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Dr. Sheela Paul quizzes Fusco Girls on Alfonso Maria Fusco



10 Feb 19: On the occasion of the feast of Alfonso Maria Fusco, the Fusco Girls Hostel inmates were given some handouts to know more about St. Alfonso Maria Fusco. The quiz was held on 10 February and 75 students participated in the quiz. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB conducted the quiz with the help of Sr. Ciciliyamma KM CSJB, Sr. Merlin CSJB and Sr. Rohina Kujur CSJB. The questions were based on the life and mission of St. Alfonso Maria Fusco. The First prize was won by Ms. Shibani Topno, while the second prize went to Anjana Guria and the third to Indira Garati Toppo. We wish them all the best. The CSJB sisters are collaborating with the Don Bosco College Golaghat in imparting higher education to the youth.

Rev Sr. Rosaria Di Iorio declares College Week Celebrations Open


9 Jan:  Rev Sr. Rosaria Di Iorio, Superior General of the CSJB Congregation, Rome, inaugurated the College week celebrations 2019. College welcomed the Superior General, accompanied by Rev Sr. Maria Fe Alonto, Superior Councillor, Rome and Rev Sr. Motchapackiam, Provincial of India Province, Bangalore. Sr. Rosaria unfurled the college flag and declared the college week open. While Sr. Maria led the participants in the oath taking ceremony, Sr. Motchapakiam delivered a message on the importance of such College week Celebrations and invited all the students to take active part in the college week celebrations.

The college welcomed the honoured guests with colourful shawls and traditional attires. While Sr. Rosaria started the races, Sr. Maria led the Javelin Throw and Sr. Motchapackiam the shot put session. We wish them all the best.

Birthday of Mother Rosaria Di Iorio, General Superior of CSJB Congregation celebrated

2 January: The birthday of Mother Rosaria Di Iorio, the Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist was celebrated at the Ashish Bhavan, Don Bosco Rangajan today. She was on canonical visit of the the two CSJB communities at Golaghat. We wish her a very long life and fruitful visit of the centres. Rev Sr. Maria Fe Alonto, Superior Councillor and Rev Sr. Motchapakiam, the Provincial Superior of the India Province were also present.

College week to begin on 9 January 2019

28 Nov: The College week is scheduled to commence on 9 January 2019. The chief guest and Guest of Honour for the Inauguration of the college week will be Rev. Sr. Rosaria Di Iorio CSJB, Mother General  and Sr. Maria Fe Alonto, the General Councillor of  the Congregation of Sisters of St. John the Baptist, from Rome. They are on canonical visit of the CSJB Communities.  This year the students will be divided into house system for the college week celebrations. Sr. Motchapackiam CSJB, the Provincial Superior of the CSJB sisters of Indian province will be the present for the function as special guest. The CSJBs are collaborating with the Salesians of Dimapur Province at Don Bosco College Golaghat. We extend a very hearty welcome to the Congregational Head and the team.

Rev Sr. Motchapackiam, CSJB Provincial, invites students to love the subjects and study energetically

12 Feb:  Rev Sr. Motchapackiam, CSJB Provincial, Bangalore addressed the college assembly. Through interesting stories she shared her energy with them. She asked the first year student what two words will represent your learning experience in the college, and one answered, Thank you. She said this contains all what one wants to say.  The second year student answered, Don’t Stop and the third year students said, ‘Love You, Goodbye’. She was very impressed with their responses and shared a story with them. A college girl returned home sad and told her father that she is always having problems and she is fed up with the college. The father took her to kitchen and kept three pots with water on fire. On boiling, into one he put egg, into another a potato and into the third one, coffee. AFter sometime, he asked the girl to take out the items put in the water. she took out a hardened egg, a softened potato and she could not take the coffee out. It has turned the water into wonderful aromatic coffee. And she said, our life is like that, we need to get educated and transform our environment into something better and wholesome.

After this she gave away the awards to the 5 students who participated in the NSS Mega Camp.

Don Bosco College celebrate Fusco Festival

10 Feb :  Don Bosco College celebrated the feast of St. Alfonso Maria Fusco on 10 February. Rev Sr. Motchapackiam, Provincial, Sr. Brigit, Secretary and Sr. Arputha, Economer were also present for the celebration. They were here for a visit of the communities. The students took active participation in the liturgy and other celebrations.

Four sisters of the CSJB congregation, Sr. Ciciliyamma, Sr. Salomy, Sr. Merlin and Sr. Reena help in the college by involving in the administration and teaching in the college and managing the Fusco Girls Hostel.  We wish them a very happy feast of St. Alfonso Maria Fusco.

“You have the power to be your very best”, says Sr. Motchapackiam, CSJB Provincial

16 Sept: Sr. Motchapakiam, the CSJB Provincial and Sr. Arputha Mary, CSJB Provincial Economer were given traditional welcome to the college. Dr. Jose Palely welcomed the dignitaries and thanked them for the wonderful collaboration and the great contribution they are making in the educational sector in favour of youth in the North East.

In her message, Sr. Motchapakiam to work hard and strive after excellence in spite of the environment. She drew the example of Lotus that lives in murky waters but its flower remain uncontaminated by the water. She invited the students to keep always in mind while taking part in all activities to always aim to give your very best without comparing with others.  Tell yourself, ‘I have the power to be my best. Unless I give up, nobody can take away from me. I have the power within me.

She thanked the salesian community for the wonderful support the sisters experience here in the college and the immense good being done for the benefit of youth

Sr. Motchapackiam CSJB Provincial and Sr. Arputha, CSJB Economer visits the college

15 Sept: Rev Sr. Motchapackiam, the CSJB Provincial accompanied by Sr. Arputha, CSJB Provincial Economer, were welcomed by the college community on her maiden visit to the college as the provincial. In the evening cultural gathering, she was welcomed and honoured through a joyous celebration. She was very appreciative of the students and their spontaneity and blessed God for giving such wonderfully talented youth to the college. She praised the work of the Salesians and expressed great happiness in being partners in the educational venture at Golaghat.

Earlier in the day she arrived at the Providence Niwas, the CSJB community, and spend time with the community. She was on a Casual Visit to the community and will spend time with them till Sunday.

Rev Sr. Rosario Di Iorio, Mother General of CSJB Greets on Sainthood day of Alfonso Maria Fusco

Feb 17: The CSJB communities at Golaghat celebrated the Sainthood day of Alfonso Maria Fusco, the Founder of Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist. Most Rev Joseph Aind, Bishop of Dibrugarh presided over the Eucharistic Celebration. Over 22 priests joined in concelebration and about 500 people including college staff and students, neighbouring communities, Don Bosco Rangajan Community and wellwishers participated in the celebration.

During the short Cultural Programme, Rev Sr. Rosario Di Iorio, the Mother General of the CSJB greeted all the participants and spoke about the saint through a live conference from Rome.


Fr. Jose Palely and CSJB sisters visits students’ home in East Arunachal as part of Christmas programme

Dec 20: As part of the Christmas programme, Fr. Jose Palely, Sr. Merlin and Sr. Brigitte visited the villages and homes of Mr. Jenwang Rumchu & Wangkhop Mophuk (Nonglo Vill), Yumrin Nockpa (Ponkong Village), Nyamjun Moinyak (Samliam Vill) and Rangong Apesam (Ottongkhuwa Vill).

It was a great joy for the parents and people as we visited their houses and prayed for them and sharing brief moments of their lives.

We will visit hopefully some more houses and get opportunity to interact with the students and family members.