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The ‘Path to Creation’ NGO through a Two Day Training Program, help the staff to look through the eyes of their students and feel their hearts.

13 Nov 2019: To boost the enthusiasm, endurance and spirit of the teachers, a 3 day training program was held from 11-13th November 2019 at Don Bosco college, Golaghat. Ms Laai and Ms. Daieid from the Shillong based NGO “Path to Creation” animated the staff.

In these two days, they conducted the training in a very Peaceful and vibrant way. The sessions were more of spiritual, understanding of the self and reflective on one’s virtues, values and weaknesses.

The teachers were made to show their emotions and skills through various group activities with the help of various art and drawings. It helped them to look through the eyes of their students and feel their hearts.

It was a self discovery towards giving a better result by sharing their wisdom, experience and treasures of the inner self.

Reported by: Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Dept of History

Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB inaugurates Wall Magazine “Enlighten” of Sociology Department

23 Sept 2019: At 8.50 am today, the department of Sociology inaugurated the Departmental Wall Magazine titled “Enlighten” prepared on the theme: “Leading Science and Technology”.

At the outset, Abhinash Topno presented a summary of the the Wall Magazine. After that Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul of the Dept of Education inaugurated the wall magazine. In her message, she appreciated the hard work of the students and commented on their spirit of self sacrifice and dedication.

Joysmita Tete compered the program, Joy Prakash Hereh, welcomed all present while Papori Kishan, Ph. Langoulung and Ashok Barla saw to the smooth management of the event.

Fr. Principal appreciated the innovative presentation and thanked the staff and students for their hard work and excellent presentation.

The staff and students participate in the two day National Seminar on “Migration and its impact on socio-economic development of North East India at HPB Girls’ College.

7 Sept 2019: Mrs. Priyanka Baruah and Mr. Bhaskar Gohain of English Department participated in the ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on Migration and its impact on socio-economic development of North East India along with two students from the department. HPB Girls’ college, Golaghat organised the National seminar and it was held on 6 & 7 Sept 2019.

The inaugural session on 6 September was chaired by Dr. M. K. Dutta, chairperson, seminar sub-committee. The keynote address was delivered by Professor Archana Barua, Department of Humanities and social sciences, IIT guwahati. Principals of various colleges of Golaghat were also present.

Assistant professors Priyanka Baruah and Bhaskar Gohain presented a paper entitled ‘Migration, an emerging area in literature’ in the first technical session chaired by professor Dr. Khagen Phukan, Retd. Professor with Professor Pranjal Sarmah from Deptt of Sociology, Dibrugarh University as the resource person.

Two students, ANJALI STEEPHAN and ANUPRIYA EKKA from 5th and 1st semester of Deptt of English, Don Bosco College also participated in the national seminar under the guidance of Assistant professors Priyanka Baruah and Bhaskar Gohain. The paper presenters and the student participants were awarded certificates.

“To be better Indians and to understand what India is we have to understand our Indian constitution” say Shri Gaurav Gogoi, MP


21 Aug 19: Shri Gaurav Gogoi, Hon’ble MP, Kaliabor Lok Sabha Constituency, inaugurated the newly constructed Arts wing of the College today.


Rt. Rev Joseph Aind, Bishop of Dibrugarh blessed the building and Fr. Jose Kuruvachira, Provincial, Dimapur Province was present along with Mrs. Jui DAs Rajkhowa, Chairperson, Golaghat Municipal Board, media persons, fathers, sisters, members of civil society.


The staff and students presented a variety program to mark the occasion and to honor the dignitaries present. Fr. Jose Kuruvachira welcomed the dignitaries and honoured them with fulam gamocha and japi. In his message, Bp Joseph Aind spoke about the contribution of church in the field of education. Ms. Juri Das Guest of honour appreciated the wonderful work Don Bosco College is doing for the development of the people.


Shri Gaurav Gogoi, Hon’ble MP, in his message as Chief Guest of the day, spoke about the role of education in the changing world. He said, today the role of education is much more important than it used to be.


World is changing so fast either because of Technology, Social media, Economic & Political developments. Every year there is a lot of change in our country and world. And in order to cope with this change, to understand, to adjust to this change it is very necessary to change, adapt our minds, to able to learn, observe and listen – these are very important skills in our world.


What we learn in our school through our books and curriculum help us to an extent. But what is more important is the life skill of listening, the life skill of being creative, understanding that only hard work brings success. And it is the time spent here, students from across the various states of India that they are able to learn the essential life skills. I think the job of educationist here is done.  Because these life skills will always be helpful in the years to come, esp in your next education institutions, job, personal and professional lives.


While speaking about the role of every citizen, he said, it is very important to learn about our Indian Constitution. Because as a Political I can say that in our society we live with different religious books.  These teach us something different, Every religious book teach us how to be a better human being and society. To be better Indians and to understand what India is we have to understand our Indian constitution is also. Because Indian constitution came about after many years of freedom struggle, it encapsulates all the values of what it means to be truly Indian. What it means to have freedom, diversity, a secular nation, a sovereign nation.


