National Seminar – Dr. Pius V Thomas, Dr. George Thadathil and Dr. Tarun Gogi chair three parallel technical session

16 March: Soon after the inaugural programme, the participants went to the technical session 1: The First technical session was divided into 2 parallel session. Dr. Pius V Thomas and Dr. Tarun Gogoi jointly chaired  1a and 1c technical session and Dr. George Thadathil chaired the Technical Session 1b. Each paper presenter was given 7 minutes to present the paper and the participants were given 3 minutes to clarify doubts about the paper. At the end of the paper presentations, a general discussion was held and the chair persons gave their concluding remarks on each of the paper as per availability of time.

The rapporteurs for the first Technical session were : Mr. Mukul Sarmah & Mr. Micheal Xaxa from department of Economics and Mr. Stephen Baite and Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami. The First technical session began at 11.30 am and ended at 1.15 pm. This was followed by meal for all.