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NCC Special training program reaches 4th Day

17 Nov :  The NCC Special training program reached the 4th day. Mr. Rinku Phukan, NCC C Certificate Holder from 27 NCC Coy, Goalpara took the session on Obstacle Training and the Staff from 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC took the Drill and Parade.  The cadets learnt much today and were very enthusiastic although it was a little tiring.

Lt. Col RD Singh addresses the Girl Cadets

15 Nov:  Lt. Col RD Singh, Officiating Commander, 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC, addressed the cadets. He focussed on the opportunities and entry points to the Army and the benefits of being an NCC Volunteer. The cadets appreciated the interactive session. CTO Himadri and Mr. Micheal Xaxa took also sessions and drill for the cadets. The cadets welcomed  LT Col RD Singh with songs and welcome messages.


23 NCC volunteers report for the first day of the special training program


14 Nov : The CTO, Ms. Himadri Dutta, Asst. Prof., Department of Assamese, in collaboration with Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Asst. Prof., Department of Economics, Don Bosco College organised a 5 day Special Training Program for the NCC volunteers.

23 students were present for the first day of the training program. Ms. Melody Chanu, GCI, 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC, took sessions on NCC. The cadets learnt the various songs and focused on the drill on the first day. The program began at 8.45 am and ended at 3.30 pm with refreshments served to all the cadets.


NCC special Training Program to commence on 14 November

Nov 13:  The first special training program for the Don Bosco College NCC troop F/74 under 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC, Senior Wing, Commences on 14 November. 25 SW cadets of the college will be participating in the program.  The 5 day program will come to a close on 18 November at 3.00 pm.

We wish all the best for the NCC cadets.


NCC SW & SD Units, DBC Golaghat keeps Gandhi Jayanti Day

Oct 2:  On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, The SD and SW NCC units of Don Bosco College Golaghat, Observed cleanliness drive at the campus. They took protective measures to preserve the saplings planted on the World Environment Day, 2017. It was wonderful to see the NCC Volunteers along with the CTO and other staff doing their very best to honour the father of the nation. The SD Unit also prepared a garden for plantation works.

NCC SW unit organises Cleanliness Drive on Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan

23 Sept:  The NCC SW unit of Don Bosco College Golaghat, under 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC, organised Cleanliness drive on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan today at Halmira -Dhodar Ali Road.  The students were earnest and went with brooms and shaft knives to clean the road sides. The cleaned the area from the Halmirah Tinali to the Tea Garden junction. The cadets also interacted with the public explaining the need to maintain the surrounding clean. The people were edified by the wonderful performance of the cadets.

The NCC unit is just new and the enrolment process is on.