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Career Trainees prepare collage posters

25 Sept : With the help of the career facilitators, the Career Trainees prepared collage posters. The students were divided into groups and were asked to prepare a poster each on various careers.  They were given materials to prepare the collage. The trainees came up with very creative ways to present the career of their choice.

Career facilitators organise activity session for the career group

14 Sept: Mr. Harmeet Singh, Career Facilitator along with Sr. Reena George  organised activity session for the career trainers. All the students took active part in the session.

Career Facilitators organise group discussion for career training participants

24 Aug:  The Career Facilitators of the college recruited twenty five students of the first semester for the career training program. They were given a session of group interaction for them. They were divided into groups and were given opportunity for guided group discussion and interaction.  They were given opportunity to share their experience as well. The session lasted 2 hours.

Candidates of Career Training come out with creative responses

6 April : During the Career training program, the 25 career trainees were divided into groups and were given group activities. Each one was given opportunity to come forth with various points.  This was followed by hat making activity. Each trainee was given a news paper and they have to make unique hats. It was interesting to see how imaginative and creative they were.  Mr. harmeet Singh, Ms. Sushila Rongpipi and Sr. Reena P George CSJB, animated and helped the trainees.

Principal Inaugurates ‘Career Hub’ Wall Magazine

24 March:  To motivate the students of the college to become Career Conscious, the Career Club of the college prepared a wall magazine titled ‘Career Hub’. It was inaugurated on 24 march during the club activity time.  The principal inaugurated the wall magazine and appreciated the efforts made by the Career Club of the college in bringing forth a Career Hub Wall Magazine with many wonderful salient features like best institutions for law studies, UPSC coaching institutes, Full forms of commonly asked questions in Competitive Examinations etc.

In his speech, John Kisku, the president of the Career Club and 6th Sem student, said that this wall magazine will help the students to plan for a better career for themselves. Mr. Mark Pegu thanked the professors who guided the club members to prepare a wonderful Career Hub for the Students.



Mr. Harmeet Singh HOD & Asst. Prof., Commerce Dept, Presents CBCS to students

22 March : Mr. Harmeet Singh, HOD and Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce, presented to the staff and students the various aspects of CBCS program and SWAYAM during the Assembly. He summarised the various aspects of CBCS system and also shared certain points of RTI.

Don Bosco College Golaghat participates in the CBCS Seminar at Dibrugarh University

21 March: Dr. Jose Palely SDB, Principal of Don Bosco College, Golaghat and Mr. Harmeet Singh, HOD and Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce participated in the one day interactive sessions  for introduction of CBCS at B.A, B.Sc and B.Com Programme from Academic session 2018-19. The interactive sessions were organised well and there was a wonderful response from all the principals and delegates present.  Dr. Shrutidhara Mahanta and team presented details about SWAYAM.

My Quest My Career course begins at DBC Golaghat in Association with Quest Alliance

5 March:  A 25 hour training programme on My Quest My Career began on Sunday at 10.30 am. The programme helps the participants through career and life skills training to have a strong linkage between Learning and livelihood.

The programme introduces ideas and skills for building life skills leading to better learning outcomes. This programme aims to influence the participants’ preparedness  to face the world of work and life in general.

Dr. Ruth Nengneilhing, Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Sr. Reena P. George and Mr. Harmeet Singh along with the Principal and Vice Principal initiated the programme. 86 students of Don Bosco College have joined for the programme and they are divided into 3 groups. The college has modified the timetable to make the Career Learning programme to be part of the college curriculum.

Four staff to participate in Training of Trainers on Life Skills and Career Development – 22-27 Jan 2017

Jan 20: Four Asst. Professors from the college are short listed to participate in the ” Training of Trainers on Life Skills and Career Development” organised by the QUEST Alliance from 22-27 January 2017.

This training programme will provide opportunity to partner with Quest  Alliance in providing Life skill and Career Development opportunities to the college students and the youth of the neighbourhood.

Dr. Ruth Neneiling (Sociology) Sr. Reena P George (English), Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi (History), Mr. Harmeet Singh (Commerce) are selected to participate in the program

Fr Mathew C Paul presented ‘Quiz Night’ to Library










Nov 30: To improve the General knowledge of the students, Fr. Mathew C Paul M.Arch and Construction in charge of the campus donated a book titled ‘Quiz Night’ today.
It is an excellent resource book for quizzers and also provides various ways to organise a quiz. He has always been providing for the institution whatever useful items he gets for the benefit of the students. We appreciate his concern.

Mr. Harmeet Singh, Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce is glancing through the book presented by Fr. Mathew C Paul