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A Breakfast Time in the Guwahati – Bangalore Train

18 July 2019: After a peaceful night rest, the students and staff awakened to a new day and got ready for breakfast.

The students distributed Buns and Jam and fruits. Many bought bananas and found that they were much cheaper in Golaghat.

Though a little tired, they are very happy in the train and waiting eagerly to reach Bangalore.

Don Bosco College Students on Educational Tour to Bangalore & Mysore

15 July 2019: Forty Students along with Five staff including the Principal, Fr. Jose Palely set out for an educational tour to Bangalore. The Patron of the Tour is Fr. V M Thomas, Director, Planning and Development, DBTECH New Delhi, who during the visit, interacted with the students and encouraged them for an educational Tour to Bangalore. He also facilitated receiving concession forms, and sponsored dinners in Bangalore. With his blessings, the team set out on the first Educational Tour to Bangalore.

The students travelled to Guwahati by AVADH Express and halted the night at Guwahati, Girls at CRI and Boys at Don Bosco Parish Hall. Thanks to the NF Railway, we got our confirmation tickets with an extra coach added to the train and our journey started on 16 July from Guwahati.

It is the first experience for many of the students. On 18 July they will reach Bangalore and a host of programs await them. Many people have come forward to help the smooth conduct of this Educational Tour. Some of them are: Ms. Suja of Infosys, Fr. Joy, Jinu Mathew & Team at BREADS, Fr. John & Team at BOSCO, Fr. Joseph Elavanal at DBSM, Mr. Felix D’Souza & Mr. Philip of FVTRS,  Dr. Victor Paul & Dr. Tomy KK of Christ University, Mr. Stanley of SKIP, Mr. Sunny & Femi, Fusco School and Provincial Community, CSJB and Tally Solutions.

We wish all the students a wonderful learning time at Bangalore. On 24th July they will return by Bangalore – Guwahati train.

The Officer Commanding of 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC and 74 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat visits the college

29 June:  Col RD Singh, outgoing O/C and Col SK Mishra the incoming O/C of 74 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat and Lt. Col Kapil Bakhshi, O/C 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat visited the college today and interacted with the NCC cadets and the college students.

The cadets and the college students welcomed the visitors and felicitated them with traditional Fulam Gamocha and Jaapi.

Col RD Singh, in his farewell message, appreciated the excellent performance of the NCC cadets of the college and told them that if anyone of them is going for SSB, and if need his help, he will be there to accompany them to success. He invited the cadets to give their very best to the new Officer Commanding, Col SK Mishra so that they can soar higher in success.

Col. SK Mishra said that he finds a different level of energy in the children and Don Bosco is one of the shining stars of the North East. I wish to carry forward the good work and the legacy Col RD Singh is leaving behind.

Lt. Col. Kapil Bakhshi, Officer Commanding, 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat  and Bosconian of Don Bosco Shillong, said in his message, “NCC will give you a future, free of cost, to go out of North East and get sufficient exposure so that you can do well in life”. We are grateful to Lt. Col. Kapil Bakhshi, for starting a unit of NCC SD cadet at Don Bosco College Golaghat during academic session 2019-20.

CTO Himadri Dutta, placed on record the contributions of Col RD Singh and the Wonderful organization skills of Lt. Col Kapil Bakhshi which she witnessed in the various training camps and thanked them for their help and support for the young NCC cadets of the college.

After this the Officers commanding visited the various facilities at the college and were deeply appreciative of the facilities offered to the students to excel in their academic life.

PI Staff P.K. Dutta awards NCC B Certificates to the cadets

25 June 2019 :PI Staff, P.K. Dutt of 74 Assam (I) Coy NCC interacted with the NCC cadets and gave away the NCC B certificates to the cadets. A total of 23 cadets received the certificates.

In his interaction with the NCC Cadets, he appreciated the hard work, discipline and commitment of the cadets and the CTO Himadri Dutta. He exhorted the cadets to continue to excel in all NCC activities and programs and carve out a bright career through NCC.

The following cadets received B Certificate. Anjana Guria, Clementina Toppo, Elima Surin, Goroti Billung, Jagritee Sonowal, Mirlin Tokbipi, Oli Koiri, Pushpa Surin, Rashmi Tigga, Salinta Soreng, Shamma Kausar, Anna Mary Surin, Jenny Barla, Jonifa Ekka, Poonam Kharia, Amin Toppo, Esther Kujur, Jennebi Lakra, Jimpi Borah, Junmai Wangsu, Maina Nokbi, Romila Baghwar and Veronica Mao

27 NCC cadets to participate in the World No Tobacco Day Rally organised by District Health Society and NTCP, Golaghat

30 May 2019: 27 NCC cadets of Don Bosco College are set to participate in the Rally organised by NTCP Golaghat under the leadership of Dr. Sunita Ekka, the District Nodal Officer (NTCP).

