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The staff and students participate in the two day National Seminar on “Migration and its impact on socio-economic development of North East India at HPB Girls’ College.

7 Sept 2019: Mrs. Priyanka Baruah and Mr. Bhaskar Gohain of English Department participated in the ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on Migration and its impact on socio-economic development of North East India along with two students from the department. HPB Girls’ college, Golaghat organised the National seminar and it was held on 6 & 7 Sept 2019.

The inaugural session on 6 September was chaired by Dr. M. K. Dutta, chairperson, seminar sub-committee. The keynote address was delivered by Professor Archana Barua, Department of Humanities and social sciences, IIT guwahati. Principals of various colleges of Golaghat were also present.

Assistant professors Priyanka Baruah and Bhaskar Gohain presented a paper entitled ‘Migration, an emerging area in literature’ in the first technical session chaired by professor Dr. Khagen Phukan, Retd. Professor with Professor Pranjal Sarmah from Deptt of Sociology, Dibrugarh University as the resource person.

Two students, ANJALI STEEPHAN and ANUPRIYA EKKA from 5th and 1st semester of Deptt of English, Don Bosco College also participated in the national seminar under the guidance of Assistant professors Priyanka Baruah and Bhaskar Gohain. The paper presenters and the student participants were awarded certificates.

Fr. Bimal Lakra and two staff accompany 60 college students to Dimapur to interact with the Rector Major

10 Sept: Fr. Bimal took 60 students from the college to meet and interact with Rev Fr. Ángel Fernández Artim, the Xth successor of Don Bosco, who is visiting the province of Dimapur from 10-14 September 2019. Mr. Probin Hazarika and Mr. Bhaskar Gohain, Asst. Profs. from the Department of English are accompanying the team.

The participating students were selected based on their academic performance. They also will stage Bihu dance on 11 Sept 2019.

We wish them all the best.

Department of English organise a sharing session during the Departmental Activity Hour

28 June 2019: We the Department of English in our departmental activity period on Friday, conducted an ice breaking ceremony where the B.A 1 st sem students, who recently joined the college introduced themselves to their seniors.

This was followed by the students of B.A 3rd semester and 5th semester introducing themselves to their juniors and sharing their experiences they had in the college during the time they have been in the college.

Reported by: Mr. Bhaskar Gohain

Dr. A J Sebastian, Retd Professor and HOD, Dept of English, Nagaland University interact with the staff and students of English Department.

22 June 2019: The staff and students of Department of English  attended an interactive session with resource persons Rev. Fr. Dr. A. J Sebastian,  Retd. Professor and HOD, Department of English, Nagaland University and Fr. Dr. Peter Salew on 22 June 2019 at 1.15 pm.

The lecture delivered by Fr. Sebastian focused on many key areas of English literature, namely,  literary theory and criticism, poetry and fiction. 

The resource person encouraged the students to emphasize on the need of learning grammar to speak and write correct English.  He also gave insights on the future prospects of English literature. 

They attended to the queries of the students which focused on criticism and ways of writing answers in the examination.

Dr. Sebastian also guided the teachers and shared tips for teaching literature at under graduate level. He encouraged the faculties to do research oriented works.

Fr. Dr. Peter and Fr. Polycarp, Vice Principal (Administration) DBC Golaghat too shared their personal tips on how to learn English language

In his concluding remark, Dr. Sebastian encouraged the students to learn spoken English and creative writing to excel in the interviews and exams.

Appreciative words and the thunderous applause of the students brought the interactive session to a close at 2.00 pm.

Reported by: Ms. Priyanka Baruah, Asst. Professor, Dept of English

Students of the English Department learn new skills of making paper jackets with help of videos

14 June 2019: As part of the departmental activity for the year to combat the use of plastics, the professors of the department provided youtube videos to help students to make new designs of paper jackets.

Once the students get skilled in making durable and reliable paper jackets, they will distribute them to the shops to discourage the use of plastic bags and carriers.

