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“Move Beyond College campus to make Golaghat Town a Tobacco Free Town” says Fr. VM Thomas, on ‘World No Tobacco Day’ Workshop.

31 May 2019: Fr. VM Thomas, Director, Planning and Development, DBTECH New Delhi was the chief guest for the Occasion of World No Tobacco Day. Although a non-class day, the NSS Volunteers and NCC cadets organised a program to mark the World No Tobacco Day and make the college campus a Tobacco Free Campus. The program was hosted by Tohsina Seyedi, NSS Volunteer. Fr. Jose Palely, Principal, introduced Fr. VM Thomas to the assembly and Rajesh Minj and James Soreng, NSS Volunteers welcomed Fr. VM Thomas with a Bouquet of Flowers and Fulam Gamocha, while the students sang a song of welcome.

In his interaction with the staff and students he said, “You are what you think. All that you are coming from your thought, and with your thought you create your world. What you visualize, what you imagine with your mind, is what you realize.

He added, “You see a beautiful tea garden very close to you. Yet plants and trees are determined by the environment as they cannot move.  But animals are different from the plants. They are not determined by the environment as they can do something different from trees and plants. They can search for food, shelter, and can defend themselves. They are also able to adapt themselves to the environment. What about human beings. They can control, change and create environment. Often people do opposite of creating; they do reacting. We need to stop reacting to every situation, and give positive energy to every situation.

This College, he said, is a dream come true, a dream that was also part of my vision.  And the growth of the college in 3 years coming to over 300 students doing honors course, is wonderful indeed. I visualize that in near future, 2000 vibrant youth will throng this campus.

I really wish to propose from DBTECH most advanced programs for job Placement. We are looking at programs like Tally courses and Artificial Intelligence. We need courses on artificial intelligence enabling you to manage machines and provide data analysis. So these new courses will provide skills needed for today’s world. That is also my concern, helping you to get ready for the market and provide you with necessary skills.

I am happy to associate with you to bring some resources to help you to move ahead faster. God has made the birds but he does not provide food for them in the nest. However, they do not die of starvation, because they search for food and live. I will help you to Network with the corporate and societies beginning with Oil India, to get some funds and resources.  
To get results we need Faith, Prayer, believe in oneself and hard work. These together will bring success.

Guloungam Gangmei made a fantastic speech with full data on Tobacco abuse in Assam. This is wonderful. Let not Tobacco take the breath away. I present you with two challenges.
a) Join hands with Debashish Sharma, the founder of Dipshika foundation. It is a famous foundation established 12 years ago and is doing a phenomenal work related to cancer awareness. Please join hands with this extraordinary person and his foundation to transform our society.  
b) A Bigger challenge is to “make Golaghat town tobacco free”.  This will be a unique contribution that all of you through Don Bosco College can make There are millions dying because of this problem of tobacco addiction and we need to do our part to save our society.

May you grow from strength to strength and I look forward towards seeing you and interacting with you.

27 NCC cadets to participate in the World No Tobacco Day Rally organised by District Health Society and NTCP, Golaghat

30 May 2019: 27 NCC cadets of Don Bosco College are set to participate in the Rally organised by NTCP Golaghat under the leadership of Dr. Sunita Ekka, the District Nodal Officer (NTCP).

The Program is scheduled to start at 10 am at the Civil hospital and the Deputy Commissioner of the Golaghat is the Chief Guest of the Program.

NCC Rank Award Ceremony held at DBC Golaghat

2 April 19: Today Rank Award Ceremony of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy , NCC Golaghat of Don Bosco College Unit was held at college premises . The Programme started with welcome song by NCC cadets . Welcome speech was given by Principal , Father Jose Palely . Col. Ripu Daman Singh Officer Commanding , 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy was present as chief guest . Mr. Amit Nagori was also present for the function and covered the event.

R.D Singh in his speech said , ” Rank is not an award, rather it is like duty or authority to do work . Hard work is never left unrewarded but all will have to work hard and shape one’s personality . Inculcating reading habits of books and newspaper will help surely in developing personality .

