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Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 examinations held today

15 Nov 2019: Over 100 students who registered for Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 course began today.

The exams have been spaced out for the benefit of the students. As the exams are on line, a student is able to opt for exam at his/her convenient time. The online examination lasts for an hour.

Don Bosco College provided to the students 5 different dates for the students to choose from. This facility also helps the students to prepare themselves well and appear the exams.

We wish them all the best.

Commerce Department took up plantation of additional saplings at the college campus

14 June 2019: The staff and students of the Department of Commerce took up the protection and preservation of the saplings planted during the World Environment Day 2019.

As part of the activity, students brought saplings and planted them in the College plantation area. The 5th sem students took leadership in the planting program.

Sanjit Kr Singh brought a Berry plant, David Horo planted a sapling of Jack fruit , Rimon Lakra a Mango tree sampling and
Godbin Toppo planted a blackberry sapling.

The Commerce Department has decided to protect and preserve the tree saplings of the campus and Plant additional saplings every week

7 June 2019: The department of Commerce decided to protect and preserve the tree saplings planted in the campus on the World Environment Day.

They will maintain the tree plantation and identify each plant by its scientific name.

They have decided to plant 5 plants each every week during the departmental activity. They will provide Fencing and care for the plants.

Project Work Presentation Session Organized by Department of Commerce for B.Com 6th Semester Students

The department of Commerce has organized a presentation session for the 6th semester students of B.com course of the college. The presentation was regarding the project work undertaken by the students of their course work.

During the presentation, the principal of the college Fr. Dr. Jose Palely was present along with Asst. Prof. Ms Ayoushree Dowara, Department of Sociology along with the Asst. Professors of the commerce department, Mr. Harmeet Singh, Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ms. Devangona Saikia, Mr. Anjan Bharali, Ms. Mousumi Gogoi and Mr. Sanjay Rizal. They offered valuable observation and comments on the presentation made by the students.

The topics which students have undertaken are related to the welfare of the workers, the compensation paid by management, their investment pattern of the workers, Job satisfaction of the workers. The Academic project was completed by visiting the survey site and responses with taken from the targeted sample.   Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma and Ms. Mousumi Gogoi, Asst. Professors, Department of Commerce, mentored the students in the project work.

“Leaders are born or made” discusses Commerce department

5 April 2019: The students of the Department of commerce deliberated on the topic ” “leaders are born or made? Justify”. All the students were divided into 9 teams consisting of 3 members each for a group discussion. Their findings and ideas were presented to the whole group. Mark Pegu along with his team members John Dhanwar and Bijay Tete were adjudged as the best presenters. All the teams did a very commendable job.

The students were mentored by the Asst. Professors of the department, Mr. Harmeet Singh, Ms. Devangana Saikia, Mr. Anjan Bharali, Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ms. Mousumi Gogoi and Mr. Sanjay Rizal. We thank them for their hard work.

Reported by: Job Kerketta

Technology Savvy Commerce Wall Magazine ‘Innovate and Conquer’ Inaugurated

On 18th March, 2019: Fr. Dr. Jose Palely, Principal, inaugurated the SPARKLE Wall Magazine themed “Innovate and Conquer” of the Commerce Department today. His appreciatively noted in the comment section of the wall that this endeavor of the department marked the stamp of creativity and use technology. The integrating of technology is something new and unique in the growth of the Wall magazines in the campus.

The wall magazine contained articles on Successful people of top companies, such as Jeff Bezos, Dhirubhai Ambani, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who used their innovative ideas and now conquering the world. Use of Technology in inaugurating the wall magazine and use of  QR CODE for accessing the articles online were befitting of the title of the Wall Magazine.

The college appreciates the efforts of the department in making this campus moving towards greater digitalization. The Asst. Professors of the Department of Commerce, Mr. Harmeet Singh, HOD, Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Mr.  Anjan Bharali, Ms. Devangana Saikia, Ms. Mousumi Gogoi and Mr. Sanjay Rizal mentored the students.

