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CTO Himadri Dutta is at Gwalior for the PRCN Course

9 Aug 2019: The PRCN course at Gwalior began on 21 July. The CTO Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College Golaghat is also undergoing the training programe.

The Training Officer and the training branch of the academy divided the group of trainees in two companies: Alfa and Bravo. The officer has selected CTO Himadri Dutta as the senior of Bravo coy. It is a honour both for NER directorate as well our college. We wish CTO Himadri all the best for the training.

Seven NCC Girl cadets participate in TSC Training camp at Jorhat

6 Aug 2019: The CATC for Trg & selection of TSC Jorhat Gp team is scheduled to start at GP HQ Jorhat starts from today. The 10 day training program will end on 15 Aug 2019.
Seven NCC cadets of Don Bosco College are participating in the TSC Camp. They are : Alisha Surin, Rima Xalxo, Jushila Kindo, Gracy Kujur, Rohita Topno, Amrita Kerketta and Alisha Topno. We wish them all the best.

We thank Col S.K. Mishra of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC Golaghat, for facilitating the participation for the same. We appreciate the hard work of Ms. Joyanti Nag, Asst.Professor, Dept of Education for following up the NCC cadets in the absence of the CTO Himadri Dutta who is undergoing Training at Guwalior.

The Officer Commanding of 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC and 74 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat visits the college

29 June:  Col RD Singh, outgoing O/C and Col SK Mishra the incoming O/C of 74 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat and Lt. Col Kapil Bakhshi, O/C 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat visited the college today and interacted with the NCC cadets and the college students.

The cadets and the college students welcomed the visitors and felicitated them with traditional Fulam Gamocha and Jaapi.

Col RD Singh, in his farewell message, appreciated the excellent performance of the NCC cadets of the college and told them that if anyone of them is going for SSB, and if need his help, he will be there to accompany them to success. He invited the cadets to give their very best to the new Officer Commanding, Col SK Mishra so that they can soar higher in success.

Col. SK Mishra said that he finds a different level of energy in the children and Don Bosco is one of the shining stars of the North East. I wish to carry forward the good work and the legacy Col RD Singh is leaving behind.

Lt. Col. Kapil Bakhshi, Officer Commanding, 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat  and Bosconian of Don Bosco Shillong, said in his message, “NCC will give you a future, free of cost, to go out of North East and get sufficient exposure so that you can do well in life”. We are grateful to Lt. Col. Kapil Bakhshi, for starting a unit of NCC SD cadet at Don Bosco College Golaghat during academic session 2019-20.

CTO Himadri Dutta, placed on record the contributions of Col RD Singh and the Wonderful organization skills of Lt. Col Kapil Bakhshi which she witnessed in the various training camps and thanked them for their help and support for the young NCC cadets of the college.

After this the Officers commanding visited the various facilities at the college and were deeply appreciative of the facilities offered to the students to excel in their academic life.

NCC cadets to felicitate outgoing Officer Commanding, Col RD Singh of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC Golaghat and welcome the new Officer Commanding Col SK Mishra of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC and Lt. Col Kapil Bakhshi of 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC, Golaghat on 29 June 2019.

27 June 2019: The NCC cadets along with the Management, staff and students of Don Bosco College Golaghat will felicitate Col RD Singh, outgoing Officer Commanding, 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC Golaghat on 29 June 2019. He has been instrumental in getting NCC unit F/74 started at Don Bosco College, Golaghat. Under his guidance, the unit was able to perform excellently well. We are very grateful to you Sir for motivating all the cadets to excel themselves.

We joyfully welcome the incoming Officer Commanding of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC Golaghat, Col SK Mishra.

We welcome with gratitude Lt. Col. Kapil Bakhshi, Officer Commanding of 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC Golaghat for initiating steps to start NCC SD at Don Bosco College Golaghat. We extend our full cooperation.

PI Staff P.K. Dutta awards NCC B Certificates to the cadets

25 June 2019 :PI Staff, P.K. Dutt of 74 Assam (I) Coy NCC interacted with the NCC cadets and gave away the NCC B certificates to the cadets. A total of 23 cadets received the certificates.

In his interaction with the NCC Cadets, he appreciated the hard work, discipline and commitment of the cadets and the CTO Himadri Dutta. He exhorted the cadets to continue to excel in all NCC activities and programs and carve out a bright career through NCC.

