“Whatever you do, do not in competition, but with full totality of yourself”, says Shri Girdhari Sharma, GM, Halmira TE

8 Feb 2020: The General Manager of Halmira Tea Estate, Shri Girdhari Sharma, along with Mr. Michael Crerar, Deputy Manager of Halmira Tea Estate were welcomed to the college today. Mr. James Soreng intoned the welcome song, Neha Soreng and Papori Kisan offered Phulam Gamosa and Bouquet to the GM while Susmita Bhengra and Gita Jojo honoured the Deputy Manager.

In his message to the staff and students, he shared his passion for Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in his student days, while other subjects he focused less and became an engineer.

What we learn from our surrounding, from our families, these will make our personality. If we get pressured to learn and get high marks, we end up getting frustrated and cannot become a full human being.

Jesus spoke of Love and Peace. But why so much violence in our planet. We forgot this and go to compete with our companions and bring about conflict. I say whatever you do, do with your totality, do with love, love and peace and not think about the result.

School and Colleges should have a class in which the students will be taught about peace, meditation, and how to give your whole heart to what you do. Do with full totality and you will be happy. Happiness does not come with degree and money but from within.

Give everyday some time for yourself. Learning has two aspects. One is outside learning and the other is inside learning. We are only focusing on the outside most often. We get everything from google. But love and peace we will not get from google. Technology will provide almost all outside learning. But how to be a good human being we will not get from technology.

Therefore, to learn to love and be peaceful will have to come through school. If you are peaceful inside, then whatever you do will be good only. It will help us to be considerate towards others. In this way we will create a good society and good human beings. All other information are available everywhere.

Reported by: James Soreng 17/ED/002