The program was compered by Lirdona Engtipi and was assisted by K. Hoidina and Pooja Wangpan.

Report prepared By: Roshan Kandulna

Environment Preservation and promotion is the theme of the Third day of the NSS Special Camp

3 March 2019: The third day of the NSS special camp began in the morning with the Painting Competition under the Theme: “Environment Preservation”. The children of the adopted village participated in the Painting Competition. All the Materials were provided by the NSS. NSS Volunteers, Ankita Tirkey, Esther Kamei, Ganglen Bangyang, Juli Malar, Pritam Joseph Takri, Gaikhanshin Phaomei and Michael Kujur coordinated the Painting Competition Program.

After the Painting Competition was completed, the saplings were planted in all the houses of the don bosco colony and the slum area. And some of the plants were distributed. This was taken charge by Martin Minj, Roshan Kandulna,George Shilshi, Emmanuel Lakra, Binud mura, Ankita Tirkey, Juli Malar, Aboy Pamei, Rohit Gorh, Mark Pegu, Tingmai Wangsu and Sushila Lakra.

Arrangement for games were done by Roshan Kandulna, Ankita Tirkey, Tingmai Wangsu, Samuel Purty, Junash Tirkey, Esther Kamei and Guloungam Gangmei.

And for shopping and preparation for meal was done by Baba Kurmi, Abhinash Minj, Chunthanlung Kamei, Pranjal Tanti, Rohit Gorh and George Shilshi. The NSS Volunteers with the help of Mr. Konthoujam Manoranjan, Asst. Professor, Computer Studies,Ms. Prarthana Borthakur, Asst. Librarian and Mr. Harmeet Singh, HOD, Department of Commerce, prepared a delicious meal for all the volunteers. Fr. Dr. Jose Palely, Principal, offered prayers before the meal and blessed all the members present. We thank Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Program Officer and Asst. Prof, Department of History for seeing to the smooth conduct and animation of the special camp through the third day. At 3.00 pm after a hearty meal together, the program of the third day came to an end.

Career Cell organises Inter Club Quiz Competition

23 Feb 2019: Inter Club Quiz Competition was held in the college today organised by the Career Cell. The nine clubs of the college, Entrepreneur Club, Gender Club, Eco Club, Jesus Club, Health and Sanitation Club, Yoga Club, Literary Club, Sports Club and Cultural Club sent up two selected participants each for the quiz. The Quiz Master was Mr. Mark Pegu, Commerce 6th Sem student. Tingmai Wangsu and Sushila Lakra assisted the Quiz master.

There were a total of five rounds which the competitors had to go through to become winners. The first round was Trivia round in which the candidates have to choose the correct answer from the display screen.

The Second round was Mixed Bag in which question were asked on various subjects like Economics, Science, Technology, History, Music and sports. A team had to answer two questions each.

The Third round was India Said. In this round questions on India based on Sports, history, tourism etc were asked.

The Fourth round was Audio Visual Round. An audio or Video was streamed and questions were asked based on the item. Two hints were also provided to elicitate correct response from the participants.

The Fifth round was pictorial round. Pictures were projected on the screen and the participants had to identify the picture.

Entrepreneur Club led by Roshan Kandulna and Amit Bey secured first and Literary Club led by Tohsina Seyedi and Anjunika Tissopi secured second. Career Cell also sponsored awards for the winners. We congratulate the Career Cell animators, Mr. Harmeet Singh, HOD, Commerce and Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Asst. Professor, Department of History and the Career Cell members. The entire college participated in the program and the Career Cell made the quiz program very lively and interesting for all.

Career Trainees prepare collage posters

25 Sept : With the help of the career facilitators, the Career Trainees prepared collage posters. The students were divided into groups and were asked to prepare a poster each on various careers.  They were given materials to prepare the collage. The trainees came up with very creative ways to present the career of their choice.

Career facilitators organise activity session for the career group

14 Sept: Mr. Harmeet Singh, Career Facilitator along with Sr. Reena George  organised activity session for the career trainers. All the students took active part in the session.