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NSS Unit marks NSS day with Cleanliness Drive in the city

24  Sept:  The Don Bosco College NSS Unit observed 24 September as the NSS day. The day was marked with awareness program organised in the college for all the students in which the NSS volunteers spoke about National Service Scheme.

Under the Banner “Cleanliness Drive” the volunteers motivated the students to clean the campus.   After that they organised Cleanliness Drive to clean the city. We thank Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi for organising the program and the volunteers for doing honor to the NSS by giving their time to clean the city.

NSS Volunteers organise cleanliness drive at the adopted village

25 Nov : The participants of the special camp organised a cleanliness drive at the adopted village today. Along with the Program officer, Ms. Sushmita Borah Rongpipi, Asst. Prof. Micheal Xaxa and the resource person of the day Sr. Sweta, the volunteers did a wonderful good turn to the adopted village. The volunteers did a wonderful job and showed by example the need to keep the surrounding clean.

NSS Volunteers organise Cleanliness drive to mark the NSS day

25 Sept:  The NSS volunteers organised a cleanliness drive in the college campus to mark the NSS day.  The volunteers clearing the ground for a garden and made the approach road to the college more comfortable. Their spirit of hard work and commitment displayed a great sense of belonging.

NCC Units of DBC organises Cleanliness Drive

23 Sept: The NCC Senior Division and NCC SW units organised combined cleanliness drive today at Dhodar Ali – Halmirah Road. 50 members along with the staff participated in the program. This is the first batch and are in the process of enrollment. However their enthusiasm to follow the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is very praise worthy.

They cleaned the area between the Harmirah Tiniali and the Tea Garden Junction. They also interacted with the public and spoke about the need to keep the surrounding clean.

NCC SW unit organises Cleanliness Drive on Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan

23 Sept:  The NCC SW unit of Don Bosco College Golaghat, under 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC, organised Cleanliness drive on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan today at Halmira -Dhodar Ali Road.  The students were earnest and went with brooms and shaft knives to clean the road sides. The cleaned the area from the Halmirah Tinali to the Tea Garden junction. The cadets also interacted with the public explaining the need to maintain the surrounding clean. The people were edified by the wonderful performance of the cadets.

The NCC unit is just new and the enrolment process is on.