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Third Preliminary round for the Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz

28 Sept: Fr. Bimal Lakra organised the 3rd Preliminary Round for the selection of the eligible candidates for the Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz. The third round consisted in the written examination for the second 500 questions of the Quiz Book published by Dr. A J Sebastian.  All the students appeared for the written round.  In this way all the students were helped to improve their General Knowledge Base.

Second Preliminary Round of Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz held

21 Sept:  Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO organised the second round of Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz today. The round consisted of written exam based on the first 500 questions of the Quiz Book published by Dr. A J Sebastian. There will be one more preliminary round of next 500 questions from the Quiz Book. The top 30 students on the basis of all the three preliminary rounds will be selected.

Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz Preliminary Round was held today

7 Sept : Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO, organised the preliminary round of the Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz.  The contents of the preliminary round was based on the Wall Magazines published by the various departments. The preliminary round is compulsory for all the students. This created a lot of interest in the students to study the various wall magazines.  In this preliminary written round, only questions based on wall magazines were asked. There will be two more preliminary rounds in which all the students will participate. The Next two preliminary round will be based on the Quiz book prepared by Dr. A J Sebastian.

John Kisku tops in the ‘Quest for Knowledge’ Quiz

1 Feb:  The finals of the Quest for Knowledge Quiz was conducted on 1 February 2018. Fr. Bimal Lakra, Quiz Master of the show, grilled the 16 contestants to get the finalists for the year. With a pass over round of 3 questions each, 8 candidates were selected for the Second round. To select top 4, rapid fire round of word meanings was done. Time allotted was one minute each for each contestant, during which one could answer maximum number of question.  In the rapid fire round,  John Kisku, Mariam Kerketta, Indira Garatti Toppo and Nilofar Rahman emerged as toppers.

In the final round, articles were shown and the contestants had to reproduce the article from memory. In this round, John Kisku secured 9.5 points out of 10. Mariam and Indira secured 9.5 each and were given a special rapid fire found to rank second and third. Accordingly Mariam secured 2nd and Indira 3rd. Nilofar bagged 4th position with 8 points.


Prelims for the Quest for Knowledge quiz conducted

27 January: Quest for Knowledge Quiz prelims were conducted today. This quiz aims at making students to become familiar with the wall magazines put up by each department.

Questions and visuals are taken from the various items published in the wall magazines. All the students can participate in the quiz. A written exam was conducted in which all the students took part. From them top 32 were selected. These 32 toppers sat for the Quest for the Knowledge Quiz round  in which 16 candidates were selected for the next round of quiz. The quiz master was Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO of the college.

Mark Pegu is the Topper for Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz

Golaghat – 25 March: The Grand finale of Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz was held at Don Bosco College. Through a written exam, out of 120 participants, 16 students were shortlisted on 25 February 2017. The quiz was based on the departmental wall magazines published by the students, with a view to promote reading and grasping abilities among the students, creating a thirst for intellectual pursuit.

The Quiz was organised in memory of late Mr. Gyan Prakash Panna who retired as Asst. Manager, Air India, New Delhi, in 2006. He died on 22 October 2016, due to heart attack. His wife Carmela Panna, retired Section officer, Ministry of Railways, along with her daughter, Dr. Daisy Panna and three grand children were present for the grand finale of the quiz. They gave awards and certification for the participants and winners. Besides giving a meal for all the staff and students, the quiz topper was awarded three months tuition fee, the second two months and the third, one month tuition fee respectively.

The winner of the Mr. Panna memorial Quiz was Mark Pegu, department of Commerce, while the second was taken by Indira Garatti, department of English and the third went to Marina Lakra, department of Sociology. Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO of the college, and Brother of Madam Carmela, was the Grand Quiz Master.

Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz Selection Round held

25 Feb: To create interest in reading and promotion of thirst for knowledge, Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and PRO of the college, organised Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz – written test was conducted today.

16 top ranking contestants were selected for the final round to be held on 25 March 2017.  Fr. Bimal’s sister, Mrs. Carmela Panna along with her Daughter Dr. Daisy Panna and her children and Carmela’s Second daughter’s children.

We thank them for creating Mr. Panna Memorial Quiz and encouraging the students to thirst after knowledge.

Fr Mathew C Paul presented ‘Quiz Night’ to Library










Nov 30: To improve the General knowledge of the students, Fr. Mathew C Paul M.Arch and Construction in charge of the campus donated a book titled ‘Quiz Night’ today.
It is an excellent resource book for quizzers and also provides various ways to organise a quiz. He has always been providing for the institution whatever useful items he gets for the benefit of the students. We appreciate his concern.

Mr. Harmeet Singh, Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce is glancing through the book presented by Fr. Mathew C Paul