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Clubs organise activities during the club activity on Saturday

15 June 2019: On the first club activity day, the various clubs organised different activities. Not all the club members were present for the program as the NSS, and NCC students had to go for Yoga Practices.

The culture club, sports club, literary club, Health & Sanitation and Entrepreneur club made plans for their respective club activities, Eco Club visited the campus of the college to plan possible activities.

The NSS Unit and Eco Club Organise World environment day under the theme “Beat Air Pollution”

5 June 2019: World Environment Day under the theme Beat Air Pollution was held at the college today. The day’s program was organized by Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo in collaboration with the NSS and the Eco Club.  The day was marked by plantation of saplings by staff and students and cleaning of the college surroundings.

Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal, through digital presentation, song and prayer, showed how we need to care for the environment. Mr. Mukul Sarmah, Eco Club Coordinator, introduced the topic and presented the program of the day. NSS volunteers presented the theme “Beat Air Pollution” in an attractive manner. This was followed by a prayer for the protection of environment by Dilbar Barla.

The college community took a pledge, led by Ajay Bara, to protect and nurture the environment. After this Fr. Dr. Policarp presented the modalities and procedures of the outdoor activity. 

The College authorities, staff and representatives of the students from the various departments were selected to plant trees. This was followed by clearing the jungle in the campus and protecting the plants of the campus.

At 11.30 am, the program came to a close with light refreshment served for everyone.

Career Cell organises Inter Club Quiz Competition

23 Feb 2019: Inter Club Quiz Competition was held in the college today organised by the Career Cell. The nine clubs of the college, Entrepreneur Club, Gender Club, Eco Club, Jesus Club, Health and Sanitation Club, Yoga Club, Literary Club, Sports Club and Cultural Club sent up two selected participants each for the quiz. The Quiz Master was Mr. Mark Pegu, Commerce 6th Sem student. Tingmai Wangsu and Sushila Lakra assisted the Quiz master.

There were a total of five rounds which the competitors had to go through to become winners. The first round was Trivia round in which the candidates have to choose the correct answer from the display screen.

The Second round was Mixed Bag in which question were asked on various subjects like Economics, Science, Technology, History, Music and sports. A team had to answer two questions each.

The Third round was India Said. In this round questions on India based on Sports, history, tourism etc were asked.

The Fourth round was Audio Visual Round. An audio or Video was streamed and questions were asked based on the item. Two hints were also provided to elicitate correct response from the participants.

The Fifth round was pictorial round. Pictures were projected on the screen and the participants had to identify the picture.

Entrepreneur Club led by Roshan Kandulna and Amit Bey secured first and Literary Club led by Tohsina Seyedi and Anjunika Tissopi secured second. Career Cell also sponsored awards for the winners. We congratulate the Career Cell animators, Mr. Harmeet Singh, HOD, Commerce and Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Asst. Professor, Department of History and the Career Cell members. The entire college participated in the program and the Career Cell made the quiz program very lively and interesting for all.

Club activities held in the college

11 Aug: The various clubs of the college organised club activities with help of the club animators. This was the first activity taken up by the club after the election of the new club leaders for the academic year. Every club organised very interesting programs during the activitiy time. We wish them all the best.

Creating a garden in campus


Nov 25: The students who are staying back to complete their exams have joined hands together with the management to create a garden in the campus. They want to show case something new for the new year as a surprise for all the students who will return to class on 2 January 2017.

The CSJB sisters in a special way are trying to get a variety of plants and greens to make the garden truly colourful and beautiful.

It was wonderful to see the students mixing cow dung with mud and preparing the place for saplings.