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Dr. Jose Palely along with Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB and Ms. Rimi Sharma attend the 2nd National Workshop on Documentation and Preparedness for Accreditation

22 feb 2020: A two day National Workshop was organized by Xavier Board of Hr. Education In India in collaboration with St. Anthony’s College, Shillong at Siloam, Umiam, Meghalaya from 21-22 Feb 2020.  The meeting was attended by the Principals and selected staff from various colleges from East & North Region of Xavier Board and from Goa.

Dr. Ordetta Mendoza  and  Dr. Joe Jesudurai were the main resource persons.  They took on the 7 criterias of NAAC with a special focus on Documentation and Preparedness for Accreditation. The two full day workshop gave clear insights and ideas on how to get the documentation ready and prepare themselves for accreditation.

The two staff, Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB, IQAC Coordinator, Dept of Education and Ms. Rimi Sharma, Dept of Political Science along with the Principal, Fr. Dr. Jose Palely attended the two day workshop. 

The workshop was very helpful for the college to get ready with proper documentation towards accreditation. We are grateful to the Xavier Board of Hr. Education in India, St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, the resource persons, Dr. Br. Albert Longley Dkhar, SBD, Principal, St. Anthony’s College, Dr Icydora Kharkongor, Dr. Herbert Lyngdoh and Dr. George Palamattam, Director, Siloam along with Fr. Dr. Sebastian Ousepparambil and DR. Sr. Jyoti Kispotta, of Xavier Board.

Dr. Jose Palely Participate in the Catholic Principals of East & North East Meet 2020

20 Feb 2020: Dr. Jose Palely SDB, Principal, Don Bosco College, Golaghat participated in the One day Meet of all the catholic Principals of East and North East India Meet held at Siloam, Transformation Centre, St. Anthony’s College Shillong today.

Dr. Albert L. Dkhar, Secretary, Xavier Board, East & NE Region welcomed the members and Prof. David Syiemlieh, former Chairman, UPSC delivered the keynote address. Dr. Joe Jesudurai made a presentation introducing NAAC – Tripple A Audit.

Fr. Sebastian Ousepparambil, President XB – East & NE Region spoke about strengthening and Networking Catholic Institutions in the region. Fr. G P Amalraj, Deputy Secretary NERBC presented action plan for catholic Higher Education Institutions in the region.

While Fr. Sagi Stephen presented the youth apostolate and formation of Youth Groups in Colleges, Dr. George Palamathattil presented programs on Youth leadership.

On this occasion, the selected papers from the national Seminar on Conflicts in South Asia : Causes and Consequences, published in the SALESIAN, Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Vol X, No 1 May 2019 with ISSN0976-1861, A Salesian College Publication, was presented by the President of the XB – East & NE Region to Dr. Albert L. Dkhar, Principal, St. Anthony’s College. This volume the result of the National Seminar organised at Don Bosco College Golaghat in 16-17 March 2018 – a joint venture of Don Bosco College Golaghat with Salesian College, Sonada, West Bengal.

The meeting, Organised by the Xavier Board of Higher Education in India, East and North East Region in Collaboration with St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, came to an end at 3.00 pm.

“Prevent burning of waste materials and convert them into organic manure” says Fr. Vincent Parumala

19 Feb 2020: Fr. Vincent Parumala, Administrator of Bosco Institute Jorhat visited the college along with Fr. Jerry Varakukalayil. In his interaction with the students, he exhorted the students to love nature, prevent all burning of wastes and convert them into organic manure.

In our campus at Bosco Institute we do not even burn weeds. We make trenches and bury the weeds and mother earth convert weeds into manure. This manure will help the plants to bear much fruit. My suggestion is that we stop burning waste and save our planet and nature.

“You have no choice but to communicate. So opt to communicate positively, says Fr. Jerry Varakukalayil

19 Feb 2020: Fr. Varakukalayil Jerry, ordained on 27 Jan 2020, visited the college and interacted with the students today.

In his message, drawing inspiration from Paul Watzlawick, he invited all to communicate positively always. Whether we want or not we are always communicating. So instead of not getting involved, not giving negative communications, always strive to communicate positively, he said. When you decide to cooperate in a new initiative, you are communicating.

When we say that we are affected by what others think of me, it actually is not true. According to Watzlawick, ‘actually we are affected by what we think that others think about us. So we are not controlled by what others think. So the problem is within ourselves and we need to change. Let world think whatever, but I will remain positive.

New Heads of Departments appointed to various departments today

18 Feb 2020 : New HODs were selected by the respective departments and were appointed by the Principal as the HODs for the coming two years.

While Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami of Political Science Department and Ms. Daisy Gogoi of Education Department were re-appointed for second term, Ms. Alankrita Borthakur of Sociology Department, Ms. Priyanka Baruah of English Department and Mr. Anjan Bharali of Commerce Department were appointed as HODs for the first term.

We wish them all the best.

Sanjay Rizal and Banya Kasturi Dutta elected as staff representatives to the College Governing Body

18 Feb 2020: Mr. Sanjay Rizal, Asst. Prof. Department of Commerce and Ms. Banya Kasturi Dutta, Asst. Professor, Department of Education were elected as staff representatives to the Governing Body of the College today by the teaching and non-teaching faculty of the college.

They replace Mr. Mukul Sarmah, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics and Ms. Prarthana Borthakur, Librarian of the college. We thank them for their committment and dedication in carrying out the special entrusted to them by the teaching and non-teaching faculty of the college.

We wish the newly elected members all the best.

Eco club nurtures saplings during club activity

15 Feb 2020 : Eco Club members led by the club in-charges Mr. Mukul Sarmah, Asst. Prof, Dept of Economics and Ms. Joyanti Nag, Asst. Prof, Dept of Education, cleaned the plantation area, repaired the fences and poured water for the saplings.

Gender club plans celebration of International Women’s Day

15 Feb : The members of the Gender Club had a discussion on the celebration of International Women’s Day for the college. The students along with the teachers planned various programs and activities to be done on the day.  

It was decided to call Ms. Rakhi Saikia, Woman entrepreneur from Golaghat, Assam known for making of yellow tea popular, would be the Chief Guest for the day.

Winners of Story Writing Competition awarded by Gender Club

11 Feb 2020 : The Gender club declared the names of the winnders of the Inter-Club On the Spot Story Writing Competition held on 8th February 2020. Out of 29 Participants, 3 were judged as the winners. Wanggo Lowang of Literry Club secured the first prize. Shamma Kausar of NCC F/74 and Rebecca Surin of Eco Club won the 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

The competition was judged by Mukul Sarmah, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics. Fr. Mathew C Paul gave away the prizes to the winners during the Morning Assembly.

Fr. Bimal Lakra, the Vice Principal along with the teachers in charge of the Gender Club, Priyanka Baruah, Alankrita Borthakur and Bhairab Hazarika were present for the prize distribution ceremony and thanked everyone for their cooperation and active participation.

Clubs hold variety of activities during the club hour today

8 Feb 2020 : Being a club activity day, various clubs of the college organised activities during the club hour.

All the animators of the club along with the club leaders organised the activities very effectively to make learning an enjoyable experience.