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Staff meeting to be held on 19 April 2016

14 Apr : A staff meeting will be held on 19 April to plan for the smooth conduct of the college inspection by the Manipur University and to find new initiatives to enable the second semester students to prepare themselves for the forth coming End Semester examinations.


Prospectus and application form for Admission to B.A, B.Com & PGDCA courses available at the college website

Application  Prospectus

13 April 2016: The Prospectus and Application form for admission to Degree first year in Arts & Commerce and PGDCA courses are available on the college Website.

Admission process are on. Interested candidates may download the form from the college website or collect the same from the office.  you may click also on the above link for the same.



BA End Semester Examinations to be held from 2 May 2016

April 13:  The Dibrugarh University has scheduled the End Semester examination from 2-31 May 2016. The students are bracing themselves for the examinations.

 Date Day Morning

(9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon)

03-05-2016 Tuesday Major Course – 201 (Arts / Science)

Business Communication (Com.) – 201 (General / Speciality)

05-05-2016 Thursday General Course : English -201 (Arts / Science)

Computer Skill (Science, Major)

06-05-2016 Friday General Courses : Information Technology – 201 (Arts / Science)

Elective Language – 201 (Arts)

Business Economics (Com.) – 202 (General / Speciality)

10-05-2016 Tuesday General Courses: MIL – 201 (Arts)

Alternative English – 201 (Arts)

Chemistry – 201 (Science)

11-05-2016 Wednesday Statistics (General) – 201(Arts / Science)

Corporate Accounting (Com.) – 203 (General / Speciality)

12-05-2016 Thursday General Courses: Zoology – 201 (Science)

Political Science – 201 (Arts)

16-05-2016 Monday General Courses: Computer Application – 201 (Arts)

Home Science – 201 (Arts / Science)

Anthropology – 201 (Arts / Science)

Principles of Business Management (Com.) – 204 (General / Speciality)

17-05-2016 Tuesday General Courses: Sociology – 201 (Arts)

Geology – 201 (Science)

18-05-2016 Wednesday General Courses: Computer Science – 201 (Science)

Geography – 201(Arts / Science)

19-05-2016 Thursday General Courses: Economics – 201 (Arts / Science)

Electronics – 201(Science)

20-05-2016 Friday General Courses: Education – 201 (Arts)

Physics – 201 (Science)

24-05-2016 Tuesday General Courses: Sanskrit – 201 (Arts)

Tribal Studies – 201(Arts)

Rural Development – 201 (Arts / Science)

Bio Technology – 201 (Science)

25-05-2016 Wednesday General Courses: History – 201 (Arts)

Mathematics – 201 (Arts / Science)

27-05-2016 Friday General Courses: Philosophy – 201 (Arts)

Botany – 201 (Science

We wish them all the best.


College Inspection scheduled to be held in April

13 April:  College Development Council is scheduling to conduct the inspection of the college towards the upgradation  to second year and for the starting of Major courses in English and Education in the first year, the CDC is scheduling inspection of the college in April 3rd week.

The college is all set for the inspection.


Model Exam for 2nd Semester begins on 21 April 2016

13 April:  The college has announced the dates for the Model Exam for the students of Second Semester. The time of exam is from 12.00 pm – 3.00 pm.

The schedule is given below:

21 April – Major Papers

23 April – English

25 April – Non Major Papers

27 April – Assamese / Alt. English


Tithi of Mahapurusha Srimanta Shankardeva celebrated today

miss himadri addresses the students 1 miss himadri addresses the students

Asstt. Professors Ms. Himadri Dutta and Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi gave a beautiful presentation on the occasion of the Tithi of Mahapurusha Srimanta Shankardeva.

sri sri sankaradevaMahapurusha Srimanta Shankardeva (1449–1568), saint-scholar, playwright, social-religious reformer, is a colossal figure in the cultural and religious history of Assam, India. He is credited with providing a thread of unity to Assam straddling two major kingdoms (Ahom and Koch kingdoms), building on past literary activities to provide the bedrock of Assamese culture, and creating a religion that gave shape to a set of new values and social synthesis. The religion he started, Mahapuruxiya Dharma, was part of the Bhakti movement then raging in India, and he inspired bhakti in Assam just as Ramananda, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Basava and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu inspired it elsewhere.

His literary and artistic contributions are living traditions in Assam today. The religion he preached is practiced by a large population, and Sattras (monasteries) that he and his followers established continue to flourish and sustain his legacy. In reverence to his personality, teachings and works, he is a Mahapurusha, or “Great Man”.