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Through Group Discussions, students find out reasons to be grateful to God

4 Feb 19: During the Value Education class, Dr. Jose Palely focused on the need to be grateful for the life we have, through a motivational video. This was followed by a group discussion in which the main points of the video was discussed in groups of five or 6 students. After this, time was given to identify at least 20 reasons why we need to be grateful to God.  It was very interesting to see the youth taking active participation in the discussion and identifying as many reasons as possible. It was an eye opening experience for them to realise that there are so many things that we need to be grateful about.

DBHEI annual Conference and General Body meeting at DBIDL Dimapur

30 Nov:  The DBHEI Annual Conference and General Body meeting was inaugurated today at DBIDL, Don Bosco School Campus, Dimapur, Nagaland.  Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO is participating in the program today. Rev Dr. Jose Kuruvachira, Provincial Dimapur province welcomed all the participants. Rev. Dr. Marcelo Farfan – IUS General Coordinator, Rome was the special guest for the day. Rev. Dr. Maria Charles, Vice President, DBHEI delivered the presidential speech.

Fr. Dr. Jose Palely will join the conference on 1 December 2018. The theme of the conference is:  Nation’s Progress in the Constitutional Way. All the Don Bosco Higher Educational Institutions in South Asia are participating in this conference (30 No – 1st Dec 2018).  On 2 Dec the participants will witness the hornbill festival held at Naga Heritage village, near Kohima. We wish them all the best.

Sr. Sheela and Cicily Pallissery visited the college and interacted with the students

12 Sept: Sr. Sheela CJ and Sr. Cicily Pallissery CJ, cousins of Fr. Jose Palely visited the college and interacted with the staff and students. They presented their works in Allahabad and spent a few days in the area visiting various communities. We wish them all the best.

DU Inspection team for grant of Exam Centre visits the college

21 August : Dr. Amitab Baruah, Joint Controller of Examination (C) and Shri Arinjit Hazarika, Dpty Controller of Examination (A), Dibrugarh University inspected the college for grant of permission for Examination Centre. The team was welcomed by the management, staff and students. They inspected the institution and visited the classrooms, library, and the facilities of the campus and interacted with the staff and the management.

Staff Selection interview for the department of Education held on 18 June at Dibrugarh

18 Jun : The staff selection interview was held on 18 June 2018 from 9.45 am – 12.30 pm. Six candidates participated in the interview. Prof. Neeta Kalita Barua from the department of Education, DU was the chair person for the interview. Dr. Mun Kalita from the department of Eduation, DU was the subject expert. Along with Dr. Jose Palely, the Principal and Fr. Mathew C Paul M.Arch, Governing Body member, the two professors from the Dibrugarh University formed the Panel for the interview.  The following candidates were ranked and listed for appointment against vacancy.

1. Dr. Sheela Paul CSJB, 2. Ms. Banya Kasturi Dutta, 3. Ms. Joyanti Nag, 4. Chimpi Konwar

6th Semester Students Receive Farewell

25 April: Soon after the model exam was over, the 6th semester students received the Farewell. The Principal gave a message on behalf of the institution which recalled the wonderful time the pioneering batch had and wishing them all the best in life.  https://youtu.be/wxMx8rHzTeQ

Fr. Mathew C Paul invited the out going students, he invited them ‘to work on yourself more than you work on anything else’and ‘Eliminate anything that takes you further away from the life you want’. He invited them ‘to have the courage to live the life you want to live’. Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami, HOD Department of Political Science spoke on a personal note and wished them all the best. Shibani Topno, a 4th sem student, wished the outgoing students all the best and thanked them for the excellent role model that they were.

The outgoing students recalled the life they had and interacted with the staff and students sharing their varied experiences through a photo presentation organised by the Vice Principal and PRO, Fr. Bimal Lakra. It may be noted that through the Don Bosco Network and involvement of Fr. Bimal Lakra, 18 of the outgoing students have already got job placement at Ernakulam with the Kitex Garments Limited, while others are intending to pursue higher studies or have got their own projects soon after completion of the exams. Three students also received awards for 100% attendance for the academic year 2017-18. We wish all the best to the outgoing students.



Don Bosco Golaghat celebrates St. Joseph’s Feast

19 March:  Don Bosco Golaghat celebrated the feast of St. Joseph today.  Fr. Jose Palely, Principal, Don Bosco College presided over the Holy mass as it was his name feast. The college hostellers,  Hostel boys and girls from the parish and from Sacred Heart Convent along with the religious communities of the parish took part in the celebration. This was followed by the festal wishes.

3rd College Freshers day observed – Jyoti – a Sadri Film acted by the students released.


Aug 8:  Don Bosco College Golaghat kept the freshers’ day today with cultural programs, in which each department presented the new comers to the institute. Dr. Joseph Aind, Bishop of Dibrugarh was also present for the function. During the Programme, a short Film titled ‘JYOTI’ was released and screened for the benefit of the students. The film was produced by Fr. Jonas Kerketta SDB, Director of Media Department, Dimapur. Don Bosco College students were the actors. Film focused on the need to promote education in the rural areas to promote development. The film also focuses on the role of the educated youth in eradicating illiteracy among the rural masses. Many of the students were emotionally moved while watching the film.

The College also observed the birthday of the Principal, Dr. Jose Palely and the Golden Jubilee of the Profession of Most Rev Joseph Aind, SDB DD, Bishop of Dibrugarh

Principal’s Birthday and Golden Jubilee of Bishop of Dibrugarh Celebrated

Aug 8: The birthday of Fr. Jose Palely, Principal, Don Bosco College, Golaghat and the Golden Jubilee of the Religious Profession of Most Rev Joseph Aind, SDB DD, was celebrated today. The Thanksgiving Eucharist Celebration presided over by Bishop Joseph Aind. The students took active participation in the liturgy through well selected and prepared songs and dances. This was followed by a cultural programme.

Fr. Provincial blesses the site for the construction of college building

August 3:  Rev Fr. Nestor Guria, Provincial, in the presence of Fr. Nebu Mathew Palackal, Provincial economer and the confreres from Dergaon, Rangajan and Golaghat and the management, staff and students of the college, on 3rd August at 11.00 am. The students welcomed the dignitaries with presentation of traditional Gamochas.

Fr. Provincial in his message, recalled the sacrifices of many generous souls to make this college into a reality. The community prayed for the repose of the soul of Dr. Mario Paolini from Italy part of whose patrimony is used for the construction of the Front Right wing of the college.

Fr. Nebu mathew, Fr. Dilip Bara the Parish Priest and Fr. Jose Palely the Principal joined Fr. Provincial in blessing the college building site. Fr. EC Michael from Dergaon, Fr. Joseph pampackal, Fr. Albert and Br. William from Rangajan and Fr. Dilip Bara, the Rector of Don Bosco Golagaht were present.

The college appreciates the hard work done by the architect, Rev Fr. Mathew C Paul, M.Arch, SDB for seeing to the detailed planning and designing of the college.