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10 NCC cadets participate in the Jorhat Training Program

3 Aug:  10 NCC cadets of the college were selected to participate in the Jorhat Training Program. They did well in the training program and got selected to attend additional training and participated at the North East level Training. We wish them all success.

NCC cadets of DBC participate in the CATC camp at JNV Cinatoli

4 Jun: 21 NCC cadets along with CTO MS Himadri Dutta of Don Bosco College Golaghat participated in the NCC CATC camp program organised by the 12 Assam (I) Coy NCC, Golaghat from 21 – 30 May 2018, at JNV, Cinatoli, Golaghat.  A total of 348 cateds from SW, SD, JW and JD groups p[articipated in the camp. During the ten days camp, lots of activities were held. There were special activities like Drill, Firing, Running, Drawing and speech competition. The cadets from our college participated in most of the items and secured first or second position in many of these events.

Anjana Guria secure 1st position in speech competition, Shamma Kausar 2nd postiion in Firing, Amin Toppo secured 2nd position in 2.4 km race and Jagritee Sonowal secured second position both in drill and drawing competition. All the cadets had a very good time in the camp and returned joyfully on 31 May 2018. We wish them all the best in the forth coming camps and training programs. The college appreciates the dedication and hard work of the CTO Ms. Himadri Dutta who saw to the entire training program.

NCC Cadets organise a public rally to create awareness on saying No to Plastics

5 Jun : Soon after the World Environment Day celebrations at the college campus, the NCC cadets took a public rally to create awareness among the people to control the use of plastics in order to safeguard the environment. The CTO of the NCC Unit, Ms. Himadri Dutta, Asst. Professor, Department of Assamese and Mr. Micheal Xaxa, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics accompanied the cadets.  With banners, placards and posters, the cadets impressed the people on the need to save and protect the environment.


NCC cadets get ready for Republic Day program

18 January:  The NCC cadets began their practice for the Republic day program, by getting ready for the parade. All the cadets took part in the parade and march past practice.

NCC F/74 Special training program reaches the final day

18 Nov: The SW cadets of Don Bosco College were very happy with the 5 day intense training program. The presence of many resources persons including the Officiating Commander, Lt. Col RD Singh, along with the GCI Melody Chanu and Hawaldar Biswanath Nag of 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC made a big difference in the training program. Their inputs and training coupled with the contributions of NCC C certificate holder Mr. Rinku Phukan and the CTO Himadri Dutta and CTO Micheal Xaxa made the Special training a very unique one.

Although tired and somewhat physically exhausted, they were desirous of more training and found it very rewarding for themselves. “We the cadets had a really great experience and enjoyed it” says Jagritee Sonowal. “The power point presentation made by Lt. Col RD Singh, OC  74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC gave a great insight for our future prospects and developed in us a desire to soar higher” said Amin Toppo.

With a colourful valedictory function presided over by the international visitors from Czech Republic, the cadets dispersed for their home holidays.

Fr. Jaroslav Mikes SDB & team from Czech Republic interact with the NCC cadets

18 Nov : The presence of  Fr. Jaroslav Mikes, Mr. Martin Sodomka, a Software Engineer, Mr. Jakob Honek and Mr. Lucas Samec made the valedictory function of the 5 day special training program an eventful one.  The cadets were very thrilled to have international visitors to conclude their program.

The cadets welcomed the visitors with a welcome song and presented traditional gamocha. Fr. Jaroslav appreciated the cadets performance and their spirit of hard work and self sacrifice.

Jenny Barla said” It was really a very nice traiing program for me. I enjoyed a lot by doing all the activities.

“Throguh the NCC parade, I learnt to stay alert”, said Rashmi Tigga.  “I learnt to be disciplined and alert”, added Clementina Toppo. “This program held me to be active, alert and disciplined”, joined in Salinta Soreng. Anjana Guria added:” It boosted my personality”.

NCC Special training program reaches 4th Day

17 Nov :  The NCC Special training program reached the 4th day. Mr. Rinku Phukan, NCC C Certificate Holder from 27 NCC Coy, Goalpara took the session on Obstacle Training and the Staff from 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC took the Drill and Parade.  The cadets learnt much today and were very enthusiastic although it was a little tiring.

Lt. Col RD Singh addresses the Girl Cadets

15 Nov:  Lt. Col RD Singh, Officiating Commander, 74 Assam Girls (I) Coy NCC, addressed the cadets. He focussed on the opportunities and entry points to the Army and the benefits of being an NCC Volunteer. The cadets appreciated the interactive session. CTO Himadri and Mr. Micheal Xaxa took also sessions and drill for the cadets. The cadets welcomed  LT Col RD Singh with songs and welcome messages.