It is very important especially in today’s time, when many questions are raised of constitution of its validity, of its context that young Indians wherever they are they must understand Indian const.  It was a collective exercise, – great minds of Indian past came together to frame the constitution. Whether it is in schools, villages, colleges or cities or town if we truly understand our constitution, I can be rest assured that future of India is in safe hands.


On speaking about social media, he said, often on Facebook and whatsapp lots of fake news get published and these become  the primary source of information.  While I welcome increasing use of social media, I must caution, that we must exercise caution and make also news and library, and to promote this, I am announcing a contribution of Rs. 5,00,000 towards the construction of the public library from my MPLAD Fund.


Fr. Jose Palely, Principal, thanked Shri Gaurav Gogoi, Hon’ble MP, for his generous support towards the construction of the Public Library, all the dignitaries, invited guests, staff, students, media persons and civil society members who made the celebration a solemn one



5th Freshers’ Day Celebrated at DBC Golaghat with Most Rev Albert Hemrom DD as Chief Guest

Freshers’ Day was celebrated with various programs at Don Bosco College, Golaghat today.

Bishop Albert Hemrom was present as the chief guest on the occasion and was traditionally welcomed. While addressing the students, he called upon the students to pay special attention to their own health, education and various other activities they do .

Various dance, song, music and computer related programs were organized on this occasion. At the same time, the Learning Management System was inaugurated by Bishop Albert Hemrom.

On this occasion, the birthday of the college’s Principal Jose Palely was also celebrated .

Father Bimal, Father Mathew, Sister Reena – Ciciliamma – Sheela and students were present on this occasion.

Dr. Sadiq Hussain delivers a lecture on Computer skills to 3rd Sem Students today

3 Aug 2019: Dr. Sadiq Hussain interacted with the 3rd Sem Arts students and delivered a lecture on Computer Skills. He summarized the syllabus of the Dibrugarh University on the Course on Computer Skills and worked out solutions and cleared the doubts of the students.

He spoke about how they could easily score more marks as Computer skills have 40% only of written examination. Fr. Jose Palely thanked him for coming all the way to interact with the students.

Dr. Sadiq Hussain, System Administrator, Dibrugarh University to interact with students on 3 Aug

2 Aug 19: Dr. Sadiq Hussain, System Administrator, Dibrugarh University will interact with the 1st and 3rd Sem Students on 3 August 2019. He will train the 1st Sem students on Online Student Registration from 11.30 am to 12.15 pm. This will be followed by Interaction with 3rd Sem students on Computer skills.

A Breakfast Time in the Guwahati – Bangalore Train

18 July 2019: After a peaceful night rest, the students and staff awakened to a new day and got ready for breakfast.

The students distributed Buns and Jam and fruits. Many bought bananas and found that they were much cheaper in Golaghat.

Though a little tired, they are very happy in the train and waiting eagerly to reach Bangalore.

Don Bosco College Students on Educational Tour to Bangalore & Mysore

15 July 2019: Forty Students along with Five staff including the Principal, Fr. Jose Palely set out for an educational tour to Bangalore. The Patron of the Tour is Fr. V M Thomas, Director, Planning and Development, DBTECH New Delhi, who during the visit, interacted with the students and encouraged them for an educational Tour to Bangalore. He also facilitated receiving concession forms, and sponsored dinners in Bangalore. With his blessings, the team set out on the first Educational Tour to Bangalore.

The students travelled to Guwahati by AVADH Express and halted the night at Guwahati, Girls at CRI and Boys at Don Bosco Parish Hall. Thanks to the NF Railway, we got our confirmation tickets with an extra coach added to the train and our journey started on 16 July from Guwahati.

It is the first experience for many of the students. On 18 July they will reach Bangalore and a host of programs await them. Many people have come forward to help the smooth conduct of this Educational Tour. Some of them are: Ms. Suja of Infosys, Fr. Joy, Jinu Mathew & Team at BREADS, Fr. John & Team at BOSCO, Fr. Joseph Elavanal at DBSM, Mr. Felix D’Souza & Mr. Philip of FVTRS,  Dr. Victor Paul & Dr. Tomy KK of Christ University, Mr. Stanley of SKIP, Mr. Sunny & Femi, Fusco School and Provincial Community, CSJB and Tally Solutions.

We wish all the students a wonderful learning time at Bangalore. On 24th July they will return by Bangalore – Guwahati train.

‘A very very satisfying life that God has given me so far – of initiating activities which so many are going to benefit’, says Fr. Bimal Lakra on his birthday.

18 June 2019: The birthday of Rev Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO of the College was celebrated today. The day began with the Solemn celebration of the Eucharist. After the mass, the hostellers felicitated the birthday celebrant.

At the college assembly, Fr. Jose Palely welcomed the birthday celebrant and spoke about the great things that God achieved through Fr. Bimal and continue to achieve at this campus.

He referred to his presence in the campus as that of a Guardian Angel, in whose presence all feel safe and secure.

While the students greeted through a birthday song, Prem Kumar Panna and Anjali Steephan presented him with a Fulam Gamocha and a bouquet of flowers.

In his message, he appreciated all the gestures of love and concern and recalled the special events of the day. He summarized him life experience as being a very satisfying one given by God and asked all to continue to pray for him that he may be able to make a difference in the lives of as many young people as possible.