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Sky International Academy organises career awareness at the college campus today

26 Sept 19: Sky INternational Academy Pvt Ltd, conducted a seminar based on Career Guidance. Two members of the Institute , Ms. Nilakshi Borgohain and Amrita Sinha were the resource persons.

Ms. Nilakshi began the seminar by asking the students “What do you want from your life? All want money, happiness, respect etc,” she said.

She distinguished between traditional and non-traditional careers,some examples of the latter being, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Air Hostess, Photographer, Dancer, Singer etc.

She presented Sky International as an institute that provides and equips the youth in careers like Aviation, Hospitality & Travel, Hotel Management, Spoken English & Personality development, Front Office Executive, F&B Services and Tour Operators.

She invited the students to dream big and choose their career and not to depend on parents or imitate their peers.

Reported by: James Soreng & Sujit Kujur.

A Breakfast Time in the Guwahati – Bangalore Train

18 July 2019: After a peaceful night rest, the students and staff awakened to a new day and got ready for breakfast.

The students distributed Buns and Jam and fruits. Many bought bananas and found that they were much cheaper in Golaghat.

Though a little tired, they are very happy in the train and waiting eagerly to reach Bangalore.

Don Bosco College Students on Educational Tour to Bangalore & Mysore

15 July 2019: Forty Students along with Five staff including the Principal, Fr. Jose Palely set out for an educational tour to Bangalore. The Patron of the Tour is Fr. V M Thomas, Director, Planning and Development, DBTECH New Delhi, who during the visit, interacted with the students and encouraged them for an educational Tour to Bangalore. He also facilitated receiving concession forms, and sponsored dinners in Bangalore. With his blessings, the team set out on the first Educational Tour to Bangalore.

The students travelled to Guwahati by AVADH Express and halted the night at Guwahati, Girls at CRI and Boys at Don Bosco Parish Hall. Thanks to the NF Railway, we got our confirmation tickets with an extra coach added to the train and our journey started on 16 July from Guwahati.

It is the first experience for many of the students. On 18 July they will reach Bangalore and a host of programs await them. Many people have come forward to help the smooth conduct of this Educational Tour. Some of them are: Ms. Suja of Infosys, Fr. Joy, Jinu Mathew & Team at BREADS, Fr. John & Team at BOSCO, Fr. Joseph Elavanal at DBSM, Mr. Felix D’Souza & Mr. Philip of FVTRS,  Dr. Victor Paul & Dr. Tomy KK of Christ University, Mr. Stanley of SKIP, Mr. Sunny & Femi, Fusco School and Provincial Community, CSJB and Tally Solutions.

We wish all the students a wonderful learning time at Bangalore. On 24th July they will return by Bangalore – Guwahati train.

Four students participate in Golaghat District Inter College Debate Competition organised by Melamora College

21 June 2019: Amit Bey and Isdhar Toppo of Political Science Department, James Soreng of Education Department and Tohsina Seyedi of English Department participated in the Inter-College debate competition today. The topic of the debate was “The Agricultural Development of Assam is the only Possible way for the overall development of Assam”.

Students from various colleges participated in the competition. All the debaters put in their very best to win their point and showcase their talents.

Such programs will help in developing skill of public speaking and boost confidence of students to face any audience.

The Golaghat District Inter College debate competition was organised by the IQAC Cell of Melamora College in memory of Late Gangadhar Saikia, a visionary, social reformer and educationist.

Reported by: Amit Bey

First Semester Classes begin today – Awards given to senior students for 100% attendance

11 June 2019 : First Semester students began their new academic year today with a prayer led by Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul, imploring God’s help for a successful academic career, through the welcoming of the Holy Spirit, short meditation and scripture reading.

The thought of the day was given by Fr. Mathew C Paul. examples drawn from real life, he invited the students to understand the power of the ‘Uttered Word’ which can kill a person or make a person’s life better. He said, success should not be measured by the achievements but by the amount of happiness that one has and gives.

This was followed by the Award Ceremony. Fourteen students of first and 2nd year of previous academic year 2018-19 secured 100% attendance and were eligible for a certificate and cash award of 3 months tuition fee.

Ten NCC cadets participated in the XIV Combined Annual Training Camp organised by the 12 Assam Independent Company, Golaghat held at Jorhat from 1-10 June 2019. Two College NCC cadets received special award. Reema Xalxo secured first in the marathon race and Spoken English. Gracy Kujur secured second position in the drawing competition. All participants received merit certificates.

Fr. Jose Palely, Principal, concluded the Assembly session by welcoming the fresh students and presenting the various opportunities the college provides for building skills through various value added courses like Tally Solutions programs, language lab, spoken English etc. He also invited thefirst semester students to secure 100% attendance so that they too can also get awards for regularity.

Reported by: Roshan Kandulna 17/CO/007

College Wishes the Out Going Seniors:”Fare Thee Well : May Success Accompany You” on 25 April 2019

25 April 2019: “Fare Thee Well : May Success Accompany You’ was the theme under which the Bosconians of 2018-19 gathered to wish farewell to the outgoing 6th Semester students.

