Don Bosco College Governing Body meet today

29 April 2019: The Governing Body of the College met today as part of its scheduled meeting at 3.00 pm. Fr. Joseph Kindo presided over the meeting. Ten members were present and three members could not be present due to various urgent reasons.

The president opened the meeting with a short prayer after by welcoming all the members present. The secretary, Fr. Jose Palely read the report and it was passed. Fr. Policarp presented the activity report of the college.

After that the academic calendar was taken fir discussion and approved. Varous academic matters and preparedness for starting the CBCS system in the college was evaluated and found satisfactory.

After some input from the College administrator on the financial aspects of the college and the study of the college prospectus for the session 2019-20, the meeting came to a close at 5.00 pm

“2 Day National Seminar on Ideals of Indian Constitution ends with ‘a call to live the Constitution'”, says Dr. Sheela Paul

28 April 2019: The two day national seminar on “Ideals of Indian Constitution and the contemporary challenges in the higher education” concluded today at 1.00 pm. It was an excellent opportunity to participate two days of national seminar on on 27 & 28 of April 2019 at Don Bosco Institute Guwahati. The inaugural session presided over by Rev. Fr. Januarius Sangma sdb, Salesman Provincial, Guwahati, with the lighting of the Lamp and his message set tone to the Seminar.

The seminar was divided into three main session: a) Principles and Ideals of Indian Constitution,  b) Indian Constitution and independence of the judiciary and challenges and c) religious freedom and modern day challenges against the backdrop of the indian Constitution.

After each session, time was given for discussion and the presence of eminent guests and their interactions enlightened the participants on the values enshrined in the constitution. At the end of the seminar, an action plan was drawn up for our educational institutions.

At the valedictory function, participants were awarded certificates. The participants were grateful and felt enriched by the seminar and pledged to live by the ideals of the Indian Constitution. We are grateful to Don Bosco Higher Education India (DBHEI) and Don Bosco Institute (DBI) for providing wonderful hospitality, an enlightening visit to Assam Don Bosco University, Tapesia, and for the well organised National Seminar.

Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB

Fr. Dr. Policarp along with Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB and Ms. Joyanti Nag of Education Department participate at the Two Day National Seminar

27 April 2019: Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo along with Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB and Ms. Joyanti Nag of Education Department participate in the two day National Seminar organised by Don Bosco Higher Education, India at Don Bosco Institute Guwahati on 27-28 April 2019.

The theme of the National Seminar is : “Ideals of teh Indian Constitution and the Contemporary Challenges in Higher Education Today. Rev Fr. Januarius Sangma, Salesian Provincial of Guwahati Province inaugurated the Seminar. We wish them all the best.

College Wishes the Out Going Seniors:”Fare Thee Well : May Success Accompany You” on 25 April 2019

25 April 2019: “Fare Thee Well : May Success Accompany You’ was the theme under which the Bosconians of 2018-19 gathered to wish farewell to the outgoing 6th Semester students.

The 4th Sem Students organised the farewell program on the last day of the class from 12.15 pm to 1.30 pm. They arranged a solemn entry of the outgoing students to the assembly hall with dances and drum beats. The Jesus Youth team of the college sang a prayer song. The 4th semester students presented wonderful action song. Principal, Dr. Jose Palely presented the positive qualities of each of the 6th semester students and wished them “Good bye is not the final word, It is the starting point of next rendezvous, Till then our prayer for you is: you give your very best to Life, And make your creator proud”.

James Soreng of 4th Semester in his inspiring and emotional speech, thanked the outgoing students for the marvellous road map of excellence laid for the Juniors to follow and the 2nd semester students sang “Kihere Bidai Dim”, as the Final farewell song. On behalf of the staff, Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Department of History and NSS Program Officer appreciated the hard work and the good example of the outgoing students and assured the supportive prayers of the staff and the college for them.

Mohan Teron of 6th semester performed a thrilling modern dance. Esther Kamei, Mark Pegu, Martin Minj, Junash Kerketta and Rumi Tete on behalf of the outgoing students appreciated everyone representing the 5 departments of the college . During the program snacks were distributed for all.

