FR. Bimal Lakra participates in the workshop ” Road map for Excellent Higher Education Institutions” from 1-3 Aug 2019 at Chennai.

3 Aug 19: Under the ageis of Don Bosco Higher Education India (DBHEI) a workshop entitled “ Road map for Excellent Higher Education Institutions” meant for the Principals, Vice-Principals, Deans, Secretaries and Leaders”  was organized by Rev. Dr. Maria Soosai Sdb, the Secretary of DBHEI, Convened by Rev. Dr. Thaddeus and logistics seen to by Rev. Fr. Kasi Sagayaraj, from 1 August to 3 August 2019. The Venue for the Workshop was the Citadel, Landon’s Road, Kilpauk, Chennai . There were 53 participants in the Workshop.

The Registration for the Workshop started at 9.00am and the Inaugural Function was held at 9.30am, in which the Inaugural address was delivered by Rev. Fr. Dr. Maria Arokiam Kanaga Sdb, the Regional Superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco. He emphasized on the need and relevance of Higher Education in India and exhorted the participants to think deeply on the topic in the context of the New Education Policy being discussed and debated in the country.  The welcome speech was delivered by Rev. Fr. Maria Soosai Sdb, the DBHEI Secretary and the Workshop Dynamics was explained by Fr. Dr. Thaddeus, the Convener of the Workshop.

Purpose and the Rationale for the Workshop is given below:

An efficient and effective leader in Higher Education ministry today requires competencies and strategies beyond the traditional skill set. Most of our institutions of Higher learning face challenges from the stakeholders, neighbourhood and government agencies. Expansion, excellence and equity with quality systems require a unique blend of aptitude, competencies and skills.

Every top-level  leader in a Higher Education institution must be a: ● Strategist ● Educator  ● Fundraiser ● Process Protagonist ● Academic Leader ● Collaborator

Strategic planning and execution, fundraising, alumni engagement and donor management rank the most important responsibilities in the daily tasks of a Secretary/Principal. Collaborating and building relationships with stakeholders in and off-campus is a must.  

Board of Management should set definite long-range goals for top leaders and evaluate their performance and progress towards the achievement of the vision and mission of the institute.  

Every thriving business today relies on digital technologies as a backbone for growth. Leaders must be tech savvy and data-driven to succeed. Education Leaders need to get ahead in our fast-paced, innovation-driven business landscape. 

Pedagogy needs a revamp too with digital intrusions and disruptions among the students. Student-centric learning methods integrated with ICT have to be prudently introduced in our education institutions.  Practical and result-oriented processes with proper monitoring are to be in place across the institution to ensure higher level of accreditation and ranking.

The various topics and the resource persons dealing them were as follows:

  1. Perspective/Strategic Planning by Rev. Dr Francis P. Xavier SJ  Rector & Vice President, Loyola Campus,  Chennai 
  2.  Resource Management- Finance & Human Resources  by Dr Henry Rosario M.S.W., Ph.D (Philippines) Director, Exodus Research & Development Pvt Ltd 
  •  Global Ranking and NIRF by  Dr Karthick Sridhar Vice Chairman, Indian Centre for Academic Rankings & Excellence Pvt Ltd (ICARE) 
  •  Practical Directives to Augment NAAC Grading  by  Mr Syed Mujahid Higher Education Advisor, Serial Networker, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker 
  •  Digital Technologies & Pedagogy by Mr Sadiq Sait  Founder and CEO, uLektz.com 
  •  HEI Roadmap and NEP 2019  by  Dr N. Manoharan Pro Vice Chancellor, AMET University, Chennai  

The topics for the Workshop were apt and relevant and the resource persons expounding them were of high caliber, real experts in their field. It was a three days of learning and enlightenment. All the participants have truly grown in the profession of being a true teacher, leader, mentor to the youth of today, who come to our Colleges.