” In the ceremony Ranks were awarded to Jenny Barla (U/O) , Amin Topno (Sergeant), Clementina Toppo & Jagritee Sonowal (Corporal) by Col . R.D Singh. Himadri Dutta CTO addressed the gathering .

Vote of thanks was given by Rohita Topno . The programme was anchored by Shamma Kausar . The programme ended with NCC Song . Father Bimal Lakra, Father Mathew C Paul , PI Staff , Faculties and Students were present for the programme . 

Col Ripu Daman Singh, OC 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy to officiate the NCC Rank Distribution Ceremony on 2 April at 1.55 pm

29 March 2019: Four NCC Cadets of Don Bosco College Golaghat have been selected to be awarded Rank. Jenny Barla as U/O, Amin Toppo as Sergeant, Clementina Toppo and Jagritee Sonowal as Cpl.

Col Ripu Daman Singh, OC 74, Assam Girls (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat will preside over the function and award the Ranks to the cadets. This is the first award the Don Bosco College NCC unit F/74 is receiving. Within an year, the cadets have done well and their persevering efforts have been rewarded.

The Award giving ceremony will be held on 2 April 2019 at 1.55 pm at Don Bosco College Golaghat. We wish the cadets continued success and achievements, giving glory to the country and to National Cadet Corps.

NCC PI Staff interact with the Don Bosco College NCC Cadets

1 March 19: Nb/Sub – P K Dutta and Nb/Sub – B. Nag of 74 NCC PI Staff interacted with the NCC cadets of the College today. They were warmly welcome by CTO Himadri Dutta and the cadets. After instruction of the cadets, they also enquired about the experience of the CATC participants in attending a full pledged camp at Jorhat. They gave additional inputs on how to draw more benefits through greater hard work and persistence. We thank them for the visit and for motivating our cadets to perform better.

Eight NCC cadets of Don Bosco College attend CATC camp at NCC Academy Jorhat

1 Mar 19: Eight NCC cadets of Don Bosco College participated in the 10 day CATC camp held at Jorhat from 19- 28 February organised by 12 Assam (I) Coy, Golaghat at NCC Academy Jorhat.

They returned on 28 February very happy to have attended the camp and got opportunity to excel themselves. Some of the events that took place in the camp were: PT, Marathon, Firing, Demo on Traffic Rules, Posture Competition, Obstacles, DST, and a variety of competitions to bring the best out of the cadets.

Juliana Indwar secured 1st in Marathon and Rima Xalxo 1st in Speech Competition. Rima Xalxo was selected as Master of Ceremonies along with another NCC cadet of DR College, Golaghat. The following cadets participated in the CATC: Alisha Topno, Alisha Surin, Gracy Kujur, Jushila Kindo, Juliana Indwar, Rima Xalxo, Rupali Kerketta and Rohita Topno.

Ten NCC SW cadets along with CTO Himadri Dutta selected to participate in the CATC Camp

13 Aug 2018: Ten NCC SW cadets along with CTO Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College, Golaghat participated in the CATC camp program organised by the 33 ACTR NCC, Jorhat from 3rd to 12th Aug, 2018 at NCC Academy, Jorhat. This was the very first camp towards selection of eligible cadets for participation in the Thal Sainik Camp, 2018.  Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo, Poonam Kharia, Pushpa Surin, Jagritee Sonowal, Romila Baghwar, Esther Kujur, Jonifa Ekka and Veronica Mao. At the end of the week long camp, four cadets from F/74 Unit was selected.  They were Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo and Poonam Kharia.

The next CATC was held on 18th-27th Aug, 2018 at NCC Academy Jorhat. It was organised by 12 Assam (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat for all the selected cadets.  The 4 selected cadets of the college, Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo and Poonam Kharia participated in this camp.

The next CATC was held on 28th Aug to 6th Sep, 2018 at the NCC Academy, Jorhat. It was organised by 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat . Our 4 selected cadets Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, Clementina Toppo and Poonam Kharia participated the camp.

CTO Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College Golaghat, assisted in the camp.