The following cadets received B Certificate. Anjana Guria, Clementina Toppo, Elima Surin, Goroti Billung, Jagritee Sonowal, Mirlin Tokbipi, Oli Koiri, Pushpa Surin, Rashmi Tigga, Salinta Soreng, Shamma Kausar, Anna Mary Surin, Jenny Barla, Jonifa Ekka, Poonam Kharia, Amin Toppo, Esther Kujur, Jennebi Lakra, Jimpi Borah, Junmai Wangsu, Maina Nokbi, Romila Baghwar and Veronica Mao

Principal and Staff meet with Lt. Col Kapil Bakhshi, Officer Commanding, 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC to start NCC SD troop at College

27 June 2019: Principal along with some of the staff of the college met with Lt. Col Kapil Bakhshi, Officer Commanding, 12 Assam NCC (I) Coy, Golaghat for the purpose of getting approval to start NCC SD troop in Don Bosco College, Golaghat.

The members of the staff present for the meeting were: CTO Himadri Dutta, Asst Prof. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Department of Commerce and Asst Prof. Micheal Xaxa, Department of Economics, of Don Bosco College, Golaghat. The meeting was very fruitful and we eagerly look forward to starting of the NCC SD troop at Don Bosco College, Golaghat. Thank you Lt. Col Kapil Bakhshi for your valuable guidance and suggestion.

Reported by: CTO Himadri Dutta

NSS, NCC and Yoga club practise for the the International Day of Yoga (IDY-2019)

18 June 2019: Today was the 4th consecutive day of practising Yoga for the celebration of the International Day of Yoga with the theme:” YOGA FOR HEART”.

Mr. Montesh Tanti Yoga Instructor led the students in the Yoga training.

10 NCC cadets participate in XIV Combined Annual Training Camp at Jorhat from 1-10 June.

11 June: 10 NCC Cadets of the college participated in the XIV Combined Annual Training Camp at Jorhat from 1-10 June 2019. A total of 388 boy and girl cadets hailing from the districts of Golaghat, Jorhat and Karbi Anglong participated  in this training camp.

The cadets were trained in various aspects of army training to include drill, weapon handling, map reading and firing apart from honing their soft skills thru debates and group discussions.

The aim of the camp is to make them confident when staying away from their parents, develop the spirit of comradrie, yeoman ship and ultimately make them better citizens of our great country.

The camp was organised by 12 Assam (I) Company, Golaghat, Lt.col. Kapil Bakhshi is the Officer Commanding of the unit and under his command this camp was held. The opening address was delivered by Jorhat Group Commander Brig. Rajesh Sharma. The Deputy Director General Brig. R.K. Singh also visited the camp and interacted with the cadets.

On visiting the GP HQ of NCC , Jorhat, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Special information regarding NCC performance of Don Bosco College, Golaghat displayed beautifully with number of photographs in noticeboard. I was elated.

Reported by: Himadri Dutta, CTO

NSS, NCC and Yoga Club members get ready for Yoga Day

15 June 2019: In preparation for the International Yoga Day, the NSS Unit, NCC Cadets and Yoga Club members get into training mode from today.

From today, they will spend an hour of training during the class hours to prepare for the International Yoga Day activities on 21 June 2019.

Mr. Montesh Tanti, the Yoga Trainer of Patanjali group, is training the students.

Ms. Himadri Dutta, CTO of NCC Unit, Ms. Daisy Gogoi and Ms. Aparna Borchetia, Animators of Yoga Club, Ms. Devangana Saikia, of Commerce Dept., Ms. Prarthana Borthakur, Librarian and Ms. Sushmita Rongpipi, NSS Program officer, help in the smooth conduct of the training.

First Semester Classes begin today – Awards given to senior students for 100% attendance

11 June 2019 : First Semester students began their new academic year today with a prayer led by Sr. Dr. Sheela Paul, imploring God’s help for a successful academic career, through the welcoming of the Holy Spirit, short meditation and scripture reading.

The thought of the day was given by Fr. Mathew C Paul. examples drawn from real life, he invited the students to understand the power of the ‘Uttered Word’ which can kill a person or make a person’s life better. He said, success should not be measured by the achievements but by the amount of happiness that one has and gives.

This was followed by the Award Ceremony. Fourteen students of first and 2nd year of previous academic year 2018-19 secured 100% attendance and were eligible for a certificate and cash award of 3 months tuition fee.

Ten NCC cadets participated in the XIV Combined Annual Training Camp organised by the 12 Assam Independent Company, Golaghat held at Jorhat from 1-10 June 2019. Two College NCC cadets received special award. Reema Xalxo secured first in the marathon race and Spoken English. Gracy Kujur secured second position in the drawing competition. All participants received merit certificates.

Fr. Jose Palely, Principal, concluded the Assembly session by welcoming the fresh students and presenting the various opportunities the college provides for building skills through various value added courses like Tally Solutions programs, language lab, spoken English etc. He also invited thefirst semester students to secure 100% attendance so that they too can also get awards for regularity.

Reported by: Roshan Kandulna 17/CO/007