Election of Sports Leaders held in view of the College Week Celebrations

3 Jan: On the opening day of the College after the winter vacation, the students were divided into Blue, Green Red and Yellow houses. This is the first time the college week celebration was planned to organise housewise. Soon after the division of the students, the students met together in their respective houses to elect their leaders.

Baba Kurmi from dept of English, 4th Sem and Rebecca Surin from the Dept of Political Science, 2nd sem were elected leaders of Yellow house. Emmanuel Lakra, Dept of Political Science, 4th Sem and Indira Garatti Toppo, Dept of English, 6th Sem were elected leaders of Blue House. Jayanta Cherti, Dept of Education  and Shibani Topno, Dept of English both from 6th sem were elected leaders of Red House. Samuel Purty, Dept of English and Angelina Tirkey, Dept of Sociology, both from 6th sem were elected leaders of Green House. We wish the leaders and the house members all success.