I want you to grow up physically, mentally and spiritually, says Fr. Pavel from Czech Republic

23 March 2019: Fr. Pavel Zenisek SDB and Mr. Richard Bouda, SADBA CZECH REPUBLIC visited the college along with Fr. Francis Charuvila of Don Bosco Imphal today. They were welcomed and introduced by Fr. Dr. Jose Palely. Anil Kandulna, Joakim Lakra and Suraj Lomga received them ‘Fulam Gamocha’ while the students sang songs of welcome.

Fr. Pavel thanked the students for the hearty welcome.   Continuing from the introduction given by Fr. Palely, Fr. Pavel said, we have one more connection between Sadba and you. Because in our language Sadba is not only an abbreviation of Salesian Association of Don Bosco – but also in Czech language means also plantation. We do not have tea garden but it implies growth – growing.  So the SADBA Logo is also an icon of growth.

A small plant that grows is likened to a Young Person who is growing. It is an expression that focuses on the growing up and maturing of a young person.  This is what we want to do in our country and abroad. That is why we are preparing men and women for voluntary service.

The voluntary services of SADBA provide both the volunteer and the children among whom the volunteer works, a special experience of growing up.

I am very happy to be here and get to know the reality in this place where many volunteers have worked in the past.  I am very happy to see you grow up not only physically and mentally but also spiritually.