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Fr. Bimal Lakra inaugurates “Excelsior” Wall magazine of Political Science Department

31 Aug: Political Science department inaugurated their wall magazine, bringing forth the theme: ‘Excelsior’ subtitled ‘India Today’. The wall magazine touched upon all the current and major issues that face India today.

Rebecca Surin highlighted the main theme and invited all to ‘grow higher and higher in learning’ and excel in life. Bikash Horo welcomed everyone present for the inaugural function of the Wall Magazine.

The wall magazine was inaugurated by Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and a comment was given by Fr. Jose Palely, Principal.

The program came to an end with the vote of thanks by the department leader, Wanggo Lowang, followed by a photo session with the organizers and the staff of the department.

We appreciate the hard work of the staff and students of Political Science in bringing the wall magazine at the most appropriate time.

Political Science department focus on creation of a Medicinal Garden to preserve the environment.

28 June 2019: Today during the departmental activity hour, students of political Science Department began their field work to complete their dream project on “Creation of Awareness on  Environment with Preservation of Medicinal plants” under the guidance of Fr. Dr. Polycarp Xalxo. The field work was supervised  by the Professors of the department.

The students cleared the allotted area and slopped the sides to create a medicinal garden.

Reported by: Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami

Political Science Department held a group discussion on Cabinet Ministers of India and their role

14 June 2019: As part of the departmental activity, the Political Science Department held a group discussion on the Cabinet Ministers of India and their role.

The students discussed with the help of a video, on each of the present cabinet ministers in the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s Government.

The discussion was very lively and enlightening for the students.

Students of Political Science decide to create awareness on Environment and preservation of Medicinal Plants

7 June 2019: The department of Political Science came up with the project “Awareness on Environment with preservation of Medicinal Plants”, during the departmental activity hour.

through this project, the department will make a medicinal plant garden in the college campus this academic year and promote herbal medicines.

Reported by: Sinchuilung Gangmei

Political Science Department opt for syllabus based group discussion during departmental activity

5 April 2019: The department of Political Science dedicated today’s departmental activity hours to group discussion base on the syllabus with the help of the staff.

Second Semester students were divided into three groups and took up three themes for discussion: Amendment procedure of Indian Constitution, Powers and position of the Indian President and Relation between the Centre and State.

The Fourth Semester students were divided into two groups. One group focused on North East Politics while the other looked at the UK and USA Constitutions – a comparative study.

The Sixth Semester students took up Panchayati Raj as the topic for in depth understanding. The Asst. Professors of the department, Mrigakhi Goswami, Rimi sharma, Bijit Saikia and Suchitra Bhuyan.

Reported by : Asst. Prof. Mrigakhi Goswami

Fr. Bimal Lakra Inaugurates the Political Science Departmental Wall Magazine Titled “Analysis on the Present NDA led Government

22 March 2019: The department of Political science prepared the college magazine on the theme ‘Analysis on the present NDA led Government’ which included initiatives on various developmental measures and the drawbacks of the government. Aboy Panmei Compered the Inaugural Program.

The wall magazine was inaugurated by Fr. Bimal Lakra, vice principal and the PRO of the college in the presence of Fr. Dr. Jose Palely, Principal and Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Administrator and IQAC coordinator of the college. All the college students along with the staff were present for the inaugural ceremony. Fr. Bimal Lakra spoke about the importance of mastering the skill of analysis and appreciated the effort made by the students of the political Science department in analyzing and bringing about the effectiveness of the present NDA Government.

Wanggo Lowang gave a brief description about the departmental wall magazine highlighting the various features. ‘We wanted to light a fire of desire in everyone and create a thirst for knowledge’, he said. After the words of appreciation from Fr. Principal and Fr. Administrator, Sinchuilung Gangmei delivered vote of thanks.

Students of Career Training get mock interview experience prior to Market Scan to explore the world of work

11 Feb 2019: Twenty Five students of the Career Training  were given two mock interview experience to give them hands on training prior to Market Scan program which help the trainees to understand the trends and changes in the world of work.  The members are divided into various groups based on their interest in the career they want to pursue. Those who wished to take up the career as professors prepared the questioners for a mock interview with the professors.  Ms. Kabideepa Handique Assistant professor Of English Department and Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami Assistant professor Of Political Science department were invited for the interview. At the end of the interview the invited staff also interacted with them and shared points on how to get more details regarding a particular profession.  At the end of the training, the members presented a brief summary of their experience.

Department of Political Science organises group activity during departmental activity hours

8 Feb 2019 : Department of Political Science organised today group activity for the students of Political Science. The entire department was divided into 8 groups. Each group was given an assignment to present a profile of each North Eastern State in order to create a greater level of knowledge about North East India. Today three groups presented the profile of their respective assigned states of Manipur, Assam and Mizoram.

6th Semester Students Receive Farewell

25 April: Soon after the model exam was over, the 6th semester students received the Farewell. The Principal gave a message on behalf of the institution which recalled the wonderful time the pioneering batch had and wishing them all the best in life.  https://youtu.be/wxMx8rHzTeQ

Fr. Mathew C Paul invited the out going students, he invited them ‘to work on yourself more than you work on anything else’and ‘Eliminate anything that takes you further away from the life you want’. He invited them ‘to have the courage to live the life you want to live’. Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami, HOD Department of Political Science spoke on a personal note and wished them all the best. Shibani Topno, a 4th sem student, wished the outgoing students all the best and thanked them for the excellent role model that they were.

The outgoing students recalled the life they had and interacted with the staff and students sharing their varied experiences through a photo presentation organised by the Vice Principal and PRO, Fr. Bimal Lakra. It may be noted that through the Don Bosco Network and involvement of Fr. Bimal Lakra, 18 of the outgoing students have already got job placement at Ernakulam with the Kitex Garments Limited, while others are intending to pursue higher studies or have got their own projects soon after completion of the exams. Three students also received awards for 100% attendance for the academic year 2017-18. We wish all the best to the outgoing students.



National Seminar – Dr. Pius V Thomas, Dr. George Thadathil and Dr. Tarun Gogi chair three parallel technical session

16 March: Soon after the inaugural programme, the participants went to the technical session 1: The First technical session was divided into 2 parallel session. Dr. Pius V Thomas and Dr. Tarun Gogoi jointly chaired  1a and 1c technical session and Dr. George Thadathil chaired the Technical Session 1b. Each paper presenter was given 7 minutes to present the paper and the participants were given 3 minutes to clarify doubts about the paper. At the end of the paper presentations, a general discussion was held and the chair persons gave their concluding remarks on each of the paper as per availability of time.

The rapporteurs for the first Technical session were : Mr. Mukul Sarmah & Mr. Micheal Xaxa from department of Economics and Mr. Stephen Baite and Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami. The First technical session began at 11.30 am and ended at 1.15 pm. This was followed by meal for all.