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“When you go through a difficulty, it will only makes you strong”, says Dr. Policarp Xalxo, on his Birthday.

April 3, 2019: Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Administrator, Asst. Professor and IQAC Coordinator celebrated his birthday today. The college students greeted him and wished him. In his message, Fr Policarp shared childhood memories and school days punctuated with humorous events and at each instance of adventure, the audience roared with laughter. He inspired one with his positive energy through his life sharing and all were touched by his ‘simplicity in handling a cycle that was bigger than him’ to negotiate daily to school and ‘the joy of falling’ took all to their childhood days. And he added, “when you go through difficulties, it will only makes you strong”.

In concluding his message he said, “The difficulties I went through, made me so strong, that I have no complaint whatsoever. The difficult situations come and go and leave with us a rich experience. And I feel that God gives us always means to love and these are ways through which we can better ourselves through growing in self image, learning to appreciate ourselves, and all the gifts that he has given and the people with whom we live. Let us thank God for the life that we have been given. “

Fr. Jose Palely introduced the day with his greetings during the assembly while Suman Ekka and Albin Kerketta of Sociology Department felicitated him with Fulam Gamocha and a Bouquet of Flowers respectively.

The staff and students felicitated Fr. Policarp and offered prayers for him thanking God for the innumerable blessings he gives to them through Fr. Policarp.

NCC Rank Award Ceremony held at DBC Golaghat

2 April 19: Today Rank Award Ceremony of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy , NCC Golaghat of Don Bosco College Unit was held at college premises . The Programme started with welcome song by NCC cadets . Welcome speech was given by Principal , Father Jose Palely . Col. Ripu Daman Singh Officer Commanding , 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy was present as chief guest . Mr. Amit Nagori was also present for the function and covered the event.

R.D Singh in his speech said , ” Rank is not an award, rather it is like duty or authority to do work . Hard work is never left unrewarded but all will have to work hard and shape one’s personality . Inculcating reading habits of books and newspaper will help surely in developing personality .

” In the ceremony Ranks were awarded to Jenny Barla (U/O) , Amin Topno (Sergeant), Clementina Toppo & Jagritee Sonowal (Corporal) by Col . R.D Singh. Himadri Dutta CTO addressed the gathering .

Vote of thanks was given by Rohita Topno . The programme was anchored by Shamma Kausar . The programme ended with NCC Song . Father Bimal Lakra, Father Mathew C Paul , PI Staff , Faculties and Students were present for the programme . 

If you want to become successful, write down your dream, and put a date to achieve that dream, says Susan Bara Aind, Magnessa Gold Executive

17 March 2019: Susan Bara Aind, Gold Executive of Magnessa from Guwahati, interacted with the hostel students of the college at 10.30 am today. Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO of the college introduced Susan, a very successful entreprenuer, to the hostellers.

In her interactions with the students, she exhorted all ‘to have a dream and to nurture it. Write down all your dreams and goals.  What you want to become. If you want to become successful, write down your dream, and put a date to achieve that dream.’

She said that she did this and it worked out for her. To grow as an entrepreneur, she sets weekly targets and that target setting process urges her to work towards realising the targets and goals that she set for herself.

She invited all to “Dream Big”.  Quoting Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, she said ‘It is a crime to dream small’. ‘As students you must dream big for your academic achievements. Focus on your studies and set targets for achievement in your studies. I told the same to my daughter and she set target and got above 90% in every paper because she had a dream to achieve and set targets to achieve these dreams.’

At The office of Magnessa in Dubai
Honoured by Indigo staff on International Women’s Day 2019

“Mind Spark”, The first Education Departmental magazine, released during the celebration of International Women’s Day

8 March 2019: Rev Sr. Ciciliyamma KM released the first issue of the Education Departmental Magazine today during the celebration of international Women’s Day.

The first publication contained articles, stories, poems, thoughts, jokes, sketches and photographs depicting the staff and students of the departments and the various activities. Klaretso Engtipi, James Soreng, Priya Minj, Rajesh Minj, Priyanka Terangpi, Anjana Guria, Clementina Toppo, Anil Kandulna, Dilbar Barla, Romanus Lugun, Ajay Bara and Victor Kullu were some of the contributors.

Messages from the Principal, Vice Principal & PRO and Administrator & IQAC Coordinator adorned the magazine. We congratulate the editorial team, Manoj Mirdha and Klaretso Engtipi, the staff and the contributors for their hard work and for igniting the minds through this publication.

“If a woman wants to achieve something, she must go for it and never let anyone make you feel that you do not have it in you” says Olivia Saikia of Bank of India

8 March 19: All the departments of the college along with Fusco Don Bosco College celebrated international women’s day in collaboration with the Gender Club of the college. Ankita Tirkey and Rebecca Surin anchored the program.  Sr. Ciciliyamma, Superior, Providence Niwas, Ms. Olivia Saikia, Bank Officer, Bank of India, Golaghat and Ms. Manjuri Saikia, Principal, Marshneil Academy graced the function as Honoured Guests.

Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul initiated the gathering with a short prayer session. Ms. Alankrita Borthakur and Ms. Jayshree Rajbonshi, mentors of the Gender club welcomed the honoured guests and every one present.

