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Students of Career Training get mock interview experience prior to Market Scan to explore the world of work

11 Feb 2019: Twenty Five students of the Career Training  were given two mock interview experience to give them hands on training prior to Market Scan program which help the trainees to understand the trends and changes in the world of work.  The members are divided into various groups based on their interest in the career they want to pursue. Those who wished to take up the career as professors prepared the questioners for a mock interview with the professors.  Ms. Kabideepa Handique Assistant professor Of English Department and Ms. Mrigakhi Goswami Assistant professor Of Political Science department were invited for the interview. At the end of the interview the invited staff also interacted with them and shared points on how to get more details regarding a particular profession.  At the end of the training, the members presented a brief summary of their experience.

Career trainers make questionnaires to interact with professionals

1 Feb 19: Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, career trainer and Asst. Professor of the Department of history, conducted career training class today. During the session she divided the students into 4 groups according to the careers they want to pursue in future. After that they were asked to come up with engaging  questionnaires to meet professionals from these areas to get in dept information regarding the career.

They also  did some role play on how to approach persons and introduce themselves. Towards the end of the session they were given time to give feedback on the most interesting topic and difficult topics that they have come across till now and shared their views.

Career Trainees prepare collage posters

25 Sept : With the help of the career facilitators, the Career Trainees prepared collage posters. The students were divided into groups and were asked to prepare a poster each on various careers.  They were given materials to prepare the collage. The trainees came up with very creative ways to present the career of their choice.

Career facilitators organise group discussions for Career Training participants

22 Sept : Career facilitators organised group discussion today among the participants to assess their learning process and communication skills. This dynamic also helps them to improve their self confidence and mastery of self.

Students participate in career activities

22 March : The participants of Career training program through charts and presentations, summarised their learning sessions with the help of the trainers. The animators encouraged the students to present their learning outcomes in a very creative way.

My Quest My Career course begins at DBC Golaghat in Association with Quest Alliance

5 March:  A 25 hour training programme on My Quest My Career began on Sunday at 10.30 am. The programme helps the participants through career and life skills training to have a strong linkage between Learning and livelihood.

The programme introduces ideas and skills for building life skills leading to better learning outcomes. This programme aims to influence the participants’ preparedness  to face the world of work and life in general.

Dr. Ruth Nengneilhing, Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Sr. Reena P. George and Mr. Harmeet Singh along with the Principal and Vice Principal initiated the programme. 86 students of Don Bosco College have joined for the programme and they are divided into 3 groups. The college has modified the timetable to make the Career Learning programme to be part of the college curriculum.

25 Hour Training Career begins tomorrow – Thanks to Quest Alliance

4 March: Through the initiation of Quest Alliance 85 students of the College have opted for My Quest – My Career Program at Don Bosco College Golaghat. The programme consists of 25 hours of training. Every student will get a student work book to help them integrate their learning and develop a career mind set.

Sr. Reena P. George CSJB, Dr. Ruth Nengneilhing, Ms. Sushmita and Mr. Harmeet Singh who attended the Train the Trainer programme will be the resource persons.

The college has integrated the training programme into the class routine so that students can make use of this opportunity within the college hours and some additional hours on Sunday.