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Dr. Peter Salew SDB animates the College Staff to be Educators like Don Bosco

13 Nov 2019 : Fr. Dr. Peter Salew along with Stephen Kaisii and Inalika were the resource persons for a One day Staff training program held at Don Bosco College, Golaghat.

The trainers focused on the life of Don Bosco, a great educator of Youth. Through team works, dynamics, multi media and activities they showed how to educate the youth with the heart of Don Bosco and how to accompany the youth in the Teaching Learning Process.

In the evaluation session, it was very enlightening to hear the staff recalling the various modules and the learning experiences. It was truly a transformative experience which motivated the staff to try new ways to win the youth.

Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics and Examination Coordinator, thanked the resource persons and summarized the learning experiences of the day.

A Breakfast Time in the Guwahati – Bangalore Train

18 July 2019: After a peaceful night rest, the students and staff awakened to a new day and got ready for breakfast.

The students distributed Buns and Jam and fruits. Many bought bananas and found that they were much cheaper in Golaghat.

Though a little tired, they are very happy in the train and waiting eagerly to reach Bangalore.

Don Bosco College Students on Educational Tour to Bangalore & Mysore

15 July 2019: Forty Students along with Five staff including the Principal, Fr. Jose Palely set out for an educational tour to Bangalore. The Patron of the Tour is Fr. V M Thomas, Director, Planning and Development, DBTECH New Delhi, who during the visit, interacted with the students and encouraged them for an educational Tour to Bangalore. He also facilitated receiving concession forms, and sponsored dinners in Bangalore. With his blessings, the team set out on the first Educational Tour to Bangalore.

The students travelled to Guwahati by AVADH Express and halted the night at Guwahati, Girls at CRI and Boys at Don Bosco Parish Hall. Thanks to the NF Railway, we got our confirmation tickets with an extra coach added to the train and our journey started on 16 July from Guwahati.

It is the first experience for many of the students. On 18 July they will reach Bangalore and a host of programs await them. Many people have come forward to help the smooth conduct of this Educational Tour. Some of them are: Ms. Suja of Infosys, Fr. Joy, Jinu Mathew & Team at BREADS, Fr. John & Team at BOSCO, Fr. Joseph Elavanal at DBSM, Mr. Felix D’Souza & Mr. Philip of FVTRS,  Dr. Victor Paul & Dr. Tomy KK of Christ University, Mr. Stanley of SKIP, Mr. Sunny & Femi, Fusco School and Provincial Community, CSJB and Tally Solutions.

We wish all the students a wonderful learning time at Bangalore. On 24th July they will return by Bangalore – Guwahati train.

During the Departmental Activity, Department of Education converts throw away plastic bottles into flower pots

28 June: In keeping with the motto of the department of Education “Plastic Free Campus”, the students collected plastic bottles and to use them in an environment friendly manner.

“It is our responsibility to make plastic free campus. Because plastic has many adverse impact on both living and non-living organism. So we are trying to reuse of plastic bottles to fight plastic pollution,” said Ms. Daisy Gogoi, HOD of the department.

The student put their heads together and found various creative ways like, making flower pots, gadgets for watering the plants and other similar innovations so that plastics are not thrown around but used in a controlled environment.

NSS, NCC and Yoga Club members get ready for Yoga Day

15 June 2019: In preparation for the International Yoga Day, the NSS Unit, NCC Cadets and Yoga Club members get into training mode from today.

From today, they will spend an hour of training during the class hours to prepare for the International Yoga Day activities on 21 June 2019.

Mr. Montesh Tanti, the Yoga Trainer of Patanjali group, is training the students.

Ms. Himadri Dutta, CTO of NCC Unit, Ms. Daisy Gogoi and Ms. Aparna Borchetia, Animators of Yoga Club, Ms. Devangana Saikia, of Commerce Dept., Ms. Prarthana Borthakur, Librarian and Ms. Sushmita Rongpipi, NSS Program officer, help in the smooth conduct of the training.

The staff and students of the department of Education taken active step to keep the campus free of plastics

14 June 2019: The Staff and students of the department of Education met together in the department room to discuss how to keep the campus free of plastics.

After some deliberations, they decided that initially they will go about cleaning the campus of all plastics wastes. As a group they spread out in the campus and picked up plastics and other wastes and tried to dispose them.

Students of the Department of Education decide to keep the campus a plastic free campus

7 June 2019: The staff and students of the department of Education decided to ensure that the college will be a plastic free campus. They will ensure that there are sufficient dustbins placed in the campus to facilitate proper disposal of plastics. Plastic Bottles and materials will be collected for recycling purposes.

The students will ensure that the college surrounding is clean and free from plastic and other non-biodegradable items.

Associate Prof. Mohendra Nath of Melamara College conducts the practical examination for Education 601 & 602 papers today

22 April 2019: The practical examination for the papers 601 and 602 of Education was held today. Associate Professor Mohendra Nath of Melamara College was the external Examiner.

Asst. Professors of the College, Ms. Daisy Gogoi, Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul, Ms. Banya Kasturi Dutta and Ms. Joyanti Nag assisted the external Examiner for the smooth conduct of all the practicals.

We thank Assoc. Prof. Mohendra Nath for his selfless service. He was very happy with the students’ preparedness.

“Mind Spark”, The first Education Departmental magazine, released during the celebration of International Women’s Day

8 March 2019: Rev Sr. Ciciliyamma KM released the first issue of the Education Departmental Magazine today during the celebration of international Women’s Day.

The first publication contained articles, stories, poems, thoughts, jokes, sketches and photographs depicting the staff and students of the departments and the various activities. Klaretso Engtipi, James Soreng, Priya Minj, Rajesh Minj, Priyanka Terangpi, Anjana Guria, Clementina Toppo, Anil Kandulna, Dilbar Barla, Romanus Lugun, Ajay Bara and Victor Kullu were some of the contributors.

Messages from the Principal, Vice Principal & PRO and Administrator & IQAC Coordinator adorned the magazine. We congratulate the editorial team, Manoj Mirdha and Klaretso Engtipi, the staff and the contributors for their hard work and for igniting the minds through this publication.

DBC students participating in Rangoli Competition under “Youth Voters Festival” secures 4th Position


24 Jan: In the Rangoli Competition organized by the Election office, Golghat at the District Library Auditorium today, the 5 Rangoli Participants, Pinky Murah, Anglina Tirkey, Marina Lakra, Preety Ekka, and Sunita Soreng secured 4th position and were awarded certificate and individual prizes. Asst. Prof Daisy Gogoi, of the Department of Education accompanied the students.  The prices were awarded on 25 January as part of the Youth Voters Festival organised by the district authorities.