Reported by:  Fr. Bimal Lakra Sdb, Vice-Principal & PRO, Don Bosco College, Golaghat

“2 Day National Seminar on Ideals of Indian Constitution ends with ‘a call to live the Constitution'”, says Dr. Sheela Paul

28 April 2019: The two day national seminar on “Ideals of Indian Constitution and the contemporary challenges in the higher education” concluded today at 1.00 pm. It was an excellent opportunity to participate two days of national seminar on on 27 & 28 of April 2019 at Don Bosco Institute Guwahati. The inaugural session presided over by Rev. Fr. Januarius Sangma sdb, Salesman Provincial, Guwahati, with the lighting of the Lamp and his message set tone to the Seminar.

The seminar was divided into three main session: a) Principles and Ideals of Indian Constitution,  b) Indian Constitution and independence of the judiciary and challenges and c) religious freedom and modern day challenges against the backdrop of the indian Constitution.

After each session, time was given for discussion and the presence of eminent guests and their interactions enlightened the participants on the values enshrined in the constitution. At the end of the seminar, an action plan was drawn up for our educational institutions.

At the valedictory function, participants were awarded certificates. The participants were grateful and felt enriched by the seminar and pledged to live by the ideals of the Indian Constitution. We are grateful to Don Bosco Higher Education India (DBHEI) and Don Bosco Institute (DBI) for providing wonderful hospitality, an enlightening visit to Assam Don Bosco University, Tapesia, and for the well organised National Seminar.

Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB

Fr. Dr. Policarp along with Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB and Ms. Joyanti Nag of Education Department participate at the Two Day National Seminar

27 April 2019: Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo along with Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB and Ms. Joyanti Nag of Education Department participate in the two day National Seminar organised by Don Bosco Higher Education, India at Don Bosco Institute Guwahati on 27-28 April 2019.

The theme of the National Seminar is : “Ideals of teh Indian Constitution and the Contemporary Challenges in Higher Education Today. Rev Fr. Januarius Sangma, Salesian Provincial of Guwahati Province inaugurated the Seminar. We wish them all the best.

Don Bosco Higher Education India donates books to College Library

5 April : Rev Fr. A. Maria Soosai, Secretary, DBHEI, provided 266 foreign books to the college. Fr. Jose Palely went to the TCI Godown in Guwahati to collect the books. All the books were received in good condition. We are grateful to Fr. A. Maria Soosai who saw to the details of distributing the books to all the Don Bosco Higher Educational Institutions all over India. As soon as the books came, the students helped in opening the books along with Sr. Jeyaseeli CSJB and the staff arranged the books according to the subjects before being given to the librarian.

We also appreciate the efforts made by Rev Fr. Noel Maddhichetty of BoscoNet, New Delhi and Fr. Maria Charles of DBYA, New Delhi for their efforts to get these books from USA.  All the books have been donated by McGraw Hill Publication, USA, and the shipping arrangements were made by BoscoNet, New Delhi. All the students especially the departments of commerce and Economics were delighted with the variety of books they have received.  The staff, students and management are very grateful to Fr. A Maria Soosai who through the help of Don Bosco Institutions were able to provide much valued books in excellent condition to us.



DBHEI Dimapur Commission met at Don Bosco College, Kohima

11 Feb:  The  Don Bosco Higher Education Commision of Dimapur province met at Don Bosco College Kohima to discuss and plan about the Higher Educational program and activities in the province. Five members were present for the meeting.

At the very outset, Fr. Jose George was felicitated in the name of the commission by Fr. Suresh Innocent at the successful completion of the Ph.D. Among other things, the commission discussed about the various innovative programs in the colleges. It was also decided to share some of the selected news posts of each college website with all the member college websites so that we come to know about the good happenings in our colleges.

Fr. Jerry Thomas of Bosco Institute spoke about the Survey on Youth Aspiration. This is an online survey and he passed on the link https://aspire.surveyform.in to every member present so that the youth can take part in this survey. He also spoke about the “Starting Enterprise Acceleration Program” to promote entrepreneurship.

After this Fr. Jose Palely spoke about the National Seminar scheduled to be held on 16-17 March 2018 at Golaghat and asked each of the principals to collaborate with this seminar. All agreed to support the seminar and make it a success. Fr. Jose George also spoke about the forth coming seminar to be organised by the commerce department of Don Bosco College Itanagar sometime in June.

Fr. Policarp Xalxo shared about the new developments at Salesian College, Dimapur. It has been decided to start the 2 year philosophy course for the brothers as required by the congregation.