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During the Departmental Activity, Department of Education converts throw away plastic bottles into flower pots

28 June: In keeping with the motto of the department of Education “Plastic Free Campus”, the students collected plastic bottles and to use them in an environment friendly manner.

“It is our responsibility to make plastic free campus. Because plastic has many adverse impact on both living and non-living organism. So we are trying to reuse of plastic bottles to fight plastic pollution,” said Ms. Daisy Gogoi, HOD of the department.

The student put their heads together and found various creative ways like, making flower pots, gadgets for watering the plants and other similar innovations so that plastics are not thrown around but used in a controlled environment.

The staff and students of the department of Education taken active step to keep the campus free of plastics

14 June 2019: The Staff and students of the department of Education met together in the department room to discuss how to keep the campus free of plastics.

After some deliberations, they decided that initially they will go about cleaning the campus of all plastics wastes. As a group they spread out in the campus and picked up plastics and other wastes and tried to dispose them.

Dr. Policarp Xalxo invites each department to take up a special activity for this academic session

6 June 19: Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalso, Asst. Professor and Administrator, invited the staff and students to do something unique as a department in the campus.

It could be gardening, Nurturing the Saplings, Plastic free campus, or any any activity that will promote environment. It should be a spare time activity that will make the students to get a sense of achievement in their lives.

Sr Sweta William Parmar CCV animates volunteers on Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan

25 Nov : Sr. Sweta William Parmar CCV, Asst. Prof, Department of Commerce and NSS Program Officer of Don Bosco College Maram, Manipur came to animate the NSS Special camp as a Resource Person. She took sessions on Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan and Plastic Free Environment. Through motivational videos and group dynamics, she conveyed effectively on how to maintain personal health, hygiene, keeping surrounding clean and how to become an agent of change for others. She also took part in the social work at the adopted village and interacted with the villagers.