Klaretso Engtipi and team of Education Department presented through group activity the real situation of women in family and society and how to empower women to be trend setters. Sanjit Kumar and team from the commerce department through a corporate drama, showed how the Dual face of feminism is at play in work places and gave a clarion call to end pseudo feminism.

Abhilash Toppo and team of Sociology Department through a musical drama presented the various stages of life of a women from childhood to old age and invited all to respect and empower and respect women in family and society.

Ms Olivia Saikia in her message to the staff and students invited all to consider women as equal and if trained, is capable of doing any task entrusted to her. If a woman wants to achieve something, she must go for it and never ever let anyone make you feel that you do not have it in you. She also appreciated the wonderful and creative items that were performed by the students.

Preity Soreng, Elwin Terrang and team from the department of political science enlighted the audience by creating awareness of the role of women in Rural Development and  the various provisions and schemes of the government.

Ms. Manjuri  Saikia, Principal of the Marshneil Academy while appreciating all the performances of the students, said “As women we have the inherent quality of tolerance and patience. And if we use this in the right way, we can walk with equal pace with man. A man is incomplete without woman and woman is incomplete without man. And we have to keep the balance.

Marzita Saikia of Gender club and Mohon Teron sang “Meri Ma” in honour of all mothers. Anjali Steephan and team of English Department through a powerful musical drama, conveyed to the women not to be silent anymore but assert themselves. In her speech, Sr. Ciciliyamma K.M. CSJB, showed how women need to assert themselves and play a very proactive role in family, society and at work places.

The Fusco Girls presented a drama highlighting the recent hooch tragedy in Golaghat and showed how women have become more organised in fighting the menace of drinks and drugs in family and society. Fr. Jose Palely, Principal, thanked all the honoured guests, Fr. Bimal Lakra, vice Principal, staff and students for taking great effort in presenting a well coordinated, themed and well prepared program highlighting the role of women in society. He invited everyone to carry this same spirit and give them equal opportunity and respect. With the singing of the national anthem, the program came to a close at 3.20 pm.

Fr Bimal presents to all the dangers of befriending tobacco and tobacco products

27 Feb 19: During the assembly message, Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO, spoke about the health hazards of tobacco, as part of creating awareness towards marking the college campus as a tobacco free campus. He highlighted some of the negative reasons like peer pressure, imitating the elders etc as reasons why one takes to tobacco. Through attractive power point presentation, he showed how tobacco affects the human body and how urgent it is to get free from this addictive habit. He encouraged all those who have the habit to quit it to live a healthy and happy life.

Nine Students from Don Bosco College scheduled to attend the Scooty Distribution Scheme at Guwahati tomorrow

14 Feb 19: The office of the Director, Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam initiated a scheme to provide two wheeler without gear, to the girl students belonging to tea tribes community of Assam who have passed in the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) in the year 2018 with 65% or more marks.

Accordingly nine students of the college were identified as eligible and have completed the formalities in time. They were invited to be present at Sarasujai Sports Complex, Guwahati on 15 Feb 2019.  The eligible students are: Gracy Kujur, Preety Minj, Rohita Topno, Sabitri Urang, Joysmita Tete, Alina Beck, Manisha Lakra
Susmita Bhengra and Sushila Aind. Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO of the college is accompanying them.

DBHEI annual Conference and General Body meeting at DBIDL Dimapur

30 Nov:  The DBHEI Annual Conference and General Body meeting was inaugurated today at DBIDL, Don Bosco School Campus, Dimapur, Nagaland.  Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO is participating in the program today. Rev Dr. Jose Kuruvachira, Provincial Dimapur province welcomed all the participants. Rev. Dr. Marcelo Farfan – IUS General Coordinator, Rome was the special guest for the day. Rev. Dr. Maria Charles, Vice President, DBHEI delivered the presidential speech.

Fr. Dr. Jose Palely will join the conference on 1 December 2018. The theme of the conference is:  Nation’s Progress in the Constitutional Way. All the Don Bosco Higher Educational Institutions in South Asia are participating in this conference (30 No – 1st Dec 2018).  On 2 Dec the participants will witness the hornbill festival held at Naga Heritage village, near Kohima. We wish them all the best.

Janam Wall Magazine of the Department of Education inaugurated

13 Sept : Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO, inaugurated the JANAM wall magazine prepared by the students of the department of Education. The wall magazine in this issue focused on creating awareness about the importance of having a very good General Knowledge among the students. Fr. Bimal Lakra in his message encouraged and appreciated the creativity with which the students prepared the Wall Magazine and congratulated them for their attractive presentations.

Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz Preliminary Round was held today

7 Sept : Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO, organised the preliminary round of the Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz.  The contents of the preliminary round was based on the Wall Magazines published by the various departments. The preliminary round is compulsory for all the students. This created a lot of interest in the students to study the various wall magazines.  In this preliminary written round, only questions based on wall magazines were asked. There will be two more preliminary rounds in which all the students will participate. The Next two preliminary round will be based on the Quiz book prepared by Dr. A J Sebastian.