The Program is scheduled to start at 10 am at the Civil hospital and the Deputy Commissioner of the Golaghat is the Chief Guest of the Program.

NCC Rank Award Ceremony held at DBC Golaghat

2 April 19: Today Rank Award Ceremony of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy , NCC Golaghat of Don Bosco College Unit was held at college premises . The Programme started with welcome song by NCC cadets . Welcome speech was given by Principal , Father Jose Palely . Col. Ripu Daman Singh Officer Commanding , 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy was present as chief guest . Mr. Amit Nagori was also present for the function and covered the event.

R.D Singh in his speech said , ” Rank is not an award, rather it is like duty or authority to do work . Hard work is never left unrewarded but all will have to work hard and shape one’s personality . Inculcating reading habits of books and newspaper will help surely in developing personality .

” In the ceremony Ranks were awarded to Jenny Barla (U/O) , Amin Topno (Sergeant), Clementina Toppo & Jagritee Sonowal (Corporal) by Col . R.D Singh. Himadri Dutta CTO addressed the gathering .

Vote of thanks was given by Rohita Topno . The programme was anchored by Shamma Kausar . The programme ended with NCC Song . Father Bimal Lakra, Father Mathew C Paul , PI Staff , Faculties and Students were present for the programme . 

Col Ripu Daman Singh, OC 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy to officiate the NCC Rank Distribution Ceremony on 2 April at 1.55 pm

29 March 2019: Four NCC Cadets of Don Bosco College Golaghat have been selected to be awarded Rank. Jenny Barla as U/O, Amin Toppo as Sergeant, Clementina Toppo and Jagritee Sonowal as Cpl.

Col Ripu Daman Singh, OC 74, Assam Girls (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat will preside over the function and award the Ranks to the cadets. This is the first award the Don Bosco College NCC unit F/74 is receiving. Within an year, the cadets have done well and their persevering efforts have been rewarded.

The Award giving ceremony will be held on 2 April 2019 at 1.55 pm at Don Bosco College Golaghat. We wish the cadets continued success and achievements, giving glory to the country and to National Cadet Corps.

Four cdts from Don Bosco College participate in the last Pre TSC Camp for NER Directorate cadets held at Jorhat

17 Sept 2018: The last pre TSC camp was held on 7th Sep to 16th Sep, 2018 at NCC Academy Jorhat. The 4 selected cadets Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo and Poonam Kharia participated in this camp. In this camp, after many tough competitions among the NER Directorate cadets, 3 cadets of Don Bosco College Golaghat were selected for the Thal Sainik Camp, 2018. They were- Cdt Jenny Barla, Cdt Amin Toppo, Cdt Clementina Toppo. After completing all 4 pre TSC camp Cdt. Poonam Kharia was not Selected for the TSC. This camp was organised by 12 Assam (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat. CTO Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College assisted in the camp.

Ten NCC SW cadets along with CTO Himadri Dutta selected to participate in the CATC Camp

13 Aug 2018: Ten NCC SW cadets along with CTO Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College, Golaghat participated in the CATC camp program organised by the 33 ACTR NCC, Jorhat from 3rd to 12th Aug, 2018 at NCC Academy, Jorhat. This was the very first camp towards selection of eligible cadets for participation in the Thal Sainik Camp, 2018.  Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo, Poonam Kharia, Pushpa Surin, Jagritee Sonowal, Romila Baghwar, Esther Kujur, Jonifa Ekka and Veronica Mao. At the end of the week long camp, four cadets from F/74 Unit was selected.  They were Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo and Poonam Kharia.

The next CATC was held on 18th-27th Aug, 2018 at NCC Academy Jorhat. It was organised by 12 Assam (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat for all the selected cadets.  The 4 selected cadets of the college, Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo and Poonam Kharia participated in this camp.

The next CATC was held on 28th Aug to 6th Sep, 2018 at the NCC Academy, Jorhat. It was organised by 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat . Our 4 selected cadets Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo and Poonam Kharia participated the camp.

CTO Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College Golaghat, assisted in the camp.

Three NCC Cadets from Don Bosco College participate in the Thal Sainki Camp 2018

30 Sept 2018: The Thal Sainik Camp, 2018 was held at New Delhi from 17th Sep. to 28th Sep. 2018. It was organised by Directorate General National Cadet Corps. The NER Directorate send 40 NCC girl cadets and 40 NCC Boy cadets. From the NCC unit F/74 of Don Bosco College Golaghat, 3 cadets Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, and Clementina Toppo were selected to be part of the team.  The cadets were selected through 4 other successive camps. So the selection is a very tough one. It was not an easy journey for these cadets to excel at these camps in order to be selected to participate in the TSC. We congratulate all the 3 cadets for their active participation.

Out of all the participating colleges under 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat , Don Bosco College has the distinction of being the maximum no. of cadets . We appreciate CTO Himadri Dutta for her sincerity, hard work and dedication towards her work, which brought about this result.