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New Heads of Departments appointed to various departments today

18 Feb 2020 : New HODs were selected by the respective departments and were appointed by the Principal as the HODs for the coming two years.

While Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami of Political Science Department and Ms. Daisy Gogoi of Education Department were re-appointed for second term, Ms. Alankrita Borthakur of Sociology Department, Ms. Priyanka Baruah of English Department and Mr. Anjan Bharali of Commerce Department were appointed as HODs for the first term.

We wish them all the best.

Gender club plans celebration of International Women’s Day

15 Feb : The members of the Gender Club had a discussion on the celebration of International Women’s Day for the college. The students along with the teachers planned various programs and activities to be done on the day.  

It was decided to call Ms. Rakhi Saikia, Woman entrepreneur from Golaghat, Assam known for making of yellow tea popular, would be the Chief Guest for the day.

Winners of Story Writing Competition awarded by Gender Club

11 Feb 2020 : The Gender club declared the names of the winnders of the Inter-Club On the Spot Story Writing Competition held on 8th February 2020. Out of 29 Participants, 3 were judged as the winners. Wanggo Lowang of Literry Club secured the first prize. Shamma Kausar of NCC F/74 and Rebecca Surin of Eco Club won the 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

The competition was judged by Mukul Sarmah, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics. Fr. Mathew C Paul gave away the prizes to the winners during the Morning Assembly.

Fr. Bimal Lakra, the Vice Principal along with the teachers in charge of the Gender Club, Priyanka Baruah, Alankrita Borthakur and Bhairab Hazarika were present for the prize distribution ceremony and thanked everyone for their cooperation and active participation.

Gender Club organised On the spot writing Activity on the theme “Preventing Gender Discriminiation” today

8 Feb 2020: The members of Gender Club organised an inter-club on the spot writing activity on the theme “Preventing Gender Discrimination”. The competition was held in Hall No. 16 during the club activity hour. Twenty Nine participants from ten different clubs participated in the program.

The members of the gender club ensured that the activity was carried out smoothly by assisting the candidates., along with the teacher in-charges: Ms. Priyanka Baruah, Ms. Alankrita Borthakur and Mr. Bharab Hazarika.

Gender club outlines club activities for February – March 2020

4 Feb 2020: The members and teachers-in-charge of Gender Club, Don Bosco College Golaghat gathered on 4 February 2020 to discuss and plan the activities of the club for the session.

In the meeting the club members decided to organise the following events:

  1. Inter-club on the spot story writing competition – 8 February 2020
  2. Poster Making Competition – 18 April 2020
  3. Slogan Writing Competition – 21 March 2020

We encourage all to actively cooperate and make this initiative of Gender Club a success.

House system for the year 2020 began today in view of the College Week Celebrations

20 Jan 2020: Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Dept of Economics and Ms. Alankrita Borthakur, In-charge of the college week celebrations, divided the students into Four Houses – Blue, Green, Red & Yellow, today.

The students assembled house wise during the 6th Hour of class and elected the house leaders and wise leaders with the help of the House in-charges.

Blue House Incharges MR. BHAIRAB HAZARIKA & MS. DEVANGANA SAIKIA guided the house to elect leaders and wise leaders. Cyril Tirkey & Anil Kandulna were elected as house leader and vice leader for boys and Gracy Kujur and Klaretso Engtipi, were elected as house leader and vice leader for girls, with Cyril Tirkey as over all leader for the house.

Green House Incharges MR. ANKUR MAHANTA & MS. JOYANTI NAG helped the house to elect leaders and wise leaders. Amit Bey & Joy Prakash Hereh were elected as house leader and vice leader for boys while Alisha Surin and Manisha Ekka were elected as house leader and vice leader for girls, with Amit Bey as over all leader for the house.

Red House Incharges MR. BHASKAR GOHAIN & MS. DAISY GOGOI assisted the house to elect leaders and wise leaders. Vincent Bhengra & Lawrence Minj were elected as house leader and vice leader for boys while Jemita Guria and Tarcila Toppo were elected as house leader and vice leader for girls, with Vincent Bhengra as over all leader for the house.

Yellow House Incharges MS. PRATYASI BARUAH & MS. BANYA KASTURI DUTTA saw to the election of house leaders and wise leaders. Anand Tigga & Dilbar Barla were elected as house leader and vice leader for boys while Anjana Guria and Sabitri Urang were elected as house leader and vice leader for girls, with Anand Tigga as over all leader for the house.

The newly elected leaders and vice leaders encouraged all the house members to participate in the various events and took responsibility for the preparation of the list of participants for the forth coming College Week Celebrations, 25- 30 January 2020. We wish them all the best.

Dr. Peter Salew SDB animates the College Staff to be Educators like Don Bosco

13 Nov 2019 : Fr. Dr. Peter Salew along with Stephen Kaisii and Inalika were the resource persons for a One day Staff training program held at Don Bosco College, Golaghat.

The trainers focused on the life of Don Bosco, a great educator of Youth. Through team works, dynamics, multi media and activities they showed how to educate the youth with the heart of Don Bosco and how to accompany the youth in the Teaching Learning Process.

In the evaluation session, it was very enlightening to hear the staff recalling the various modules and the learning experiences. It was truly a transformative experience which motivated the staff to try new ways to win the youth.

Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics and Examination Coordinator, thanked the resource persons and summarized the learning experiences of the day.

Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB inaugurates Wall Magazine “Enlighten” of Sociology Department

23 Sept 2019: At 8.50 am today, the department of Sociology inaugurated the Departmental Wall Magazine titled “Enlighten” prepared on the theme: “Leading Science and Technology”.

At the outset, Abhinash Topno presented a summary of the the Wall Magazine. After that Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul of the Dept of Education inaugurated the wall magazine. In her message, she appreciated the hard work of the students and commented on their spirit of self sacrifice and dedication.

Joysmita Tete compered the program, Joy Prakash Hereh, welcomed all present while Papori Kishan, Ph. Langoulung and Ashok Barla saw to the smooth management of the event.

Fr. Principal appreciated the innovative presentation and thanked the staff and students for their hard work and excellent presentation.

Deptartment of Sociology starts Flower Garden Activity in the College

14 June 2019: The staff and students of the Sociology department spent some time in discussing and planning for the forth coming departmental activity hour.

After the discussion, they visited the college flower garden to clean the weeds and preparing the garden for new saplings.

The Department of Sociology has taken up Creating a beautiful Flower Garden in the campus as its departmental activity for the year

7 June 2019: The department of Sociology has chosen to maintain a beautiful flower garden in the college campus.

Towards this, they have planned the following activities : Cleaning the garden, watering the flower plants, Planting new flower plants, using organic manure for the garden and installing hand made dustbins around the garden.

Reported by: Guloungam Gangmei