Birthday of Sr. Reena P George celebrated

16 Nov 19: The birthday of Sr. Reena P George, Asst. Professor, Department of English and Office Manager of the college was observed today.

At the morning worship special prayers were offered for the sister and words of appreciation for her self sacrificing work in the college. Her capacity in managing the office and university matters very efficiently was acknowledged by all.

She spends time in the college both on working days and non working days to ensure that the college runs smoothly and all office matters are in order.

It is also noted that the students appreciate her classes and the care and love with which she meets the various requirements of the students.

We wish her continued good health and a long stay at the college. She is one of the two pioneering members who joined the college management in 2015 as part of collaboration between Don Bosco Society and Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist (CSJB).