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Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB inaugurates Wall Magazine “Enlighten” of Sociology Department

23 Sept 2019: At 8.50 am today, the department of Sociology inaugurated the Departmental Wall Magazine titled “Enlighten” prepared on the theme: “Leading Science and Technology”.

At the outset, Abhinash Topno presented a summary of the the Wall Magazine. After that Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul of the Dept of Education inaugurated the wall magazine. In her message, she appreciated the hard work of the students and commented on their spirit of self sacrifice and dedication.

Joysmita Tete compered the program, Joy Prakash Hereh, welcomed all present while Papori Kishan, Ph. Langoulung and Ashok Barla saw to the smooth management of the event.

Fr. Principal appreciated the innovative presentation and thanked the staff and students for their hard work and excellent presentation.

Deptartment of Sociology starts Flower Garden Activity in the College

14 June 2019: The staff and students of the Sociology department spent some time in discussing and planning for the forth coming departmental activity hour.

After the discussion, they visited the college flower garden to clean the weeds and preparing the garden for new saplings.

The Department of Sociology has taken up Creating a beautiful Flower Garden in the campus as its departmental activity for the year

7 June 2019: The department of Sociology has chosen to maintain a beautiful flower garden in the college campus.

Towards this, they have planned the following activities : Cleaning the garden, watering the flower plants, Planting new flower plants, using organic manure for the garden and installing hand made dustbins around the garden.

Reported by: Guloungam Gangmei

Project Work Presentation Session Organized by Department of Commerce for B.Com 6th Semester Students

The department of Commerce has organized a presentation session for the 6th semester students of B.com course of the college. The presentation was regarding the project work undertaken by the students of their course work.

During the presentation, the principal of the college Fr. Dr. Jose Palely was present along with Asst. Prof. Ms Ayoushree Dowara, Department of Sociology along with the Asst. Professors of the commerce department, Mr. Harmeet Singh, Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ms. Devangona Saikia, Mr. Anjan Bharali, Ms. Mousumi Gogoi and Mr. Sanjay Rizal. They offered valuable observation and comments on the presentation made by the students.

The topics which students have undertaken are related to the welfare of the workers, the compensation paid by management, their investment pattern of the workers, Job satisfaction of the workers. The Academic project was completed by visiting the survey site and responses with taken from the targeted sample.   Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma and Ms. Mousumi Gogoi, Asst. Professors, Department of Commerce, mentored the students in the project work.

Students of Sociology organise Mock Parliament session to understand Political Leadership

5 April 19:  During the departmental activities today, the Sociology department organized a mock parliament session to evaluate the success and the failures of the different political parties. The movements like Beti bachao, Make in India, Making India a Digital Nation were efforts made by the present government to make India a better nation.

Some of the other important events that featured in discussion were: the Surgical strike, the Pulwama terror attack and Balakot Airstrike along with the events that unfolded after that.

The Asifa Case, the inability to keep to fulfil the promises made by the political parties including granting of ST status to Adivasi Community etc. were highlighted.

The objective of the mock parliament was to understand how the leadership functions, the various factors that influence the happenings in our country and to understand who would give his or her committed service for the betterment of the nation. Asst Professors of the Department, Ms. Ayousree Dowara, Ms. Alankrita Borthakur, Ms. Aparna Borchetia and Mr. Bhairab Hazarika animated the group.

Reported by: Guloungam Gangmei

“Episteme” Wall Magazine of the Department of Sociology inaugurated by Ms. Olivia Saikia, Bank officer, Bank of India, Golaghat

8 March 2019: Ms. Olivia Saikia, Bank Officer, Bank of India, Golaghat inaugurated the Wall Magazine titled Episteme, prepared by the students of the Department of Sociology.

The wall magazine focused on the Tree of Sociology, consisting of the Classical sociologists, Modern Sociologists and Indian Sociologists. The editorial board consisted of Ms. Ayousree Dowara, Ms. Alankrita Borthakur, Ms. Aparna Borchetia and Mr. Bhairab Hazarika, the staff of the department as advisors. Sunita Soreng, Marina Lakra, Yumrin Nockpam, Angelina Tirkey and Preety Ekka were the members of the editorial Board. We appreciate their hard work and their creative expression and innovative ideas.

National Seminar on “Conflict in South Asia: Its Consequences and Implications” concludes

17 March: Dr. Thadathil in his concluding remarks at the valedictory function of the national seminar asked the researchers and scholars how they can look at conflicts refreshingly and newly to find solutions to the problems we face. Can we non-plagiarise, can we move away from the constraints of text books and existing trajectories, to take a fresh look at the reality through knowledge generation. All researchers need to take fresh look at the local news and local facts can only take the research further.

The Plenary and Valedictory session of the two day National Seminar began at 2.00 pm on Saturday with Dr. George Thadathil as the moderator of the session. The rapporteurs highlighted the happenings of both days and after the interaction with the academicians and research scholars, the following conclusions and deliberations were drawn up. The organisers of the seminar has promised to take up the papers for a journal publication.
Dr. George Thadathil, appreciated the rapportuers who wonderfully summarized the various technical sessions. He said the papers presented have a lot of potential for publications and this will be carried forward. “That’s why this young college”, said Dr. Thadathil ,“having this opportunity to see this seminar as a learning opportunity and building through this new connectivity to take up undergraduate research to a greater depth level.” The seminar came to an end at 3.30 pm
Over 100 participants consisting of Resource persons, chairpersons, research scholars, academicians and others came from outside the college to take part in the seminar