Rev Fr Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal exhorts the College students


Aug 12: At the assembly, Rev Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and Administrator, exhorted the students. Taking cue from the Oak Tree, he invited all the students to send deep roots into study and reflection and thus be prepared to face life.

NCC gears up for independence day celebrations


Aug 14: The newly formed members of NCC are getting ready for their first Independence day parade in the campus.


12 August will be observed as National Librarians Day

upasana borchetia

Aug 11: Don Bosco College will observe 12 Aug as the National Librarians Day.
Miss Upasana Borchetia, MLISC, Librarian of Don Bosco College will address the Assembly.

Election of leaders and vice leaders held

Students Casting their Votes Nominies Introduction

Aug 8: The afternoon session of class was set apart for the election of various leaders. With the help of the Management and staff, the students elected their leaders. Leaders were elected for the following posts: Course Leader, Course Vice Leader, Department Leader and Department Vice Leader. After the election, the Principal congratulated the elected leaders

Principal Congraduation Course LeaderPrincipal Congraduation Vice Leader

Election of Leaders held on 8 Aug 2015

Aug 8: This was a very special day for the college. The students elected their leaders. 

 John Kisku- course leader 2015 Alice - course vice leader 2015
JOHN KISKU – Course Leader 2015 ALICE KUJUR – Course Vice Leader 2015
 Jay Kondh- Pol Sci dept leader 2015  MONALISA TIGGA - Pol Sci dept vice leader 2015
JAY KONDH – Pol Sci Dept Leader 2015 MONALISA TIGGA – Pol Sci Dept Vice Leader 2015
 Robistin- Sociology dept leader 2015  DEBIYA SEROPHINA MINJ - Sociology Dept Vice Leader
ROBISTIN LAKRA – Sociology Dept Leader 2015 DEBIYA SEROPHINA MINJ – Sociology Dept Vice Leader 2015

Birthday of Principal Celebrated on 8 Aug 2015

college students cutting cake greeting students message of Rector


Aug 8: The birthday of Fr. Jose Palely was celebrated in the college with birthday greetings, prayers, celebrations and spontaneity. It was an occasion to share the dreams of the college. Fr. Dilip Bara, in his message gave expression to his dreams and plans for the college.  The Principal in his speech said, if we believe in something, that will happen. He encouraged all to visualise and believe strongly in the growth and enhancement of the college.

With Assamese hatwith some staff greeting

Rev Fr Kalluvachel Varghese, Professor, UPS, Rome interacts with the students


5 Aug 15: Rev Fr. Kalluvachel Varghese, Professor, Universita Pontificia Salesiana, visited the college along with the Vice Provincial, Rev Fr. Bosco Perianayagam, and interacted with the students. While speaking to them, he invited them to feel at home illustrating by sharing one of the fables.

tortoise 2One day the Sun decided to get married and invited all the creatures for celebration. On the appointed day there was a very big crowd for the celebrations and moving among the guests, he noticed that the Tortoise was conspicuously absent. So when the celebrations were over, the Sun made it a point to visit Tortoise to find out why he was absent. At the concerned inquiry of the Sun, the Tortoise replied that he felt so much at home in his house with his family, that he disliked venturing out, in spite of receiving the invitation. So Sun retorted ‘may you always feel at home wherever you are’ and took the roof of his house and put it on top of the Tortoise. From that day onward, the Tortoise carries his home with him wherever he goes.

There was great laughter and the students enjoyed interacting with him.

Sr. Margret Sekhose and team take up the Uniform for the college

uniform 2uniform -1

4 Aug 2015: Rev Sr. Margaret Sekhose MSMHC and team from CDI, Guwahati have taken up the stitching of uniform for the College Students. The team visited the college on 4 August and took the measurements. All the students are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the uniform.

First Staff Meeting held on 5 Aug 2015

staff meeting 2staff meeting 1


The first staff meeting was held in the Principal’s Office on 5 August 2015. In the meeting, the academic Calendar for the first semester was finalised.

Some of the points covered were: Election of leaders, September 8 Celebration, Sessional tests, Assignments, Departmental Activities and assignments, Club Activities and intense coaching class for End Semester Examinations.



Two Passwords for life : ‘Look Up – Look Ahead’ – says Rev Sr. Teresa Puthenpurackel FMA to the students

message 2group photo


7 Aug 15: Rev Sr. Teresa Puthenpurackel, Superior of Auxilium College, Udalguri and former Provincial of Guwahati along with the Principal of Auxilium College, Rev Sr. Rose Mary Kazhiia FMA and other sisters visited the college today. She interacted with the Student community. In her exhortation she recommended two passwords for life: ‘Look Up’ and ‘Look Ahead’. Look up to God because he is a generous giver who unfolds unto us each day with a variety of gifts and joys. We need to Look Ahead and move on courageously with life knowing fully well that God is with us.