Students of English Department opt to make Paper bags and other useful materials out of news paper

7 June 19: During the Departmental activity the staff and students of the department of English opted for making paper bags and various other useful materials from old papers and news papers.

This activity was taken up with a view to reduce the use of plastic bags and to create awareness among people about the hazardous effects of Plastic bags.

The staff showed the students how to make useful items with news papers with the help of video clips.

The department intend to supply these in the shops and discourage parceling items in plastic bags.

reported by: Anjali Steephan

6th Sem English students participate in a Symposium on “Integrating History in Assamese Literature” at D R College, Golaghat

26 March 2019: The Sixth Semester students of the English department accompanied by Asst. Professor Bhaskar Gohain of English Department went to attend one day seminar on “Integrating the history of Assamese Literature. The symposium was organised by Sahitya Akademi in collaboration with Departments of English & Assamese at Debraj Roy College, Golaghat today.

The Keynote address was delivered by Dbrubajyoti Borah, Convener, Assamese Advisory Board, Sahitya Akademi. The dignitaries spoke on the history of literature, mentioning the Victorian Age and the happenings which took place in history and about the difference between history and literature. History reads about the past, still in Literature history has a role to play. For writing poetry, novels, essays, short stories, one has to look into history.

Some of the topics taken up for discussion were concerning Assam history, race, culture, identity, domestic violence etc. All the speakers expressed that preserving one’s culture and tradition is equally important as the modern youth are much influenced by the western tradition, forgetting their own rich culture and tradition.

The following students of the college participated in the symposium: Ashish Dung Dung, Chunthanlung Kamei, Mohon Teron, Peter Surin, Rajesh Kerketta, Rohit Gorh, Simon Surin, Walter Bhusan Tigga, Ankita Tirkey, Diptipriya Soy, Esther Meinguiliu Kamei, Indira Garati Toppo, Mariam Kerketta and Shibani Topno.

Reported by: Indira Garati Toppo

The Quote of Norman Schwarzkopf, “The More You Sweat in Peace, the Less You Bleed in War”, brings out the mood of SYUMPISUM Wall Magazine

14 March 19: Asst. Prof Bishnubrat Hazarika of ARGUCOM along with Asst. Prof. Hemanta Chutia and Asst. Prof Subhasish Borpujari inaugurated the wall Magazine of the English Department today. The wall Magazine “Symposium” presented various articles, poems, drawings and sketches on the theme “War and Peace”.

Some of the contributors for the theme of War and Peace are: Triveni Teronpi, Prem Prakash Kujur, Marlinush Baghwar, Tarcila Toppo, Rashmi Tigga and Joydeep Kiro.

Marlinush Baghwar, Leader of the English Department welcomed the honoured guests and presented a short introduction about the wall Magazine.

We appreciate the hard work of the students of the Department of English and the expert guidance given by the Asst. Professors of the department of English, Ms. Kabideepa Handique, Mr. Probin Hazarika, Sr. Reena P. George, Mr. Bhaskar Gohain and Ms. Joysree Rajbonshi. Congratulations to the department of English.

Dr. Jatin Mech, Dr. Tapan Saikia and Dr. George Thadathil Chairpersons for Technical Session III a,b and c

17 March : Dr. Jatin Mech of Furkatting College, Dr. Tapan Saikia of HPB College and Dr. George Thadathil of Salesian College Sonada were the chairpersons for the third  technical session under the themes Conflict and Education, Conflict in south Asia and Conflict Issues respectively.

Ms. Mousumi Gogoi & Mr. Anjan Bharali, Ms. Alankrita Borthakur & Aparna Borchetia and Mrs. Priyanka Baruah & Mr. Bhaskar Gohain were the rapporteurs for the three parallel technical session that were held from 9.45 am to 11.15 am. A total of 18 papers were shortlisted for the presentation and discussion.