Three NCC Cadets from Don Bosco College participate in the Thal Sainki Camp 2018

30 Sept 2018: The Thal Sainik Camp, 2018 was held at New Delhi from 17th Sep. to 28th Sep. 2018. It was organised by Directorate General National Cadet Corps. The NER Directorate send 40 NCC girl cadets and 40 NCC Boy cadets. From the NCC unit F/74 of Don Bosco College Golaghat, 3 cadets Jenny Barla, Amin Toppo, and Clementina Toppo were selected to be part of the team.  The cadets were selected through 4 other successive camps. So the selection is a very tough one. It was not an easy journey for these cadets to excel at these camps in order to be selected to participate in the TSC. We congratulate all the 3 cadets for their active participation.

Out of all the participating colleges under 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy, NCC Golaghat , Don Bosco College has the distinction of being the maximum no. of cadets . We appreciate CTO Himadri Dutta for her sincerity, hard work and dedication towards her work, which brought about this result.


Fr. Nazarius Lakra, Vice Provincial, presides over the Gaand Finale of the College Week Celebrations

12 Jan : Rev Fr. Nazarius Lakra, Vice Provincial of Dimapur Province arrived at the parade ground at 10.00 am. He was ushered in by the NCC cadets, Jagritte Sonowal and Amin Topno.  Jayenta Chetri, Captain of the Red House Boys and Rebecca Surin, Captain of the Yellow House Girls welcomed the chief guest.  On completion of the Inspection of parade, lighting of the Olympic Torch and March past, the Chief Guest addressed the staff and students on the importance of such a celebration in the life of a student. He appreciated the hard work put in by the staff and students and encouraged all to give their best both in co-curricular activities and academic life.

Soon relay race for boys and girls were conducted. This was followed by the best of the events that were held in the previous days.Best of Instrumental by Samuel Purty of Green House, Best of Western Dance Girls by Neha Soreng and team of Green House, Best of Solo by Junmai Wangsu of Red House, Best of Western Dance by Johan Bodra and team of Yellow House, Best of Mime by James Soreng of Red House, Best of English Poetry by Tingmai Wangsu of Yellow House and Best of Assamese Poetry by Tohsina Seyedi of Yellow House. This was followed by the Cultural Dance competition in which Green House secured first, Blue second and Yellow 3rd.

Next was the inter house Tug-O-War contest for both boys and girls and the winners were challenged by the staff. After this the Chief Guest delivered the concluding words, in which he appreciated the wonderful display of sportsmanship and the spirit of unity that everyone displayed. He declared the college week celebrations closed and with the singing of the National Anthem, the college week celebrations came to an end.

The Principal thanked the Chief Guest for his gracious presence, The Coordinating team of Asst. Prof. Micheal Xaxa, Asst. Prof. Shiv Kumar Sharma and Asst. Prof. Anjan Bharali for making all the arrangements and logistics for the college week celebrations and all the house masters, House leaders, Staff and Students for their wonderful collaboration and cooperation to make this a memorable College Week Celebration.


NCC cadets of DBC Golaghat participate in the EBSB camp 2019

12 Jan: Ek Bharat Sheshta Bharat Camp, 2019 (EBSB) was held at Tezpur University, Assam from 1st January to 12th of January. From Don Bosco College, Golaghat four cadets participated as Jorhat group. For EBSB camp there were 27 S/W & S/D cadets from Jorhat group assisted by CTO Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College, Golaghat. Goroti Billung, Pushpa Surin, Jenny Barla and Shamma Kausar from the college participated in the camp


Many competitions like debate, drill, dance, song, best cadet, cultural programme and mainly NIAP was held there. Our cadets successfully completed all the activities in the EBSB camp. The commanding officer of that camp, Jenny Barla was accorded recognition for her good command in drill.

During one day of the camp, we were taken to Tezpur Air Force Station. One of the Air Force officer has presented powerpoint on various aircraft. Demonstration was also provided regarding the flying of aircraft. The honourable Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) paid a one day visit to the camp and interacted with the cadets and delivered a valuable speech.

By Himadri Dutta

CTO,74 Assam NCC Girls'(I)Coy, Golaghat