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Career Trainees prepare collage posters

25 Sept : With the help of the career facilitators, the Career Trainees prepared collage posters. The students were divided into groups and were asked to prepare a poster each on various careers.  They were given materials to prepare the collage. The trainees came up with very creative ways to present the career of their choice.

Career facilitators organise group discussions for Career Training participants

22 Sept : Career facilitators organised group discussion today among the participants to assess their learning process and communication skills. This dynamic also helps them to improve their self confidence and mastery of self.

Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi organises career activities for the students

15 Sept : Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Career Facilitator conducted activity session for the career trainees. All the members took active participation in the activities.

Career facilitators organise activity session for the career group

14 Sept: Mr. Harmeet Singh, Career Facilitator along with Sr. Reena George  organised activity session for the career trainers. All the students took active part in the session.

Career Facilitators organise group discussion for career training participants

24 Aug:  The Career Facilitators of the college recruited twenty five students of the first semester for the career training program. They were given a session of group interaction for them. They were divided into groups and were given opportunity for guided group discussion and interaction.  They were given opportunity to share their experience as well. The session lasted 2 hours.

Candidates of Career Training come out with creative responses

6 April : During the Career training program, the 25 career trainees were divided into groups and were given group activities. Each one was given opportunity to come forth with various points.  This was followed by hat making activity. Each trainee was given a news paper and they have to make unique hats. It was interesting to see how imaginative and creative they were.  Mr. harmeet Singh, Ms. Sushila Rongpipi and Sr. Reena P George CSJB, animated and helped the trainees.

Students participate in career activities

22 March : The participants of Career training program through charts and presentations, summarised their learning sessions with the help of the trainers. The animators encouraged the students to present their learning outcomes in a very creative way.

Career course trainees go creative with news paper

15 Sept:  The career course trainees were given opportunity to prepare with news papers creative hats within a short time. They came out with wonderful designs and shapes. It was very interesting in seeing them so absorbed in the work and doing something fantastic.  The career course is offered by Quest Alliance and there are two batches of 25 students each are undegoing training for the same.

Augustine Ngatuba, Program Cordinator, Quest Alliance interacts with the students and Career Club

Aug 11: Shri Augustine Ngatuba, Program Coordinator, Quest Alliance visited the college today and interacted with the students of the college. He gave a short introduction regarding Quest alliance to all the staff and students. After that he met course wise the staff and students. In the afternoon, he interacted with the Career Program students and the Career club members.

It was a great time of knowledge sharing for the students. The college is partnering with the Quest alliance to provide various life copping skills and career oriented training.  Four staff of the College, Dr. Ruth Nengneilhing of Department of Sociology, Mr. Harmeet Singh of Commerce Department, Ms. Sushmita Rongpipi of History Depaprtment and Sr. Reena P. George of English Department are the trainers in the college for career program and mentor the students in Career.


Career Groups undergoing training – My Quest My Career

17 march: The various career groups undergo regular training during the college hours. On completion of 25 hours of training, the successful candidates will be selected to form the career club of the College Campus. The training is offered under the patronage of Quest Alliance

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