words he raised the spirit of patriotism in each and every cadet. His invitation that the cleanliness should start from oneself  and then move towards the cleanliness of city motivated everyone to take his call seriously and make a difference in the lives of the people. The program came to an end at about 12.30 pm.

Dr. Peter Salew SDB animates the College Staff to be Educators like Don Bosco

13 Nov 2019 : Fr. Dr. Peter Salew along with Stephen Kaisii and Inalika were the resource persons for a One day Staff training program held at Don Bosco College, Golaghat.

The trainers focused on the life of Don Bosco, a great educator of Youth. Through team works, dynamics, multi media and activities they showed how to educate the youth with the heart of Don Bosco and how to accompany the youth in the Teaching Learning Process.

In the evaluation session, it was very enlightening to hear the staff recalling the various modules and the learning experiences. It was truly a transformative experience which motivated the staff to try new ways to win the youth.

Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics and Examination Coordinator, thanked the resource persons and summarized the learning experiences of the day.

Birthday of Sr. Reena P George celebrated

16 Nov 19: The birthday of Sr. Reena P George, Asst. Professor, Department of English and Office Manager of the college was observed today.

At the morning worship special prayers were offered for the sister and words of appreciation for her self sacrificing work in the college. Her capacity in managing the office and university matters very efficiently was acknowledged by all.

She spends time in the college both on working days and non working days to ensure that the college runs smoothly and all office matters are in order.

It is also noted that the students appreciate her classes and the care and love with which she meets the various requirements of the students.

We wish her continued good health and a long stay at the college. She is one of the two pioneering members who joined the college management in 2015 as part of collaboration between Don Bosco Society and Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist (CSJB).

IQAC Coordinator held staff meeting to plan for the Even Semester 2020 and evaluate the odd semester 2019

16 Nov 19: The IQAC Coordinator and Vice Principal, Fr. Bimal Lakra organised a staff meeting at 1.25 pm to plan for the Even Semester Jan-May 2020 and to evaluate the odd semester June – December 2019.

Fr. Jose Palely, Principal presented the NAAC Parameters and how we could plan the coming academic session to prepare for the NAAC Accreditation in 2021. The staff discussed each point and identified various programs and activities that could be taken up in the coming session.

The staff discussed the matter and decided to in each department to prepare detailed plan of activities and submit to IQAC Coordinator by 30 Nov 2019.

The staff also evaluated the odd semester and appreciated the various activities especially the successful execution of short term courses.

The meeting came to a close at 2.30 pm with light refreshments. Being the birthday of Sr. Reena P George, a cake was cut to mark the occasion and all wished her on the occasion.

The ‘Path to Creation’ NGO through a Two Day Training Program, help the staff to look through the eyes of their students and feel their hearts.

13 Nov 2019: To boost the enthusiasm, endurance and spirit of the teachers, a 3 day training program was held from 11-13th November 2019 at Don Bosco college, Golaghat. Ms Laai and Ms. Daieid from the Shillong based NGO “Path to Creation” animated the staff.

In these two days, they conducted the training in a very Peaceful and vibrant way. The sessions were more of spiritual, understanding of the self and reflective on one’s virtues, values and weaknesses.

The teachers were made to show their emotions and skills through various group activities with the help of various art and drawings. It helped them to look through the eyes of their students and feel their hearts.

It was a self discovery towards giving a better result by sharing their wisdom, experience and treasures of the inner self.

Reported by: Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Dept of History

Librarians getting ready with the cataloging of the new books

15 October 2019: Ms. Prarthana Borthakur and Ms. Upasana Borchetia, Asst. Librarians of the college are busy with the new arrivals of text books, multi volumes and journals.

Thanks to the support of Don Bosco Mission Bonn, the college has been able to purchase additional books and subscribe journals for 3 years. Our sincere appreciation for their generosity.

3rd Semester students at Computer Skills Practical class

15 October : As part of the Bachelor of Arts Programe, Dibrugarh University provides Computer skills course (COSK) as an optional paper for the students of 3rd Semester.

48 students have opted for the computer skills program. They have regular theory and practical classes. Students are preparing themselves for the forth coming practical computer examination.

“If we don’t do well in our studies, we are doing injustice to our parents” says Fr. Philip Kamei.

14 Oct 2019: Don Bosco College welcomed Fr. Philip Kamei, Vocation Promoter and Youth Animator of the Province stationed at Don Bosco Dergaon. In his message, he invited the students to put up with the various little inconveniences which are here.

Quoting Charles R. Swindoll, Fr. Philip said, “Life is ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I react to it”. A person who is determined to work hard and succede, exernal situation are not hindrance to achieve his targets.

Despite all difficulties which are there, If I want to succeed, I will succeed as 90% is in my hand, in my power.

You are lucky and fortunate to be here. Make the best use of the opportunities that you have here. It is very edifying to see the fathers, sisters and staff helping, shaping and guiding you.   Seeing their sacrifices, and your parents’ struggle, you should make the best of this opportunity.

If we don’t do well in our studies, he said in conclusion, we are doing injustice to our parents.  They struggle now for meeting your requirements with so much hope for your future. Do not fail them.

Selection of 16 completed in the 4th round of Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz Competition

26 Oct: The selection of 16 most eligible candidates was completed this morning through a written examination.

The selected 16 will compete this afternoon to be winners of the Quiz Competition.