NSS, NCC and Yoga Club members get ready for Yoga Day

15 June 2019: In preparation for the International Yoga Day, the NSS Unit, NCC Cadets and Yoga Club members get into training mode from today.

From today, they will spend an hour of training during the class hours to prepare for the International Yoga Day activities on 21 June 2019.

Mr. Montesh Tanti, the Yoga Trainer of Patanjali group, is training the students.

Ms. Himadri Dutta, CTO of NCC Unit, Ms. Daisy Gogoi and Ms. Aparna Borchetia, Animators of Yoga Club, Ms. Devangana Saikia, of Commerce Dept., Ms. Prarthana Borthakur, Librarian and Ms. Sushmita Rongpipi, NSS Program officer, help in the smooth conduct of the training.