Gender Club organised On the spot writing Activity on the theme “Preventing Gender Discriminiation” today

8 Feb 2020: The members of Gender Club organised an inter-club on the spot writing activity on the theme “Preventing Gender Discrimination”. The competition was held in Hall No. 16 during the club activity hour. Twenty Nine participants from ten different clubs participated in the program.

The members of the gender club ensured that the activity was carried out smoothly by assisting the candidates., along with the teacher in-charges: Ms. Priyanka Baruah, Ms. Alankrita Borthakur and Mr. Bharab Hazarika.

“Whatever you do, do not in competition, but with full totality of yourself”, says Shri Girdhari Sharma, GM, Halmira TE

8 Feb 2020: The General Manager of Halmira Tea Estate, Shri Girdhari Sharma, along with Mr. Michael Crerar, Deputy Manager of Halmira Tea Estate were welcomed to the college today. Mr. James Soreng intoned the welcome song, Neha Soreng and Papori Kisan offered Phulam Gamosa and Bouquet to the GM while Susmita Bhengra and Gita Jojo honoured the Deputy Manager.

In his message to the staff and students, he shared his passion for Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in his student days, while other subjects he focused less and became an engineer.

What we learn from our surrounding, from our families, these will make our personality. If we get pressured to learn and get high marks, we end up getting frustrated and cannot become a full human being.

Jesus spoke of Love and Peace. But why so much violence in our planet. We forgot this and go to compete with our companions and bring about conflict. I say whatever you do, do with your totality, do with love, love and peace and not think about the result.

School and Colleges should have a class in which the students will be taught about peace, meditation, and how to give your whole heart to what you do. Do with full totality and you will be happy. Happiness does not come with degree and money but from within.

Give everyday some time for yourself. Learning has two aspects. One is outside learning and the other is inside learning. We are only focusing on the outside most often. We get everything from google. But love and peace we will not get from google. Technology will provide almost all outside learning. But how to be a good human being we will not get from technology.

Therefore, to learn to love and be peaceful will have to come through school. If you are peaceful inside, then whatever you do will be good only. It will help us to be considerate towards others. In this way we will create a good society and good human beings. All other information are available everywhere.

Reported by: James Soreng 17/ED/002

Girdhari Sharma, General Manager of Halmira Tea Estate to address the College Assembly today

8 Feb 2020 : The General Manager of Halmira Tea Estate, Shri Girdhari Sharma will visit the college today to interact with the staff and students.

He is nominated to be a member of the Internal Quality Assessment Cell of the College.

We offer him wholehearted welcome.

Gender club outlines club activities for February – March 2020

4 Feb 2020: The members and teachers-in-charge of Gender Club, Don Bosco College Golaghat gathered on 4 February 2020 to discuss and plan the activities of the club for the session.

In the meeting the club members decided to organise the following events:

  1. Inter-club on the spot story writing competition – 8 February 2020
  2. Poster Making Competition – 18 April 2020
  3. Slogan Writing Competition – 21 March 2020

We encourage all to actively cooperate and make this initiative of Gender Club a success.

House system for the year 2020 began today in view of the College Week Celebrations

20 Jan 2020: Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Dept of Economics and Ms. Alankrita Borthakur, In-charge of the college week celebrations, divided the students into Four Houses – Blue, Green, Red & Yellow, today.

The students assembled house wise during the 6th Hour of class and elected the house leaders and wise leaders with the help of the House in-charges.

Blue House Incharges MR. BHAIRAB HAZARIKA & MS. DEVANGANA SAIKIA guided the house to elect leaders and wise leaders. Cyril Tirkey & Anil Kandulna were elected as house leader and vice leader for boys and Gracy Kujur and Klaretso Engtipi, were elected as house leader and vice leader for girls, with Cyril Tirkey as over all leader for the house.

Green House Incharges MR. ANKUR MAHANTA & MS. JOYANTI NAG helped the house to elect leaders and wise leaders. Amit Bey & Joy Prakash Hereh were elected as house leader and vice leader for boys while Alisha Surin and Manisha Ekka were elected as house leader and vice leader for girls, with Amit Bey as over all leader for the house.

Red House Incharges MR. BHASKAR GOHAIN & MS. DAISY GOGOI assisted the house to elect leaders and wise leaders. Vincent Bhengra & Lawrence Minj were elected as house leader and vice leader for boys while Jemita Guria and Tarcila Toppo were elected as house leader and vice leader for girls, with Vincent Bhengra as over all leader for the house.

Yellow House Incharges MS. PRATYASI BARUAH & MS. BANYA KASTURI DUTTA saw to the election of house leaders and wise leaders. Anand Tigga & Dilbar Barla were elected as house leader and vice leader for boys while Anjana Guria and Sabitri Urang were elected as house leader and vice leader for girls, with Anand Tigga as over all leader for the house.

The newly elected leaders and vice leaders encouraged all the house members to participate in the various events and took responsibility for the preparation of the list of participants for the forth coming College Week Celebrations, 25- 30 January 2020. We wish them all the best.

Dr Sheela Paul CSJB invited the students to discover the NEW YOU within them at the beginning of the Even Semester, today.

17 Jan 2020: The college reopened after winter holidays. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB, led the students with a short reflection and prayer to begin the new year and the even semester in right earnest. Her reflection aimed at discovering the New You within each one of us.

Fr. Principal appreciated the reflection and the prayers conducted by Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul and presented an outline of the activities for the even semester.

He also presented two new staff of the college : Ms. Mridusmita Hazarika, Dept of Political Science and Ms. Lalita Osga, Dept of Computer Studies.

Most of the students reported to the college on the opening day.

Staff meeting held on the last working day of the college for the year 2019

16 Dec 2019: All the staff of the college assembled together on the last working day of the college today. The principal welcomed them, thanked them for their hard work and dedication during the year.

Fr. Principal presented the academic calendar for the next session Jan-May 2020 and incorporating the various activities and programs proposed by the IQAC cell and the departments.

There will be department wise seminars in the college in February-March 2020. Although Friday afternoon is allocated for seminars and workshops, depending on the requirements and situations, the dates could be adjusted.

The time table for the coming session was published thanks to the hard work of the Department of Education who saw to the time table preparation.

Fr. Principal browsed through the LMS system of the college and all were encouraged to upload lessons and teaching aid materials in the LMS for the benefit of the students.

The meeting came to a close at 10.30 am with cutting of the cake and light refreshments.

Fr. Bimal and Sr. Reena try to start a flower pot Garden

18 Dec 2019: Making use of the study leaves, Fr. Bimal Lakra and Sr. Reena P George focus on getting a small flower pot garden.

Hostel Students learn Digital Language Mentoring as they await for the rescheduling of the exams

18 Dec : The 1st Semester students, whose exams were postponed due to the CAB related social unrest, opted for learning English Language making use of the Digital Language Mentor (DLM) program promoted by the Thaliyola Infotech Pvt. Ltd .

This course will enable the students to master English and get correct pronunciation, and assist in enhancing listening, speaking and comprehension skills.

Once master the program, the students will find it easy to appear IELTS examinations.

Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 examinations held today

15 Nov 2019: Over 100 students who registered for Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 course began today.

The exams have been spaced out for the benefit of the students. As the exams are on line, a student is able to opt for exam at his/her convenient time. The online examination lasts for an hour.

Don Bosco College provided to the students 5 different dates for the students to choose from. This facility also helps the students to prepare themselves well and appear the exams.

We wish them all the best.