Reported by: Roshan Kandulna

Associate Prof. Mohendra Nath of Melamara College conducts the practical examination for Education 601 & 602 papers today

22 April 2019: The practical examination for the papers 601 and 602 of Education was held today. Associate Professor Mohendra Nath of Melamara College was the external Examiner.

Asst. Professors of the College, Ms. Daisy Gogoi, Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul, Ms. Banya Kasturi Dutta and Ms. Joyanti Nag assisted the external Examiner for the smooth conduct of all the practicals.

We thank Assoc. Prof. Mohendra Nath for his selfless service. He was very happy with the students’ preparedness.

Model Exam began today for the Even semesters

17 April 2019: The Model exam helping the students to prepare for the forth coming End Semester University Examinations began today. The model exams are spread out with study leaves in between to ensure that the students have sufficient study time.

The scheduled dates of exam are 17, 18, 23,24 and 25 April 2019 with one exam per day from 9 am to 12 noon. We wish the students all the best for the model exams.

Don Bosco College to give farewell to 6th Sem Outgoing Students tomorrow

24 April 19: Don Bosco College is set to give farewell to the 6th Semester students. They are the second batch of students who will graduate this year.

The 4th Sem students of Arts and Commerce have taken lead role in arranging the farewell. Earlier they had departmental farewells. We wish the out going students all the best in the forthcoming University End Semester examinations, May 2019.

Project Work Presentation Session Organized by Department of Commerce for B.Com 6th Semester Students

The department of Commerce has organized a presentation session for the 6th semester students of course of the college. The presentation was regarding the project work undertaken by the students of their course work.

During the presentation, the principal of the college Fr. Dr. Jose Palely was present along with Asst. Prof. Ms Ayoushree Dowara, Department of Sociology along with the Asst. Professors of the commerce department, Mr. Harmeet Singh, Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ms. Devangona Saikia, Mr. Anjan Bharali, Ms. Mousumi Gogoi and Mr. Sanjay Rizal. They offered valuable observation and comments on the presentation made by the students.

The topics which students have undertaken are related to the welfare of the workers, the compensation paid by management, their investment pattern of the workers, Job satisfaction of the workers. The Academic project was completed by visiting the survey site and responses with taken from the targeted sample.   Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma and Ms. Mousumi Gogoi, Asst. Professors, Department of Commerce, mentored the students in the project work.

“When you go through a difficulty, it will only makes you strong”, says Dr. Policarp Xalxo, on his Birthday.

April 3, 2019: Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Administrator, Asst. Professor and IQAC Coordinator celebrated his birthday today. The college students greeted him and wished him. In his message, Fr Policarp shared childhood memories and school days punctuated with humorous events and at each instance of adventure, the audience roared with laughter. He inspired one with his positive energy through his life sharing and all were touched by his ‘simplicity in handling a cycle that was bigger than him’ to negotiate daily to school and ‘the joy of falling’ took all to their childhood days. And he added, “when you go through difficulties, it will only makes you strong”.

In concluding his message he said, “The difficulties I went through, made me so strong, that I have no complaint whatsoever. The difficult situations come and go and leave with us a rich experience. And I feel that God gives us always means to love and these are ways through which we can better ourselves through growing in self image, learning to appreciate ourselves, and all the gifts that he has given and the people with whom we live. Let us thank God for the life that we have been given. “

Fr. Jose Palely introduced the day with his greetings during the assembly while Suman Ekka and Albin Kerketta of Sociology Department felicitated him with Fulam Gamocha and a Bouquet of Flowers respectively.

The staff and students felicitated Fr. Policarp and offered prayers for him thanking God for the innumerable blessings he gives to them through Fr. Policarp.

Model Exams for Even semester Students to begin on 17 April 2019

15 April 19: Model Exams are scheduled to be held from 17 April 2019. It will conclude on 25 April 2019. Over 300 students are expected to appear the exams. To help them prepare for the End semester examinations scheduled to commence on 2 May 2019, the staff have prepared two sets of Model question papers per paper. Mr. Michael Xaxa, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics and Mr. Bhaskar Gohain, Asst. Professor, Department of English are coordinating the smooth conduct of the examinations along with Mr. Konthoujam Manoranjan, Asst. Professor, Computer Studies.

We wish the students all the best.