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NSS Volunteers organise cleanliness drive at the adopted village

25 Nov : The participants of the special camp organised a cleanliness drive at the adopted village today. Along with the Program officer, Ms. Sushmita Borah Rongpipi, Asst. Prof. Micheal Xaxa and the resource person of the day Sr. Sweta, the volunteers did a wonderful good turn to the adopted village. The volunteers did a wonderful job and showed by example the need to keep the surrounding clean.

Special Awareness Program on Health and Hygiene held at adopted village

24 Nov:  Special awareness program on health and hygiene was held. The Director of Parivartan NGO, Mr. Leander Toppo was the resource person. Collective hand washing was done in four places in the adopted colony. The volunteers demonstrated how to do the hand washing and then the villagers were trained on proper hand washing. One of the senior woman of the colony who took active part in the program was also felicitated by the volunteers.

Socio Economic Survey of the adopted village by NSS UNIT

23 Nov : At 11.00 am Prof Podmewsar Katoni, The resource Person of the day for the Special camp trained the volunteers to take up the Socio Economic field survey. The volunteers along with Prof. Katoni, the Program Officer and the staff visited the adopted railway colony for field work. The students were welcomed by the colony and interacted with the family members.

In the afternoon, the volunteers evaluated and reflected on the status of the area together with the resource person. This survey gave the volunteers a deeper understanding of the socio economic problems of the people living very close to the college. The volunteers became more committed to do something for the people and help them to improve their locality.



NSS Special camp inaugurated by Prof Podmewsar Katoni along with Fr. Jose and Thomas from Jalandhar

23 Nov: The first ever NSS special camp began today at 9.30 am with a colourful inauguration. Visiting fathers from the diocese of Jalandhar, Rev Fr. Jose Padayatty, Financial Administrator of the diocese and Rev Fr. Thomas Kolencherry, Parish Priest, Jalandhar along with Prof Podmeswar Katoni were on the dias for the inaugural Function.

Fr. Jose Padayatty  recalling the message of Late Abdul Kalam, encouraged the students to become a better human being and realise one’s full potential. Fr. Thomas Kolencherry exhorted them to cultivate healthy habits which will transform their future.

The resource person of the day, spelt out the road map for the special camp and encouraged the NSS Volunteers to be enthusiastic and committed Volunteers.




NCC F/74 Special training program reaches the final day

18 Nov: The SW cadets of Don Bosco College were very happy with the 5 day intense training program. The presence of many resources persons including the Officiating Commander, Lt. Col RD Singh, along with the GCI Melody Chanu and Hawaldar Biswanath Nag of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC made a big difference in the training program. Their inputs and training coupled with the contributions of NCC C certificate holder Mr. Rinku Phukan and the CTO Himadri Dutta and CTO Micheal Xaxa made the Special training a very unique one.

Although tired and somewhat physically exhausted, they were desirous of more training and found it very rewarding for themselves. “We the cadets had a really great experience and enjoyed it” says Jagritee Sonowal. “The power point presentation made by Lt. Col RD Singh, OC  74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC gave a great insight for our future prospects and developed in us a desire to soar higher” said Amin Toppo.

With a colourful valedictory function presided over by the international visitors from Czech Republic, the cadets dispersed for their home holidays.

23 NCC volunteers report for the first day of the special training program


14 Nov : The CTO, Ms. Himadri Dutta, Asst. Prof., Department of Assamese, in collaboration with Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Asst. Prof., Department of Economics, Don Bosco College organised a 5 day Special Training Program for the NCC volunteers.

23 students were present for the first day of the training program. Ms. Melody Chanu, GCI, 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC, took sessions on NCC. The cadets learnt the various songs and focused on the drill on the first day. The program began at 8.45 am and ended at 3.30 pm with refreshments served to all the cadets.