“If we don’t do well in our studies, we are doing injustice to our parents” says Fr. Philip Kamei.

14 Oct 2019: Don Bosco College welcomed Fr. Philip Kamei, Vocation Promoter and Youth Animator of the Province stationed at Don Bosco Dergaon. In his message, he invited the students to put up with the various little inconveniences which are here.

Quoting Charles R. Swindoll, Fr. Philip said, “Life is ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I react to it”. A person who is determined to work hard and succede, exernal situation are not hindrance to achieve his targets.

Despite all difficulties which are there, If I want to succeed, I will succeed as 90% is in my hand, in my power.

You are lucky and fortunate to be here. Make the best use of the opportunities that you have here. It is very edifying to see the fathers, sisters and staff helping, shaping and guiding you.   Seeing their sacrifices, and your parents’ struggle, you should make the best of this opportunity.

If we don’t do well in our studies, he said in conclusion, we are doing injustice to our parents.  They struggle now for meeting your requirements with so much hope for your future. Do not fail them.