The 4th Sem Students organised the farewell program on the last day of the class from 12.15 pm to 1.30 pm. They arranged a solemn entry of the outgoing students to the assembly hall with dances and drum beats. The Jesus Youth team of the college sang a prayer song. The 4th semester students presented wonderful action song. Principal, Dr. Jose Palely presented the positive qualities of each of the 6th semester students and wished them “Good bye is not the final word, It is the starting point of next rendezvous, Till then our prayer for you is: you give your very best to Life, And make your creator proud”.

James Soreng of 4th Semester in his inspiring and emotional speech, thanked the outgoing students for the marvellous road map of excellence laid for the Juniors to follow and the 2nd semester students sang “Kihere Bidai Dim”, as the Final farewell song. On behalf of the staff, Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Department of History and NSS Program Officer appreciated the hard work and the good example of the outgoing students and assured the supportive prayers of the staff and the college for them.

Mohan Teron of 6th semester performed a thrilling modern dance. Esther Kamei, Mark Pegu, Martin Minj, Junash Kerketta and Rumi Tete on behalf of the outgoing students appreciated everyone representing the 5 departments of the college . During the program snacks were distributed for all.

Reported by: Roshan Kandulna

Four Students participate in All Assam Inter College Prize Money Debating Competition on 1 April 2019

1 April 2019: Four students of Don Bosco College, James Soreng of Education dept, Amit Bey and Pritam Joseph Takri of Political Science Dept, and Mark Pegu of Commerce Department participated in the All Assam Inter College Prize Money Debating Competition on 1 April 2019. The topic of the debate was : “On the opinion of the house, the development of Assam is possible only through systematic work culture but not agitation”. The Debate was organised by Shree Bharati Institute of Professional Educate (SIPE) at Raibahadur Rameshwarlal Saharia Sanghati Bhawan, Chowkidinghee, Dibrugarh.

A Total of 56 participants from various districts of Assam and from different professions participated in the event. The Chief Guest of the event was Vice Chancellor of Dibrugarh University. The program began with a prayer song followed by lighting of the lamp by the chief guest. it was a very enriching experience for the participants.

The program came to a close with the speech of one of the judges of the competition who also gave tips on how to win in a debate.

Reported by : Amit Bey 17/PS/049

Charles Antony Bastian and team from Jesus Youth visits the College and interacts with Jesus Youth group

26 March 2019: Charles Antony Bastian, National Coordinator, Jesus Youth movement, along with Scaria Zacharias, National Campus Team member, and Akhil Thomas, former Kerala Campus Ministry coordinator visited Don Bosco College Golaghat at 4.15 pm. The Jesus Youth members of the college gathered together to welcome them and to listen to them.

Fr. Dr. Jose Palely SDB, Principal of the college, introduced the visitors and Jemita Guria, Manisha Lakra and Geeta Jojo felicitated them with ‘Fulam Gamocha’.

The team interacted with the Jesus Youth Members and shared their experiences. Charles said that the Jesus Youth Movement helped him to discover himself and become a strong and committed persons.

Their advice in tackling the various difficult situations that youth face  and overcoming the daily difficulties empowered the listeners.

At the end, Fr. Jose led the assembly in prayer for the visitors, Charles, Scaria and Akhil and the meeting came to an end at 5.15 pm.

Ms. Manjuri Saikia inaugurates “INSIGHT”, the wall magazine of the department of Education

8 March 2019: Ms. Manjuri Saikia, Principal, Marshneil Academy, Golaghat inaugurated INSIGHT, Wall magazine of the department of Education during the celebration of the International Women’s Day at the college.

The March 2019 edition of Insight focused on Brain Drain. Ms. Manjuri Saikia while inaugurating the wall magazine wrote, “Let the Brain not be drained from our country,…” The presentation is very colourful and has a rich variety of topics. We wish the staff and the students of the department, all success.

Only those that we put into practice become part of our learning, says Fr. Benny Kurian

FR. BENNY KARINATTU, Secretary, Dimapur (IND) –  spoke about the SPCSA meeting at Dimapur for which the 12 provincials of whom Fr. Felix of Goa is present here. There were 11 secretaries, and sector heads of each province.Also three fathers from our Generalate in Rome, Italy. It a was a grand gathering of important people and total there were 51 members for the Week long meeting.

I am happy to see the two students of the college, Chuntalung and George who were with me at the Ravalico College Hostel, Imphal. Recalling the life at Ravalico College Hostel, Imphal, he said, the hostellers got a lot of opportunity to take responsibilities and share their thoughts and ideas among themselves. They received at various moments of the day a lot of inputs by means of talks, lessons and learning moments. However, only those that we practice become part of our learning. 95% of what is required in life is not received in the class room. I was happy to hear Principal asking Fr. Mathew C Paul to take soft skills for semester 2 and 4 students. That is very important for life. Class room learning is essential for getting a degree and a lot of lateral learning will make life a successful one.

Chuntalung came forward and shared that he loved the opportunity to manage the hostel mess for two months. It gave me a lot of confidence and skill in marketing. George Shilshi said that he liked the time he got to share good night thoughts and the time of sharing ideas with peers in the hostel which helped him to be confident and courageous in expressing ideas. Fr. Benny concluded his message by inviting all the students to put into practice whatever experiences and advises that they are getting in the college

Prepared by: James Soreng, 17/ED/001, 4th Semester, Department of Education